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Been around for a while, but ready for a shift?

Hi, my name is Viona Haven and I am a business mentor, psychic brand designer and illustrator. I help boss divas and female entrepreneurs to get seen online and stand out from the fucking crowd!

First impressions matter. Your content should leave your followers DROOLING for more… You should feel excited (and a little turned on) every time you hit post because it just looks so godamn good!

My Boss Diva Branding Package will help you explode your business and have DMs filled with people who are begging you for the payment link, and actually paying you! A unique beautiful brand helps you build immediate TRUST with your followers.


  • 1 hour session brand session on Zoom
  • Logo design
  • 3 Single figure illustrations
  • Close up profile picture made from the illustration
  • Brand board
  • Instagram highlights
  • Facebook cover set of 3
  • Thank you card design
  • Business card design
  • Stickers design
  • Package design for product box
  • Diploma design
  • 3 gifs¬†
  • Type font design
  • Brand colors design
  • eBook booklet design


$5.555 paid in full

Payment plan 3 x $2.000

Delivery time is around 3-5 weeks.

logo design viona1


I focus on creating simple yet effective designs that elevate your business outlook and leave an everlasting impression. Creation process includes 3 initial logo propositions and after choosing the one you love you have 2 free revisions included.

Viona haven color palette


A brand board, also known as a brand style guide, is a short and easy-to-read document that includes all the visual elements of your brand identity. Includes up to 6 color combination for your brand to help you create consistency when you (or your team) are creating content for your website, social media, and marketing materials.

viona illustaration love diva


Illustrations are an attractive design with unique art style that helps intensify the uniqueness of your product. Illustrations are perfect if you are a female business entrepreneur and you are looking for art that represents both you and your business.

brand colors design viona


Colors activates emotions and they convey certain information. Brand colors are powerful in helping customers connect with you without even knowing what your product is about. Typically there are 3-6 designated colors that create a color palette complimentary to the brand’s personality and style.



Your cover is the first thing people will see when considering to download your eBook. If people don’t notice your cover, or it looks amateurish, it won’t get a lot of clicks. You’ll want a bold design that clearly communicates what you, your brand, and your book is about and who it’s for. I will help you create a design that is perfect for eBooks, booklets, small magazines, or freebies.


The fonts you choose can have a huge impact on the way your brand communicates. Fonts gives you the powerful opportunity to be creative and communicate the character of your business and make your company instantly recognizable. 


Many companies use stickers to raise their brand's profile. Stickers are fun and easy things that you can apply to your product’s packaging design. Because stickers are primarily visual in nature, sticker design is applied to make a product stand out. Whether you need it for a bag, box or gift. stickers are always something good to have!


If you are teaching and are offering educations, lessons or courses to your customers, then you will need a certificate design. Don't download a free boring template from google!  A diploma or award design can all be done in your brand. Make your students excited and proud to learn from you!


Perfect for your social media image so you are easily recognizable and on brand. Instagram highlights helps you communicate the brand’s personality and style. I will help you design a batch with one unifying color palette.


Your Facebook cover is a a place for you to directly connect with your customers, which is extremely important to attract your ideal clients and also to filter out the freebie seekers and NO-sayers! Creation process includes 4 initial logo propositions and up to 6 color combination for your brand.


We've all heard about the importance of making a good first impression. But we often forget to create a clear and memorable ending to a customer interaction. Sending business thank-you cards is a great way to make your business appear in a positive light and encourage brand recognition. 


Are business cards still relevant in 2022? YEEEES! Even if you have a coaching online business and rarely meet people in person, you NEED IT. When I'm traveling, people are ALWAYS asking me for a business card. It's not a sexy vibe to tell them to google me or write down www.vionahaven,com in their phones... Make it easy for people to FIND you and REMEMBER you with a business card that is unforgettable!


We¬†try not to¬†judge a book by its cover¬†but¬†let's be honest‚ÄĒwe¬†ALL do it. If you feel confused about where to find the ideas of¬†packaging box design¬†that are unique and creative for your¬†business¬†growth - I got you. I will create a truly appealing package box design¬†that will capture your customer's attention from the shelf or in your online shop.


Spice up your social media or email newsletters with a beautiful gif. Not only do these short clips look great on a brands social media feeds, research shows they're also useful for increasing engagement. Creation process includes 3 High-quality gifs in small scalable file size to give your brand a lively and fun look!