Viona Haven solkristallen

Introducing Manifestation Diva

VIONA HAVEN (Manifestation Diva) is on a mission to liberate women from having to fit into predefined limitations of femininity. We want to be an empowering voice for women who want to HAVE IT ALL - wealth, health, and love.

VIONA HAVEN is much more than just a manifestation brand. It’s a platform which speaks from the heart to empower, break down barriers and bring about change. Women are meant to be wild, bold, and loud. 

We value neutral beauty. There is this pressure in society to be ageless that people are trying to push on women, almost like crack. It's a collective psychosis. We believe that everybody has the right to feel beautiful, no matter age, shape, size or color. Beauty should be about celebrating everyone's unique identity, and we're here to do just that.