You could end the runner-and-chaser phase for good
and be engaged with your Twin Flame in a couple of months?

You could crawl into your man’s mind, past all of his defenses,
and discover the deepest, most passionate fantasies
that he would never dare to tell you in person?

You could magically erase all bad experiences, every fight and every hard word,
and instead create a healing space that makes him feel safe and open up to you?


Let's get real. Trying to get a commitment from a man with no strategy other than watching YouTube videos and astrology forecasts, or getting psychic or tarot reads, and patiently waiting for him to come around, isn't going to help you get the reunion you so badly desire.

So, let me ask you -- are you chasing a man who you feel a strong connection with, but who ignores you, plays hot and cold and/or pulls away from you? Do you feel frustrated and hurt by the non-communication? Are you attracted to men who don’t want you, and feel disgusted by the men who are crazy about you?

I know exactly how you feel. Which is why I have created this powerful program that will walk you through everything you need to know about Twin Flames.


You will learn how to let go of attachment to outcomes, your hidden limiting beliefs, and intimacy fears from the past. You will gain unstoppable confidence and transform yourself into an attraction magnet for the man who is meant only for you - your Twin Flame.

Step by step, we will strengthen your insides (shift your vibe, your mindset, your confidence, your fear, and that nasty voice), and soften your outsides (the way you talk, walk, breathe, and act through feminine energy).

This program is ALL you will need to awaken your Twin Flame and inspire him to step up so you can manifest the blissful reunion you desire...


The Wounded Masculine Paradigm of love -- how we’ve all been programmed to handle men and relationships -- is right now killing all possible attraction he can feel for you...

It’s making you feel incomplete and not enough.

It’s telling you to push, pull, control, cling, fight, and hold on.

It’s programming you to believe that your happiness and “wholeness” wait somewhere on the outside and out of reach.

We have all been stuck by the Wounded Masculine conditioning we've been spoon-fed for thousands of years, which encourages us towards ATTACHMENT and CODEPENDENCY.

But all this is about to change... 



You know you are here for a reason...

Maye you have felt that something is missing, but you don't know what it is.

Maybe you have been seeking it in gym memberships, in food, in clothing, vacations, or in men.

What if the answer you have been seeking is right under your nose?

What if you have searched for the Holy Grail in the wrong places?

What if YOU were the Holy Grail?

My name is Viona Haven, and not that long ago I was feeling heartbroken and miserable

Rewind a few years: after a painful divorce, I went through several years of feeling lost in the dating world (and never understanding why men disappeared one by one NO MATTER how much "work" I did on myself). I’m sure I made every possible mistake there is when it came to love.

I felt like something was missing. I had always felt a void in my life, in my marriage, and in my previous relationships, but I couldn't put my finger on what it was.

It felt like I was playing games and like my real self was hidden behind a dark curtain.

And then I met HIM.

If you have ever experienced an instant connection with a man, one in which you go from zero to one hundred in the first moment, then you know what I’m talking about.

The relationship felt like a cat-and-mouse chase from the beginning, where I did everything in my power to make him wake up and acknowledge the strong bond we shared and his feelings for me -- but I got rejected and ignored in return.


The moment finally came, and I decided that I was worthy of MORE. After years of mistakes, challenges, and what seemed like dead ends, I finally began living my life the way I had always imagined it would look. And voila!

Instead of feeling that I struggled in love, I flourished. Soon afterwards, I had men fighting for my attention, sending me gifts and flowers, and telling me that they had "never met a woman like me before."

Just a month into this process of refusing to settle for crumbs in love, He contacted me; and there was no doubt about his feelings or his desire to have a relationship with me this time.

It was in this moment that I understood, that within me lay a feminine superpower to become the chooser instead of the chaser in love.

And now…



will take you from heartbreak all the way to union with you Twin Flame by healing the core roots behind what's been blocking you from manifesting the desired outcome.

What I have learned and seen in my practice is that getting a man back or getting over him is the EXACT same process,
because powerful manifestation is all about detachment.

If you are feeling unsure whether the man you are thinking about 24/7 right now is your true Twin Flame or a false twin flame, this process will make it crystal clear for you once and for all.

When you start to apply the powerful tools I will be giving you, he will either step up or step out; and that’s a risk a Goddess is willing to take.

Because if a man is not your Twin Flame, you will finally find the needed closure to move on and open up your heart to true love.

If you have read this far, you’re ready to play BIG and attract that special man the Universe always had in store for you, the one who makes you feel cherished and adored every damn day.


A 30-days empowering + transformational journey, through which you will reunite with The Source,
unleash your Goddess Powers, and manifest your True Love and Destiny.

This program is in 6 modules delivered to your inbox every five days for one month. There will be lessons, guided meditations, practice sessions, worksheets, journal activities, tools and exploration exercises to help you deeply process AND take inspired action.

And here are just a few of the topics we'll explore...


MODULE 1: Uplevel Your Paradigm

  • See how pretty much everything you’ve been taught about twin flames, love, and men is false (welcome to LIBERATION)

  • Understand how your family, religion, and society literally programmed you to function unconsciously based on their (also mostly subconscious) beliefs and values

  • Let go of limiting beliefs that are blocking you from manifesting your desired intentions

  • What your Twin Flame mission is (it's not what you think it is)

  • Learn how to be “blanc” on the inside and get rid of all old stories and nasty voices saying “I’m good enough” or “I will screw this up”

  • Transform into a manifesting magnet and become a powerful creator of your own reality


MODULE 2: Healing Emotional Triggers

  • Soften your ego and end your struggle with codependency and obsession

  • Heal the core wounds that are subconsciously sabotaging your relationships and experience a divine Ease and Flow in your life.

  • Stop being paralyzed by the fear of “What will people think?” “What if he leaves me?” or “Am I good enough?,” and instead have the tools to turn that doubt around in a flash

  • Heal your anger and pain from the past and prepare yourself, emotionally and spiritually, for reunion.

  • Know the difference between a true Twin Flame and a false twin flame so you never settle for crumbs in love again


MODULE 3: Understanding Men & The Four Archetypes

  • Learn the archetypal roles: wounded masculine, wounded feminine, divine masculine, and divine feminine, so you can understand what’s secretly causing you debilitating boredom, drama, or scarcity and finally shift back into your power
  • Understand what the commitment process looks like for the divine masculine mind
  • Avoid the three dead ends to getting a man’s heart, the ones that most women subconsciously take, and end the running and chasing pattern FOR GOOD

  • Fully let go of any lingering un-Goddessy behaviors and start to feel what being a Goddess is in in every ounce of your body

  • Embrace your Divine Feminine energy, even if you are a strong, independent single mum with lots of responsibilities and chores

MODULE 4: Decoding Flow Dating 

  • Be SO CLEAR & SPECIFIC about what a reunion looks like for YOU that you can actually manifest the dream faster than you can imagine
  • Master the art of Leaning Back and letting go of all attachments to the outcome

  • Develop the confidence to step out into the dating world knowing that you matter, that you have SO MUCH to offer, and that you are meant to experience earthshaking passion
  • Make your mind STOP thinking about your Twin Flame every bloody minute of the day
  • Feel more patient, confident, and vibratingly sexy than ever before and become irresistible in his eyes.

MODULE 5: Mastering Flow Dating 

  • Go from single to engaged in a matter of months

  • Learn the secret to unconditional love and inspire him to step up by being high value and easy to lose

  • What it really means when you see repeating numbers sequences like 111

  • Stop settling for crumbs, low quality men, low-vibe relationships, and confusion about what you truly want in love

  • Learn the well-proven “No Second Place” speech that will awaken a Twin Flame who is married or in a karmic relationship and inspire him to give you the commitment you desire

MODULE 6: Navigating Online Dating 

  • Feel 100% confident in online dating, even if you have fear, self-doubt, or an “I’m a fraud” complex

  • Gain powerful done-for-you scripts to use in various tricky dating scenarios on your journey toward reunion

  • Shine in your beautiful light and have your Twin Flame and hundreds of men fighting for your love and attention

  • Sharpen your intuition, so you can easily spot and filter out "bad apples" online

  • Learn how to create an irresistible dating account and have an inbox overflowing with messages from high quality men


6 in-depth modules

6 powerful worksheets

8+ hours of audio content

12 guided meditations with RAW channeling*
*recorded live with no music for a deeper experience

Did I forget the bonuses? Because you’re getting three!

BONUS 1: Recorded Group Q&A Session With Me

When you have worked through the 6 modules, you will receive a powerful live Q&A where I give personalized coaching, guidance, and feedback on other goddesses unique questions.

I'm answering any and every possible dating and relationship situation scenario you can think of, so this is your chance to learn from the real struggles and victories of women just like you.

BONUS 2: Goddess Checklist

You will receive a goddess checklist with powerful exercises that will help you be super clear and confident in who you are, what you desire, what your passions and dreams are, and what unique “gifts” you have to offer to the world.

Maybe you have some idea of what your Soul Calling is, or maybe you aren’t clear at all. Either way, this guide will help you access and read you own Akashic Records and discover why you came to planet earth.

BONUS 3: Lifetime Access to the Attract Your Twin Flame eCourse and Updates

This guarantees that you'll always have somewhere to go for support, guidance, and reminders of what a kickass feminine Goddess you are. Plus, you'll get access to all the future materials I continually add to Attract Your Twin Flame.

If you feel ready and more excited with each moment that passes, then I invite you to dive into this journey with me and become a powerful creator of your own reality.


… Back to struggling and that heavy feeling in you heart. Back to anxiety that keeps you up at night. Crying alone in bed. Wake up one day years from now and realize that you are still trapped in a painful run-and-chase cycle that never seems to end...


You are ready for the transformation you have been seeking for a long time.

Act now and I'll will mentor you to your Twin Flame reunion. 

Once you have made the payment, you will receive an email with the link to download your tele classes and worksheets for the program.

I’ll see YOU in the Attract Your Twin Flame Program!


P.S. This is the sign you have been looking for. It's your turn now.