Content Writing Examples for Coaches: How to Speak to People Who Have the Money


In this article, you will learn the difference between rockstar clients and ideal clients, along with content writing examples that attract people with money.

If you're a coach, healer, or influencer who wants more "easy sales", then you're in the perfect place.

➡️You have everything in place, you know who you help, you have your niche and offer figured out, you have signed clients for your offers and you love what you do. 

But every day you wake up and think "What should I be posting today to sign more clients?"

➡️ You show up every day, whip up some killer reels, perfect your content, and weave captivating stories. You post, hoping for those hot AF dream clients to show up, ask for the link, and pay up. 

But it still doesn't bring in new leads, followers, or sales. The DMs you get are often from people who are not serious, or not the right fit, and tell you it's too expensive...

➡️You know it's not the price that's the issue, so you think you constantly need to bring in new people, so your sales continue growing.

➡️ Your creativity feels off. You think other people's content is better than yours, so instead of creating content from your experiences and showing how your process gets results, you're falling into comparisonitis and end up sounding like everyone else. 

➡️You want more fu*king consistency in your income and new clients to find you and pay you within a few days.

➡️You want to look in the mirror and realize you've just made in one week what you used to make in a month, WITHOUT posting more content. 

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First, it's crucial to understand WHO your content is speaking to and HOW it lands. Knowing your target audience is the key to creating impactful and engaging content.

Everyone's on about "finding your ideal clients," and you've probably answered all those long, boring questions about their age, location, and income. But they haven't helped you hit those big K months yet, right? 🙄

When I shifted my focus and began writing content solely for my ROCKSTAR clients, everything changed in my business. Suddenly, I no longer felt like I was chasing people or convincing them to buy from me.

Empowered women started flocking to my world FAST as if me and my brand were a fu*king Woodstock experience they wanted to be a part of! Since then, I've felt like a walking Jim Morrison setting the world on fire with other badass leaders. 

Ideal clients and rockstar clients may sound similar, but they're poles apart! Here's a breakdown of the differences:



  • Raving fans who love you
  • have a problem that you solve
  • know they need your help
  • have big dreams, goals, and desires to go after them
  • love your products
  • wants what you offer
  • engages with your free content, shares, saves, watches, and supports all that you do.



  • does all of the above...

...BUT instead of sitting back and watching from the sidelines, they MOVE and INVEST!

Rockstar clients are not just cheerleader groupies; they're go-getters. Content writing examples to attract them are more about "desire" and less about "struggle". 

They see your success and think, "Wow, I want that too!" so they take charge, lean in, invest, and start their own "band" (aka hire you for help starting their business, losing weight, attracting their twin, etc).

Rockstar clients are all about taking ACTION, investing money in themselves, implanting what they learn, achieving results, conquering goals, and turning their dreams into reality.

These are SMART buyers. Meaning, they don't need to be taught WHY coaching is valuable. They already know. They are already looking to buy.

They already have the money. They are just looking for an offer that feels like a HELL YES to purchase.

Rockstar clients have strong self-leadership. They value time and efficiency, so they don't waste it overthinking decisions they know they want to make.

When they want to buy something, they go for it. They lead themselves and can hold "space" for themselves. 

They are so damn confident in themselves, so they only buy from coaches they see as equally strong and magic within themselves. They'll hire a mentor they believe can lead them effectively.

Rockstar clients have already worked their asses off and invested a lot of money in becoming the badass leader they are today, they have established leadership, decisiveness, self-trust, and the ability to invest.

Naturally, they'd seek a mentor who embodies the same qualities. 

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Let's take me as an illustration. 😎🎸🤘

My IDEAL client is a woman CEO aiming to scale her business by working less, automating her launches, and making a significant impact and passive income. That aligns perfectly with my content and brand.

But my ROCKSTAR client? Oh, she's a total badass like me – strong, positive, and psychic.

She is open-minded, grateful, fearless, and curious like Alice in Wonderland! She is all about taking action and making no fu*king excuses. She follows the white rabbit (even if it doesn't make sense).

ROCKSTAR client knows my mentorship will transform her life, so she confidently pulls up a chair and asks me to guide her. She doesn't need to see 100 Instagram slides of an offer to make a decision. She doesn't need any convincing at all.

My ROCKSTAR client understands the key to attracting her own Rockstar clients is to embody her future highest self NOW, and display the same qualities she seeks in others.

She's the kind of woman people look at and go, "WOW!". 🤯🤯🤯

Her growth is rapid, her results mindblowing, inspiring everyone around her. She sees me as a big sister (not as an enlightened guru with all secret answers), and she wants to be led by me. 

To attract ROCKSTAR clients, start giving them more FREE VALUE. 

The number 1 way to build TRUST is by proving your fu*king expertise. To do that, you need to be able to give them valuable on-brand resources.

When you master content creation you take them from being IDEAL clients, and then they will step up and become ROCKSTAR clients. 

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To draw in more EMPOWERED (aka fun, easy-going, self-led) rockstar clients, you must activate an EMPOWERED feeling within them.

Just look at the disempowered audience Teal Swan is usually attracting with her "pain" and "suffering" messaging. She might be famous, but after just two seconds in her Facebook group, I was fu*king wiped out.

The energy in Facebook groups like Swan's is so heavy, dark, and "needy" and filled with disempowered people who are scared shitless to invest in themselves and grow. We don't want that kind of audience.

You are ready to attract people who already are doing well, but want to go from "GOOD" to f*cking "LEGENDARY"'!




  • Content that is clearly stolen from another coach (they're like bloodhounds, they can smell it a mile away!)
  • Negative or pessimistic marketing messaging 
  • Pushy or aggressive sales tactics (urgency needs to be handled in the right way)
  • Lack of personalization, storytelling, or connection
  • Generic, boring "too nice" cookie-cutter content
  • Inconsistent branding or weak messaging
  • Too much talk about pain points, blocks, traumas, and struggles
  • Lack of social proof or absence of testimonials
  • Overexplaining and speaking to them like they're in kindergarten
  • Blurry, poorly lit selfies taken "on the go"


  • Too many distractions or pop-ups on your website
  • Broken links that direct to dead ends or "Oops! Page Not Found"
  • Long-a$$ sales pages that take FOREVER to scroll through
  • When the price is hidden and there are no clear buy buttons 
  • Ignoring client feedback and needs
  • Promising quick fixes or unrealistic results
  • Overcomplicated long launches or 14-day challenges
  • Never-ending 2 hour long webinars
  • Lack of a clear path on what actions they should take next
  • The absence of micro offers that allows them to "warm up" before committing to a bigger package 
  • Stuffed turkey offers filled with unnecessary bonuses or elements








❌Blocks (money blocks, love blocks, sales blocks, etc)


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  • Raw and real insights (no BS, no fluff)
  • Unique content that stands out and sparks a "wow" factor
  • Empowering, easy, straightforward language (write as you talk)
  • Action-packed strategies they can grab and run with
  • Well-designed eye-candy graphics and images 
  • Real-life success stories that scream, "You can do this too!"
  • Content so personalized, it feels like a one-on-one pep talk
  • Clear brand-stylized photos that radiate confidence and leadership


  • Short sales pitches that spark an emotional response 
  • Prices are just as visible as a fu*king neon sign on a strip club
  • Promising awesome, achievable wins without the hocus-pocus
  • Snappy webinars that won't leave them checking their watches
  • Sneakpeaks and teaser offers to stoke their fire before they dive in
  • Engaging video content that shares valuable insights in a dynamic and relatable way
  • Behind-the-scenes glimpses into your life, business, and creative process


Only pick the words that are "on brand" for you and fit your unique brand archetypes! If you don't know what your brand archetypes are, you can find out more by visiting this link.








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Lock these powerful content writing examples in your arsenal!

Truth alert: your rockstar clients will be ready to take action when they stumble upon your kickass content and think, "Damn, this is totally my vibe!". 

If you want people to PAY, give them a fu*king reason to pay YOU.

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The training + conversation around what it takes to build a community, an unforgettable brand, and create converting content that magnetizes and activates your audience, will blow your fu*king mind and change the game for you.

It's time to own your power, unleash your uniqueness, and let your content pave the road to your badass success!

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➡️What are sample topics for great content writing examples?

Sample topics for exceptional content writing examples encompass client success stories, industry insights, personal brand evolution, overcoming challenges, and revolutionary transformations.

➡️How to write content writing?

To master content writing, focus on clarity, engaging storytelling, tailored messages for your audience, incorporating visuals, and utilizing persuasive language that drives action and connection. Explore various content writing examples for inspiration and sharpen your message.

➡️What are some beginner content writing samples?

Easy beginner content writing examples include various types of "how-to" content. Practice aligning your posts with your brand, mastering structure, tone, visuals, and storytelling. Track and monitor results and create more of the most engaging posts.

➡️What content generates the most sales?

Value-driven + strong brand. 


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