Content Writing Examples for Coaches: How to Write Content That Sells & Converts


In this article, you will learn the 3-step outline for kickass content and get content writing examples specialized for coaches, healers, and influencers.

I take you behind the scenes and show you exactly how I create high-converting posts so you can attract more rockstar clients and skyrocket your sales.

In the noisy world of online content, every coach's dream is to create that one post – the ultimate viral sensation that resonates with the audience and drives conversions like never before.

We've all seen those posts that seem to take the internet by storm, gathering likes, shares, and comments by the thousands.

But what's the fu*king secret behind these successes? How can you create content that not only goes viral but also converts those engaged readers into loyal customers?

In this article, you will get the exact process I teach my clients, enabling them to break free from the 'post and hope' content strategy.

Say goodbye to signing clients here and there, and to sales that feel like 'luck.' Instead, you'll consistently attract a fu*k ton of high-ticket clients each month and sell out your offers!

My methods are proven by my clients & myself. These are the strategies that have taken me from $1,5k per month to $50K months.

As always, I've got your back with some kickass content writing examples to make content creation a breeze and an absolute fu*king blast! 

Get the complete breakdown with content writing examples of how to attract rockstar clients who already have the money! Learn the strategies to stand out, connect deeply, and boost your sales like a fu*king pro. Click here to sign up for the free workbook.

This post might include affiliate links to products I truly recommend (and am obsessed with). This means that at no extra cost to you, I may earn a small percentage, which I will use to feed my hungry 24/7 adorable dog Piggy.




Do often hear "You're so inspiring" or "This post was so helpful" but few b*tches buy?!

You make money already but want to scale your business beyond 10K/months.

You have tons of people in your audience who think you're "so inspiring" because they'd see you, like you, and would love to have what you have:

  • Your awesome marriage
  • Your killer dream body
  • Your million dollar biz

But if few end up buying from you, it's because they don't think they can get what you have. So that's why you get annoying comments like:

"I'd love to have your [relationship/body/income/etc]... but I don't think it's possible for me."

How do you fix this? By creating better content that attracts ROCKSTAR clients.

Drool-worthy content writing examples that go viral and drive wild conversions share a common trait: a powerful brand. If brand archetypes are new to you, check out this branding article where I go deeper into the topic.

The second step is to understand how to filter out the "bad" apples and ONLY target rockstar clients. These badass people are more than just potential customers – they're the lifeblood of your business. 

Manifestation Divas® don't d*ck around and waste time speaking to IDEAL clients. We solely focus on speaking to high-value, self-led, empowering individuals who already have the means!

If you're not raking in those daily sales, it's probably because your content is doing the cha-cha with the wrong crowd.

high heels blood

Think about it: even a luxurious designer bag tossed into a Walmart won't get the admiration it deserves - it's like showing up at a glitzy gala in flip-flops!

You're not a flip-flop at a black-tie event. Lowering your prices to make it "affordable" isn't the fu*king answer.

Actually, I'd bet you're undercharging, but that's a topic for another post.

For now, dismiss the folks who are too blind to see your awesomeness, and concentrate all your energy on those who are already obsessed with you and eager for what you bring to the table.

Your rockstar clients see your worth, are unafraid to invest, and are hungry for the remarkable journey you offer.

Your rockstar clients have a certain energy about them. They are confident, forward-thinking, and ambitious. 

Certain words in your content writing examples have the power to activate your rockstar clients, compelling them to "buy now" and forging an ultrastrong connection through your content.

Understanding your rockstar clients requires delving deep into their psyches and understanding their motivations. And no, the general boring "Identify your ideal client" checklist won't cut it here. Get my guide below instead.

Remember: dishing out a treasure trove of FREE high-value content is the masterstroke that pulls in and electrifies your crew of rockstar clients.

Steal my checklist with content writing examples and learn how to identify and attract rockstar clients who are a perfect fit for your brand and business! Click here to sign up for the free checklist.



"But Vionaaaaa, what content should be free and what of my content should I charge money for? Nobody buys the cow if the milk is free!!!" 

My take is this: it's impossible to give too much value. What matters is HOW you give value, HOW you educate, and HOW you activate your audience in your educational content.

Your Instagram account, TikTok channel, or blog should be jam-packed with so much valuable content that they can't stop binge-reading, listening, or watching nonstop.

Your goal should be that your FREE content is better than other people's PAID content. As a result, you become their go-to place for support and education.

Every time I have worried that I give too much value, I have made the least money in my business. Usually, this fear has come from not getting enough sales and me worrying about bills.

It's the same as in dating, closing your heart for ALL men to protect yourself if you feel rejected and ghosted. And it doesn't work.

You need to write content like you're already a millionaire if you want to attract people with fu*k tons of money. 

I take a STAND for providing massive value for free. If someone can find the answer from another coach, I can sure as hell deliver it too (but better).

Take the 12 brand archetypes, for instance. It wasn't my creation; credit goes to Carl Jung, and it's a major success factor for both me and my clients.

That's why I talk a lot about brands and educate about the 12 brand archetypes in my free articles. However, exactly HOW I use them in my business to make 50K months with 5 hours work weeks, that's the shit you will learn in my paid programs.

When I educate about the 12 archetypes in my free content, I always do it with my unique brand voice, visuals, emoticons, energy, dark sense of humor, personal insights, journey, and story.

You can't fake that sh#t when you just copy someone's content.

And guess what? It's precisely this authentic touch that attracts rockstar people to me because they know they'll get the real deal, not some cookie-cutter crap.

Confused about your brand? Get my magnetic brand checklist, and see where your business is and identify areas for improvement for your content! Get kickass content writing examples you can implement today. Click here to sign up for the free checklist.



Your free content focuses on the WHAT and WHY to activate and empower people, igniting their curiosity to take action by either downloading your freebies (free ebooks, templates, live calls, masterclasses, etc) or buying your low-ticket products (like a $7-$30 micro offer).

The HOW, the real solutions, that's what I reserve for my paid programs. Sure, you can deliver short wins and mini-hows sometimes, but the real HOW should be the exclusive territory of your paid offerings.

Stay tuned, because in just a moment, I'll be unveiling actual content writing examples from my own posts, backed by authentic print screens.

Let's break down what your social media account or blog should consist of if you want to attract more rockstar clients. 

Here are some content writing examples:

  • Education with results + authority [focused on ROCKSTAR client desires]
  • Your personal journey and the results
  • Your client's journeys and the results
  • Content that isn't all "happy as a fu*king clam unicorn rainbow farts" but speaks the truth of the effort required to get results 
  • Content that shows how you handle haters 
  • Content that portrays how you deal with skeptics among close ones
  • Content that calls out the problems in your niche/industry (show them the new way)
  • Exact scenarios in your niche that you have navigated and overcome
  • Your opinions and beliefs (what you stand for), and what it's like to work with you (why it's different)

Summing up all these content writing examples, your account or blog should primarily consist of three types of content:







Value-driven content sparks an emotional response in your audience.

This type of content is different than educational content. Educational content is pretty much just educating and telling people what to do. That type of content might work with ideal clients but it will not work with ROCKSTAR clients.

Content writing examples of EDUCATIONAL content: 

  • 3 steps to remove money blocks
  • How to attract your twin flame
  • 10 foods to eat to lose weight
  • How to scale your business 

These types of content will tend to lose people quickly. ROCKSTAR clients will scroll past videos or posts that tell them "what to do" because they lack depth.

Value-driven content is different. It's about sharing beliefs, values, and mindset shifts in the content.

This type of content converts better because your brand voice will be louder. As a result, the emotional response she feels in her body reading/watching/listening to your content will be bigger.

Writing value-driven content is the key to passive income because you don't have to spend time in DMs answering questions to convince people to buy. You have already ACTIVATED them in your free content

If you are a love coach helping people to attract their soulmates with feminine energy, forget posts like "5 Places In Your City Where You Can Find High-Value Men".

It's not about what places you go to; it's about the energy and mindset, right? 

Content writing examples of value-driven posts look completely different.

For example, you could say, "The reason you're not attracting your twin flame is that you're subconsciously taking the masculine energy in the relationship even when you think you're a feminine woman."

I call it "why it's not working" content or "This is where you are right now" content. Value-driven content means we are not telling them what to do; instead, we share beliefs and opinions while "educating them. 

I’ll teach you how to create your OWN online course and sell it PASSIVELY (so you can make sales, even while you’re on vacation🌴🍹💸)! Click here to sign up for my FREE masterclass.



Story content is about connecting with your audience by sharing your personal journey. It's showing how you faced and conquered struggles, just like your clients do.

You share where you started, how far you've come, and your vision for the future. By being genuine and relatable, you inspire and build trust, empowering others to believe in their own potential for growth and success.

No stories = No personality!

Without story content, you miss the chance to connect with your audience, leaving a gap in your relationship.

On the flip side, if you focus heavily on sharing story content, you will come across as self-centered, vain, and not seen as an authority in your field. 

I have worked with many women who get stuck in this 'trap'. They are afraid to give more value in case people don't buy.

Many badass women believe that the more they give away, the less people will buy, which is keeping them from sharing their real expertise, outing them as badass leaders, and therefore signing clients from their content.

The key is to know how to provide value, so you're not overeducating but also not coming across as just "inspiring" or "helpful". 

Take the Instagram star named Arii, with over 2 million followers, who couldn't even sell 36 T-shirts in 2 weeks. I firmly believe it was because her account lacked value-driven content.

Coming right up, I'll reveal real-life content writing examples from my own high-converting posts, along with print screens.

Content writing examples of story content: 

  • Behind the scenes
  • Mistakes and failures (and what you learned from them)
  • Lifestyle images and videos
  • How you embody what you teach
  • Your transformation - before and after
  • The success moments (this depends on your niche so it can be your wedding, your weightloss story, your family, your dog, etc)



Content writing examples are basically about sharing strong opinions you have about your niche/industry. This is the key element to attracting your tribe.

It's about creating thought-provoking content that makes people stop the scroll. Being clear on your story, values, and authority will help with that. 

Rockstar clients crave more than just tips and tricks; they desire inspiration and empowerment. They want to have a reason why they should follow YOU.

So take a fu*king stand for what you believe. Be loud AF, and stop being scared to piss people off. This makes you unique and positions you as a true leader in your industry, ready to rock their world.

REMINDER: if your social media presence (or blog) lacks value content + story content, they will not give a fu*k about your opinions. These two types of content must be your major focus.

A strong brand will help you get people not just to come into your world because you can teach them a thing, but to come because they want to learn specifically from you.

They're actually coming and paying you to be YOU the weirdest, craziest, darkest, most badass version of yourself.

That's the key to avoiding competition with 100,000 others teaching the same marketing and strategy concepts as you!

Learn how to maximize your content and create passive income by selling online courses. There are profitable courses in EVERY industry, and now we're sharing bestselling topics with you! Click here to sign up.
















Make sure you save these kickass content writing examples!

Truthbomb: your rockstar clients will be itching to buy when they see your content and think, "Holy fu*k, this is so me!". 

Your top priority should be creating content that delivers a "HELL YES" emotional response to your audience on why they should trust you, and buy from you.

There ARE people who value what you do; who WANT to pay 5 figures, have incredible support, and don’t just want the “cheapest” option or tons of bonuses…

But it's your responsibility to you to empower them. Tweak your content so you're only speaking to the people who don’t want to settle for “good” but want the OUTSTANDING Rock 'n' Roll Lifestyle.

Most of the time it’s also not just about what you “say” but about what you do - and how people can FEEL embodiment and badass leadership vibrate from you in your content. 

If you want people to PAY, give them a fu*king reason to pay YOU. 

And if you have not already signed up for my CONTENT THAT SELLS free guide, go sign up NOW! 

The training + conversation around what it takes to build a community, an unforgettable brand, and create converting content that magnetizes and activates your audience, will blow your fu*king mind and change the game for you. 

Start believing in yourself more than you ever have before, and watch the fu*king magic unfold!



✅ What are some kickass content writing examples?

Great content writing examples encompass compelling storytelling that educates, entertains, activates, and aligns with your brand. Valuable content empowers the audience, evoking a sense of potency and driving them to action—whether it's downloading a free e-book, signing up for a webinar, or making a purchase.

✅ What are the 3 types of content?

Story, value, and opinion are the key pillars when it comes to content writing examples.

âś… How do I start creating badass content writing?

A breakdown of awesome content writing examples:

1) Identify your target audience and understand their needs. 
2) Invest time, energy, and money in creating a strong brand
3) Develop a consistent brand voice and tone.
4) Develop consistent brand visuals (emojis, images, colors).
5) Create attention-grabbing headlines.
6) Use storytelling techniques

âś… What type of content is most popular?

While content writing examples that are the most popular are videos, it's important to note that "popular" doesn't necessarily equal a lot of sales. A big following doesn't mean shit if you don't speak to your rockstar client. Knowing your zone of genius is super important. Ever since I quit TikTok and shifted my focus to blogging and writing, my business revenue has increased.

âś… What content generates the most sales?

Value-driven + strong brand. 


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