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Does any of this feel familiar?

  • You’re chasing a man who you feel a strong connection with, but he ignores you, plays hot and cold and/or pulls away from you... and you still want him. Badly.

  • You struggle with navigating the ups and downs in your marriage or relationship, and you’re confused about why your twin pulls away.

  • You have credit card debts and are unable to pay bills on time. You’re SICK and tired of the fact that the money coming in never feels like “enough”.

  • You struggle to attract clients in your business and are are close to a burnout. Achieving financial abundance and freedom feels like an unattainable dream.

  • You have that constant nagging feeling of “ugh, is this REALLY my life?” You know it in your bones that you’re meant for MORE MAGIC, PLEASURE AND LUXURY.

  • You've tried EVERYTHING - Reiki, Human Design, EFT tapping, NLP, hypnotherapy, meditation, reading every self help book or doing courses online with zero or inconsistent results.....and you're're just fucking exhausted.

It's not your fault. Everything you’ve ever been taught about Law of Attraction and manifesting is WRONG.

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Hi. I am Viona Haven. I am the reincarnation of Giordano Bruno and one of the world's most powerful manifestation experts.

Did you know tha the secret to QUANTUM MANIFESTATION doesn't come from creating vision boards, writing gratitude lists, or saying positive affrimations?

All these postivie junkie strategies will actually SLOW down time of your manifesting process!

The key to collapse time and space (and take a short cut to attract what you want) is to


Your Feminine Energy is the missing recipe to attract the dream man and money you want, as well as ALL of your desires... with ease.

The Universe is your Sugar Daddy. Once you know the sexy secrets that will turn God and the Universe on you will be SPOILED with daily blessings and miracles!



A Sneak Peak of The Manifestation Diva
VIP Academy Library...

With over 100+ hours of lessons, mini courses, meditations and mentoring sessions in the academy, here are some of the experiences that you can dive into as a member.


Learn how to make your man commit to you in 30 days + the secrets that helped my client Christine get her ex back in 4 days and Linnea to found her twin flame in just 7 days.


Get the manifesting techniques to attract $21,000 in 24 hours as my client Jennifer did, or to go from being broke to being a millionaire in 90 days, like my client Honor.


Learn how to break free from all people pleasing behaviors, imposter syndrome, and play your way to multiple 6 and 7 figures without the burn out or exhaustion.


Calm your anxiety and stop overthinking with the use of mindfulness techniques. Learn how to meditate easily and become the master of your own mind!


Strengthen your intuition, develop your psychic abilities, heal your witch wounds, find your life purpose, step into your power & create a life filled with magic.


Manifest your dream body by taking control over your hormones & menstrual cycle. Includes mindset/meditation tools, sexy chair dance, recepies, pussy sauna & more!


Independent, strong and intelligent 

Naturally intuitive, maybe even psychic 

Have reached a high level of success in many areas of their lives

Daydreaming and overthinking a lot

Uncomfortable with receiving gifts and standing in the spotlight

Loves luxury, beauty, and pleasure

Take actions with total faith and trust

Wants to own their spiritual gifts and magic FULLY

100% ready to breakthrough to their NEXT LEVEL of income and impact with ease and flow


Here's a preview of the transformational manifesting resources that you’ll have at your fingertips

manifesting library 

Access to 100+ hours of video/audio material on how to create a luxurious life style and manifest wealth, health and love.

daily updates

Daily psychic updates and manifestation tools from Viona (a total of 30+ videos every month) to maximise your results.

movie circle

We'll discuss 1 episode/month to ignite your feminine magnetism. The first show is "The Sex and The City" by Candace Bushnell.

new courses

New courses (audio, video, meditation, or eBook) will be dropped every month for you to self study and guide your energy.

your divA tribe 

24/7 Access to our VIP community (my team and other members a are here to support you whenever you need it).

meditation library

25 electric guided meditations to awaken your manifesting powers - recorded live with raw channeling (no edits).

replay library

Get access to the replay library of timeless masterclasses, spells, rituals, trainings, viritual retreats, and Q&A sessions. 


Receive discounts on Viona's popular guided meditations. These are only available for our Manifestation Divas!



You’re getting up to 43% off your total membership fee for life.  
 Choose the subscription plan that works for you. 

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For your security, all orders are processed on a secured server. All prices are in USD.

 I know my program are great, but don't take my word for it!

These are just a couple of messages from past clients!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I order my membership? 

Once you’ve completed your purchase, you’ll receive a Welcome Email from me containing your login details as well as a link to access all files on our beautiful training portal. You will be able to watch / listen online.

How often are new modules added to the site?

New modules are added every single month AT LEAST. This will ensure that you will never run out of new tools and your manifestation process will never get stale!

How much time investment will the Manifestation Diva VIP Academy require? 

It it is totally up to you! Our library is a treasure trove of lessons and mini programs that can help you create a manifesting practice that works specifically for you — on your terms, your schedule, and your desires. Many courses are audios so you can listen to them when you are driving, cleaning or going out for a walk!

Will I still get the same discount on my next payment? 

Yes, is for life!

What if I want to cancel my membership?

You can easily cancel at anytime. No Questions Asked!

How do I cancel?

Canceling is SIMPLE and EASY. In order to cancel your membership, all you have to do is follow this simple How to Cancel Your Subscription guide. We will cancel your account immediately so that you are no longer charged. You will continue to have access to your membership until the end of your billing cycle.

Are there refunds?

No. Because this is a digital program, all sales are final. 

What’s next?

Choose your path below. Once you sign up, you will have instant access to the ENTIRE site with over 100+ hours of material!



You’re getting up to 43% off your total membership fee for life.  
 Choose the subscription plan that works for you. 

3 manifestation diva membership 1

For your security, all orders are processed on a secured server. All prices are in USD.


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