Shadow Work

How to Manifest Anything You Want: The Most Powerful Law of Attraction Secret

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Have you ever wondered why people who are living in the “shadow” (exhibiting manipulative or even narcissistic behaviors) can manifest abundance -- but you as a giving, positive and light person have to struggle?

Here you are - doing TONS of inner work, creating vision boards, writing gratitude lists, thinking positively, listening and supporting others -- and you receive NOTHING from the universe in return.

It feels unfair, doesn’t it?

Why does the universe “reward” people who take advantage of …

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Voodoo: How to Break Free from Curses and Spells Put on You

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Learn how to do the most powerful and effective circle of protection that exist!

This the ultimate defense ritual against black spells, curses, psychic attacks, voodoo, demonic forces, gossip, and negative energy.

You will feel more energized, confident and protected!


Dear Viona, I have for many years contacted my spiritual teacher who I trust completely. He said that the person who I believe is my twin is my twin but we will not get into Union. He said that we are meant to be together, bu…

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Witch Wound: Wow to Heal Abundance Blocks from past Lives

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WARNING: This article is not for the faint-hearted...

I invite you to look closely at this photo below:


Do you feel a sinking feeling in your stomach?

A heaviness in your heart?

Maybe you are putting your hands over your throat right now to protect it?

I bet you have trouble wearing heavy necklaces around your neck...

You might always be carrying a feeling that something bad will happen, but you don’t know what it is.

Maybe you are wondering if there is a way to make it as a coach, …

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