Unlocking the Power of Brand Emotion: How to Make People Buy Anything


In this article, I will show you how I generate multiple 6 figures every year in my business while working only 5-hour work weeks, all by mastering the power of brand emotion.

Believe it or not, your clients don't give a f*ck about you.

All those weeks spent building a fancy sales page, taking new brand photos, or creating mock-ups for your new amazing offer? Yeah...they don't care.

People buy feelings – not products.

As bizarre as it may sound for a female entrepreneur selling courses and services that will transform people's lives and blow their minds, the reality is that your audience doesn't care.

They don't care if you are the best-kept secret in the world.

They don't care if your clients consistently achieve mind-blowing results.

They don't care how many testimonials (or screenshots of your monthly sales) you shove down their throat.

If they don't LIKE you, they don't TRUST you. If they don't trust you, they won't buy from you. Rockstar clients look for products that make them FEEL a certain way. 


🤩Easier conversations in DMs

💪More empowered, fun clients

🤑Increased prices (a lot)

💻Hiring assistants to ease the workload

🏝️Scaling your business with passive income

...then you need to master brand emotion messaging!

Let's dig into what it means!

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Brand Emotion Messaging (aka emotional branding) is the skill of creating messages that deeply connect with your audience's emotions on a psychological level.

It's the art of crafting content that makes you feel like a rockstar, leaving your audience completely 'panties' (wink, wink) at you - in reality, it's money they throw your way. 💸

This is where brand archetypes take the stage, sparking electrifying emotions and completely transforming how they see you. It's about saying goodbye to being the nice (but boring) content girl, and hello to the motherf*cking Hollowood celebrity, they can't resist!

Brand Emotion Messaging means writing magnetic content that your audience gives a f*ck about. Content that activates their desires and values, and has them begging you to send the payment link.

Here's the kicker: there are people in the world right now who WANTS to pay you 10K, 20K, 50K, or even 100K for private mentorship.

You are 👌close to having your dream of human beings decide they are ready to enter your world.

It’s almost never about the money. It's more about what people VALUE. And people don't value things they don't feel a strong emotional connection to.


The decision to buy is made subconsciously. The subconscious mind is based on emotions (not logic).

So, these subconscious decisions that you're dream clients are making depend on how you make them FEEL.


This is why there are so many coaches who teach the same thing - and there’s absolutely no competition around the information. Because it’s not about the f*cking information. It’s about the PERSON who’s sharing the information.

One coach can have the perfect website and pay thousands of dollars for a copywriter to write the description of the offer and build a fancy sale page… and it will completely flop.

While another coach can show up unfiltered, a complete “mess”, and at the moment share an offer with nothing but a payment link and celebrate a multi 5 figure day.

Why? Because they have a strong BRAND.

They ARE someone. People love them. They are f*cking MAGNETIC - even when they are a “hot mess”.

🔥People buy from you when they feel like they KNOW you.

🔥People buy from you when you make them FEEL something.

🔥People buy from you based on the EMOTION you evoke in them (and justify it later with logic).

🔥People buy from you because of who you ARE.and justify it later with logic).

🔥People buy from you because of who you ARE.

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In 2021 I had no logo, no branding identity, no brand archetypes, and no clue how my business should look in terms of visuals. It was all a hot mess.

On paper, it looked good as I finally had 100k in sales for the year and 80K followers on TikTok, but I was deeply unhappy. 

I was bending myself backward trying to post valuable content and showing up consistently, but I didn't stand out on social media. I wasn't unique or special and I was having trouble making sales.

My posts were being read, and my content was getting engagement, but THE BIG cash wasn't rolling in.

I thought to myself, "I don't have a f*cking clue what to post to get more people to reach out." When I sat down to write, my mind played hide-and-seek.

Those DMs poured in from newbies and freebies seekers, not ready to take the leap. I wanted to manifest my rockstar clients, badass leaders who'd binged my content and bought without hesitation!

I tried to borrow some inspiration from other influencers and coaches, but ended up with an exact copy – and guess what? No new leads, no followers, and definitely no sales!

I seriously wanted to quit my business. I couldn’t handle the pressure (that I was putting on myself), the fear of rejection, and not being good enough. I felt that something was missing, but WHAAAAAAAAT????!!!!

One restless night, while seeking answers on Pinterest, I stumbled upon a brand archetypes quiz that changed everything. The creator of the quiz, Kaye Putnam, captivated me with her words and I devoured every piece of content of information available.

I finally understood why I had lost the "business spark". The real reason some of my posts went viral and got a lot of attention, and why some posts didn't despite doing everything "right" according to big social media experts like Stephanie Anne Hughson.

I realized why my business energy was sometimes wobbly, why some offerings I had launched in the past flopped, and why I felt so bored creating some offers while loving creating other offers like Good Girl Murder.


I ended up studying archetypes all night and without a second thought, I bought Kaye's Brand Clarity Collective.

And that's when it hit me... 

Within less than 24 hours, I stumbled upon a brand new coach (whom I had never heard of before), and PAID her nearly $2,000 in full, without having to second guess the investment or even DM her first.

I'm used to investing in myself and in my business, and I jump if I feel the pull. Things move fast in my world. But I had NEVER moved so fast before!

Normally, I like to do some business flirting first, buy some micro offers to get to know her/him more, and "warm up" before I invest in the bigger coaching programs.

But I trusted this woman from the second I found her. Her brand was so strong that I almost felt like I was hypnotized and under a spell (in a good way).

That was the moment when I truly understood the power of brand emotion messaging with brand archetypes. A strong brand builds TRUST super fast and activates your dream clients to MOVE and INVEST!


Long story short, I found my unique brand archetypes, re-structured, cleaned up, removed, and added things up. 2 months together, I was back in the game, and celebrating my first $200,000 cash year.

Today, I work five hours a week and still make multiple 6 figures a year. More important than the money, understanding my unique brand archetype has made me feel more confident than ever before.

Creating your brand identity is about discovering who you REALLY are at your core - your rawest, weirdest, darkest, and most authentic self. Brand archetypes have transformed me in ways I never thought possible. 

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Read more about brand archetypes here. A strong brand serves as a powerful filter, allowing you to block out the "bad apples" and people you don't want in your world like freebie seekers, unaligned clients, nightmare clients, who don't want to do the work, don't have any money, etc.

Simultaneously, a strong brand becomes a beacon, attracting only those who are ready to take action and become your devoted clients!

Don't know what brand archetypes you have? Take Kaye Putnam's FREE quiz. 

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It's time to ditch the old rulebook about content creation. No more dwelling on pain points or the 'struggles' your clients are going through!

To draw in more EMPOWERED (aka fun, easy-going, self-led) rockstar clients, you must activate an EMPOWERED feeling within them.

No rockstar clients want to feel like they are 'stuck', have 'blocks', or are 'struggling'!

Your rockstar clients are already doing great.

Rockstar clients are already living in a magical happy-as-a-clam Disney movie, but they won't settle for just that. They hunger for the extraordinary. They've already tasted success, but now they want MORE. 




❌Blocks (money blocks, love blocks, sales blocks, etc)


  • crave even greater success than they've achieved.
  • possess evidence, discipline, and self-trust, knowing they can achieve f*cking EVERYTHING (but empower them to believe in themselves in an even bigger way).
  • are used to investing in themselves and their growth
  • "get it" and are obsessed with what you bring to the table.
  • value you and your offerings.
  • feel that hiring you is the most natural, mind-blowingly logical step in the motherf*cking universe! 

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✅ What is meant by emotional branding?

Emotional branding means showing in VISUAL (images, colors, fonts) and VOICE (content/tone) that makes your audience feel strong emotions.

✅ What is a brand archetype?

Relive that moment when your favorite influencer's inspiring post moved you to tears, but also motivated you to share it with everyone. That's the power of emotional branding!

✅ What are the 6 types of brand feelings?

Warmth, fun, excitement, security, social approval, and self-respect. However, each brand archetype will express these emotions uniquely, adding their special touch to create a kickass emotional experience.

✅ Why hire a branding expert?

You will shortcut your business growth by learning from someone who's been there (me!). Shoot me an email at support@vionahaven.com, and we'll handle all the nitty-gritty details to get things rolling. Let's get started on a kickass branding journey together!

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