Brand Archetypes: Signs It's Time for Rebranding Your Business


In this article, I'm going to teach you what rebranding is and the top benefits of rebranding your business using brand archetypes.

I will share the secret to how rebranding allows me to work a 5-hour workweek and still make multiple six figures a year.

This article will be the game-changer for coaches who desire to build a widely recognized and well-known online brand - the kind that needs no introduction. 

How often do you change your makeup, rock a new hairstyle, or even shake up your fashion game?

Chances are, you've done that quite a few times. But what about your business? Shouldn't it get a kickass makeover too, ready to dazzle and captivate dream clients? 

If you are a coach, healer, or female entrepreneur trying to build a strong brand for your business, you might think that a logo is all you need to create a memorable brand. It's a common misconception.

However, the reality is that a logo is merely a single puzzle piece, representing about 5% of your overall brand. The same goes for brand colors.

It's not enough to build trust fast with your audience and make easy sales. 

There's so much f*cking more to consider and discover to truly unlock the full potential of your brand!

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Rebranding = business makeover. 

Why rebranding? To stand out in the noisy oversaturated coaching industry and beat competitors in the marketplace.

Rebranding your business is all about cleaning up your company's voice and visual image. It's about standing out from the crowd. 

Rebranding becomes essential when you're a coach or influencer constantly experiencing breakthroughs and "up-levels". As you evolve, your brand must evolve with you.

Ensuring your brand reflects the transformation you've undergone is vital; otherwise, you will feel "off". When you feel turned off, you will also turn off your audience and lose sales.

So, it's crucial to align your brand with your personal growth to maintain a strong connection and resonance with your dream clients.

Imagine changing your clothing style from budget-friendly streetwear to classy Chanel business casual. Suddenly, people see you differently and treat you differently.

I cover this concept more in this article where I teach you how to unleash the power of brand archetypes so you can attract your dream clients with personality and purpose. Identifying your brand's archetype is a must for rebranding as it will offer a roadmap for crafting a strong brand.


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Rebranding your business often includes (but isn’t limited to): 

  • new name
  • new niche
  • new target audience 
  • new logo and/ or brand mark
  • new brand style (including brand fonts, colors, fonts, and images)
  • new website
  • new slogan 
  • new values
  • new beliefs 
  • new brand vision
  • new mission
  • new voice and tone


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Rebranding can be divided into two types: proactive rebranding and reactive rebranding. 

Proactive Rebranding happens when a business sees the opportunity to grow, innovate, reach new customers, and reconnect with existing ones. It's all about taking charge and making positive changes to move forward.

As a coach, healer, twin flame teacher, or mentor, proactive rebranding is a natural step as you evolve and progress over time. You have a responsibility to update and refresh your brand, aligning it with your personal growth and transformation.

Stephanie Anne Hughson, a millionaire-dollar social media expert, is a great example of proactive rebranding. By transitioning from being a health coach to a business coach, she took the initiative to reshape her brand and realign her focus to better serve her target audience.


Reactive Rebranding occurs when a business responds to external factors or challenges. It's a strategic move to adapt to shifts in the market, customer preferences, unforeseen circumstances, or personal changes. 

Rebel Wilson's weight loss journey is a form of reactive rebranding. During her self-proclaimed “year of health,” the Australian comedian, 42, was inspired to shed some weight after she visited a fertility doctor some years ago, intent on freezing her eggs.

But Rebel Wilson got a lot of pushback from her own team in Hollywood when she decided to lose weight. Why? Because losing weight meant changing her BRAND!

As the funny fat girl who was earning millions of dollars, Rebel Wilson's team was worried about the impact it might have on her brand and the audience's perception of her if she changed the established image she had built.

As I write this article, Rebel Wilson is a happy healthy mother, exploring diverse movie genres beyond comedies. However, her new clothing line has faced a lot of criticism, because her new brand seems to conflict with her old brand.

You can read about it here. Armed with this new knowledge about rebranding, you will understand better why some of her fans are so upset. 

I'm a big fan of Rebel Wilson, and it's important to remember that such strong reactions are not uncommon during celebrity rebranding. It will pass. 

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Just the thought of rebranding your business can feel overwhelming. Not only can it be a relatively costly and time-consuming undertaking; but there's also the fear of potential pitfalls and negative outcomes.

However, based on my personal experience, the benefits of rebranding far outweigh any potential drawbacks. Honestly, when you understand HOW the brand archetypes work, your entire BUSINESS will shift practically overnight. 

A profile is just a profile until you turn it into a BRAND. A brand sells on autopilot 24/7. It's the major key to passive income!

Here are some of the biggest benefits of rebranding your business!


🤩Sales calls. People literally find the link and buy, so f*cking easy!

🤩Crazy long daunting lunches trying to convince people to buy.

🤩Content headache of wondering, what should I post today

🤩Stress about the algorithm (your brand will boost your posts automatically).

🤩Competition or comparing yourself to other coaches.



😎Stand out in a noisy oversaturated coaching market.

😎Establish your position as the go-to authority in your field.

😎Be able to raise your prices and charge what you're worth

😎Work with dream clients, as you build trust faster.

😎Experience a creative flow and have more fun writing content 



👉New people will find you, follow you and buy from you every damn day

👉Less time spent answering questions in the DMs trying to close a sale

👉 Reduce workload, and more time spent with family

👉More passive income and automated sales


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You feel turned off and have lost the spark. It feels like you're doing the same thing every day. You are ready for rockstar clients who are 99% self-led (as opposed to your current clients who feel like they NEED you, are RELYING on you, and sending 18 min voice notes).


Plugging into Voxer feels heavy because you feel like you're just constantly catching up and hosting one big Q+A session. Honestly, if you answer one more "how to" question in a 1-1 container you might actually... die.


You have an audience full of people who love your free tips but don't love buying from you. You sign clients here and there and you make money.

But you often get DMs asking for more info, but as soon as you give them your price – they ghost you! Or they give me the “I don’t have any money” and “Now is not the best time”. 


Your business is evolving in bigger + betters ways which requires you to be in CEO + creator mode more. You'd rather spend your time in feminine energy and creating + channeling than be in coach-mode.



10K/months is not enough. You realized you've invested f*ck tons of money (multi 5 and 6 figures) for your own mentorship while you're still offering 95-mile-long payment plans for your 2k private coaching package.



Zero part of you wants to sign clients just to sign clients. You're becoming more selective about who you give your 1-1 time and energy. You are more than a coach, and you want more time to be with your family, friends, partner, kids, or pets.


You want more space in your schedule, not because you want to "do nothing" but because you've got BIGGER work to do in the world and you need space to think, create, innovate, and flow.


You're DONE entertaining people's excuses and BS. You are DONE feeling like the best-kept secret on social media. The frequency you are on now is wayyyyy beyond that. You are here for people who are ready to f*cking move, and you are ready to filter out the naysayers for good.


You know that feeling... Like something is about to shift. Like you're so close to a breakthrough. Like your next level is SO F*CKING CLOSE. 

You can FEEL IT. You can SENSE it. You can TASTE it. But at the same time, you're not sure what to do about it!?

Don't worry - I'm your fairy f*cking rebranding godmother here to save the day! Shoot me an email at support@vionahaven.com, and we'll handle all the nitty-gritty details to get things rolling.

Let's get started on a kickass branding journey together!

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What is the difference between branding and rebranding?

Branding is about creating a brand identity from scratch, while rebranding is about making changes to an existing brand to update its image, target different audiences, or adapt to new trends.

How do you rebrand a brand?

To rebrand a brand, you assess its strengths, update the look, improve the message, and adapt to changes in the market. It's about creating a new and captivating identity. 

✅ What is the purpose of rebranding?

In short, to feel excited about your business again, attract more ideal clients, and make more sales! The purpose of rebranding is to give a brand a fresh new look, stand out from the competition, adjust to changes in the market, attract new customers, and align with the company's evolving goals and values.

✅ What are business rebranding examples?

Examples of business rebranding include well-known companies like Apple, McDonald's, and Burberry. They successfully updated their brand identities to match changing markets, and consumer preferences, and create a fresh image

✅ Why hire a branding expert?

You will shortcut your business growth by learning from someone who's been there (me!). Shoot me an email at support@vionahaven.com, and we'll talk.

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