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My laziness has directly led to most of my success as an entrepreneur.

In less than 9 months, I went from being in over 30K of debt and living in a tiny apartment (and feeling drained AF trying to build a successful online business)...

...to traveling the world full-time and helping HUNDREDS more people (daily) than I EVER could with 1:1 sessions, all while consistently generating 6 figures per year PASSIVELY.

I am so lazy that there is no fucking way I could work a normal 9-5 job.

I loved to sleep as a child. My younger sister jumped out from bed, happy and perky as clam 5am in the mornings. I thought she was fucking crazy (and I still do). I wouldn’t roll out of bed until my mother screamed that I would be late to kindergarten.

High school was a exhausting nightmare. I missed on average one day a week throughout the latter part of high school through 'illness'. I wasn't ill. I was a psychic, introverted teenager with PMS. My psychic abilities were running out of control. Painting, taking naps and watching TV was my way of recharging rom the crazy world. 


Me and my 3 sisters. Find the black sheep in these photos.¬†ūü§£

When I was 16 years old, it was time for me to choose an internship. I looked over the pros and cons of different places that my school had approved. I ended up choosing the one that had pretty much zero responsibility. I worked in the school cafeteria. It simply meant I could serve and hang out with my friends. I thought it was fuckin genius. While my classmates were working their assess off for free in healthcare or boutique stores, I ate cakes and had the best time of my life!

My big sister (a real hustler) shook her head and said:

"Viona, why are you so lazy? Why are you always ending up with internships and summer jobs where you don't have to lift a finger?"

I couldn't explain why I always wanted to find the simplest and easiest solution. For me, it felt like everyone else was missing the point with life. Why don't more people take the opportunity to do less and have more fun if they have the option?

Later on, I chose a university to become a pedagogue. But I hated being forced to work with chitchatty unproductive people who took days to complete a group task when I finished it in 2 hours on my own. I quit and chose another university that had no attendance requirements at lectures. It was great. I could sleep, and watch TV all day. The teachers didn't care as I always ended up with the highest grades anyway.

But the problem is you can't be lazy in the 3D world.

If you don't show up to your 9-5 work, you don't get paid. 

The solution? I became an entrepreneur.

After I got married 2009, I started my first online business (a wedding company called Sweetie). But selling cute favours and bridal gowns online didn't allow me to be truly lazy. Shipping was a headache. Lost packages. Damaged products. Crazy bridezillas. Expensive advertising. Also, packaging orders is not only exhausting but boring AF.

Wedding company viona sweetie

I didn't want to be chained to a storage room with high rent. I wanted to travel with my laptop. I wanted to sip cocktails by the pool. So, I educated myself to become a certified dating and relationship coach and psychic medium. I started my second online business Manifestation Diva with the sole reason that it would allow me to make money in my sleep. 

But being an introverted healer in the coaching industry isn't easy. Social media was draining. I hated live calls. I hated being in constant launch mode. I felt handcuffed to 1:1 clients. Saying yes to every tiny affiliate opportunity because I needed the cash made me feel so trapped.

I worked my ass off (probably harder than a normal employee at a 9-5 work) for 3 years with the main goal of being truly lazy when I was done. 

It didn't happened and I become more and more frustrated. I dreamt about winning the lottery. I fantasized about having a sugar daddy who took care of me. I knew that I was meant to wake up at 9am, work 1 hour a day and STILL make fuck tons of money. BUT HOW?! I had NO clue but I held onto the vision anyways.

All I KNEW was that one day I would:

Take more days off (and work from ANYWHERE in the world)

Help more people at once (on MY schedule)

Spend more lazy beach days with family and friends

NEVER AGAIN relying on a 9-5 work to tell me what I was "worth" making hourly or when I could take a vacation (or just a fucking nap!)

shadow photo

I wanted a solution to grow my audience, share tons of (free) value with them, "warm" them up to my paid offers. and make sales in an entirely automated way. 

Little did I know at the time, this ^ was something called an "evergreen funnel". If I could create PASSIVE INCOME streams then I could be truly lazy to my heart's content!

And it worked.

Today, I run a online revolution where I make 6 figures a year without exhaustion or burnout. I can confidently say that adding online courses into my business model has changed my life. 

Now some weeks I'm lazy and do nothing. Some weeks I'm excited and create new programs. Either way I don't fight myself and embrace the laziness. 

Doing meaningless things is not the same thing as being productive. Many people have a hard time to accept this because our culture reward personal sacrifices and stress. 

If you are reading this, you may be looking for some ways to force yourself to not be lazy. As I've reflected on turning 40, I started to understand a few things about myself:

  • I am lazy.¬†
  • I am introverted
  • I hate social media
  • I hate social interactions
  • I love watching TV¬†
  • I love taking naps

All those are true and are not going to change. They are part of my DNA, my unique soul codes, human design (or whatever you want to call it). But today I know how I can change people's lives without trading my time for money AND still wake up to tons of emails that read: "a new student has purchased your course!". It's 100% possible to make bank while watching your favourite tv show in sweatpants. 

Ready to make PASSIVE income?