Hacking Human Psychology: The Power of Jungian Brand Archetypes


In this article, I'm going to teach you the 12 brand archetypes that classify companies accompanied by practical examples for each archetype. 

This way, you'll know how to apply the principles in your brand strategy and create a kickass unforgettable brand on social media. 

Branding helps you build trust fast with your audience and smoothen your sales process. A strong brand = easy sales. 

Honestly, when you understand HOW these twelve brand archetypes work, your entire BUSINESS will shift practically overnight. 

Once you dive into the world of archetypes, you'll never "just" watch a movie again. Everywhere you look, you'll start spotting these powerful symbols and patterns woven into the very fabric of storytelling.


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The 12 brand archetypes were originally developed by Carl Jung. Honestly, I was never a fan of Sigmund Freud, even though he was a colleague of Carl Jung.

If you've been following my blog for some time, you already know that I see Carl Jung as a rock star, and without a doubt, I'm his biggest groupie (which kind of sucks as he died in 1961).

Anyway, back in the 1940s, the brilliant Swiss psychologist Carl Jung unleashed a set of personality archetypes that became the talk of the town.

These archetypes captured the core of common personalities we see around us every day in society - families, friends, partners, media, etc.

These categories showcase personality traits that are super easy to grasp making it easier to navigate human behavior. Jung's work opened the door to a deeper understanding of ourselves and those around us.


And guess what? These personality categories apply not only to people but also to company brands, making it a piece of cake for customers to understand their target audiences.

Jung had a genius term for these categories - brand archetypes and he said:

“These [archetypes] are imprinted and hardwired into our psyches.”

Our brains naturally like to organize ideas by finding patterns and grouping similar concepts together. Archetypes, with their shared characteristics and symbols, help us understand stories, evoke specific emotions, and trigger instinctive responses.

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It is essential to know the difference between your dream client and brand archetype and where it fits into your brand story.

Archetypes represent not only you and your company but will also have a huge impact on your rockstar clients, who you will attract, and what their buying decisions will be.

People buy based on EMOTIONS and justify their decisions with logic. This is especially true if your target audience is majorly women.

Archetypes help you DIFFERENTIATE your brands from others in your niche, and stand out.

For example: let’s compare M&M's chocolate to Snickers. Both are chocolate, but they have totally different PERSONALITIES.

M&M is all about having fun (Joker/Entertainer archetype) and Snickers helps you feel strong again (Hero archetype).

Just different EMOTICONS spark a different feeling inside of us! 

😄 😢 😍 😂 😡 😎 😇 😴 😱 🤗

Truthbomb: you can make *your brand* the obvious choice, the FIRST choice, and even the ONLY choice in your audience’s mind.

To do this, it’s crucial you incorporate EMOTION into your marketing messages and social media content. Emotional branding is the key to truly standing out in the saturated and noisy coaching industry.

Let's explore this deeper...

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Have you ever heard the saying, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder"? Well, a more fitting adaptation would be: 'Beauty is in the eye of the beholder's favorite BRAND ARCHETYPES.'

Our unique preferences and perceptions, are influenced by brand archetypes and play a key role in how we connect with art EMOTIONALLY.

Brand archetypes provoke a reaction, for good or ill, and guide us to feel inspired by certain masterpieces while experiencing strong negative emotions toward others ("Is that supposed to be art?! My 5-year-old could have painted that!")

Ever found yourself irresistibly drawn to psychedelic art, like the works of Salvador Dali, and wonder what's behind that fascination? 

Weird obsession with the characters from the Harry Potter book series is something we can all relate to.

You felt like you were right there beside Harry, Ron, Hermione, the Weasley twins, Dumbledore, and yes, even Umbridge... 

The emotional rollercoaster was real, and you were fully invested in their journey.

  • You laughed🤣 at their mischievous pranks
  • You shed tears😭 during heart-wrenching moments
  • You felt furious😡 when Harry faced injustice, especially at the hands of Professor Snape

And let's be honest, there's a part of you that still secretly hopes for that long-awaited Hogwarts acceptance letter to arrive in the mail. Who wouldn't want to experience the magic and wonder of Hogwarts firsthand?

Here's the kicker: J.K. Rowling's estimated net worth is $1 billion dollars because she GETS archetypes.

Archetypes symbolize basic human motivations and emotions that we humans just LOVE and can't get enough of. 

Why? Because they are deeply pre-programmed into your subconscious.

When you use a mix of brand archetypes, values, and storytelling you will build a psychology-driven brand that will transform a COLD audience into a HOT audience.

By applying more emotion to your branding, you’ll set yourself leaps and bounds ahead of a LOT of the competition. You will wake up daily with DMs from customers saying "Send me the payment link! I want to join NOW!!!!"

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There are twelve brand archetypesThe Innocent, Girl/Boy Next Door, Hero, Rebel, Explorer, Creator, Royal, Magician, Lover, Entertainer, Caregiver, and Sage. 

Although we may not consciously recognize an archetype character in someone's behavior, there is an instinctive understanding and it feels familiar.

This instinctive comprehension of archetypes allows us to form rapid connections or avoidances with others when we encounter them. Because the understanding of these archetypes is instinctive it's based on EMOTIONS.

We will instinctively LOVE and connect with (or HATE and avoid) influencers, coaches, or companies when we experience them.

The twelve brand archetypes can be categorized into 4 core groups and those are the main goal of the archetype. 

  1. Provide structure: Creator, Royal, and Caregiver
  2. Connect to others: Everyman, Joker, and Lover
  3. Explore spirituality: Innocent, Sage, and Explorer,
  4. Leave a mark: Rebel, Magician, and Hero.


A strong brand serves as a powerful filter, allowing you to block out the "bad apples" and people you don't want in your world like freebie seekers, unaligned clients, who don't want to do the work, don't have any money, etc.

Simultaneously, a strong brand becomes a beacon, attracting only those who are ready to take action and become your devoted clients!

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Let's break down the essence of each of these kickass brand archetypes!

Get the complete breakdown of how to create a magnetic brand that attracts dream clients. Discover where your business is and identify areas for improvement! Click here to sign up for the free checklist.




AKA Purist, Idealist, Saint, Traditionalist

Exhibits happiness, goodness, warmth, optimism, safety, comfort, cheerfulness, purity, and youth. The core emotions to evoke are nostalgia and comfort. 

Examples of brands: 

Dove promotes purity and self-acceptance by prioritizing 'real beauty.' They ask their consumers to step back and consider what makes them happy.

McDonald's Happy Meal captures the innocence of childhood, bringing joy to kids, and serving as a fun reminder of life's simple pleasures.

Charlotte York, a character from Sex and the City, exhibits a naivety and genuine belief in fairy tale romances and happy endings. She is always smiling, optimistic, and sees the best in people and situations. 




AKA The Everyman, Regular Guy/Girl, Realist, Friend, Good Neighbor 

Strives for connections and is acknowledged as humble, authentic, supportive, loyal, grounded, and down to earth. The core emotion to evoke are a feeling of belonging and relating to people on a “real” level.

Examples of brands: 

IKEA has crafted an ideal girl next door persona by providing practical and budget-friendly products that cater to the everyday person, without targeting a specific audience.

Klarna has crafted a brand persona by making the digital payment experience quicker, easier, and more intuitive for everyone, everywhere.

Ron Weasley, the iconic character in the Harry Potter series, is a perfect example of the boy next door. He's not the Chosen One, and he's not the brightest witch of their age - but he is grounded, loyal, and supportive. 

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AKA The Warrior, Champion, Victor, Rescuer 

On a mission to make the world a better place, overcoming obstacles and achieving certain goals. The core emotions to evoke are courage, power, and motivation. 

Example of brands:

Nike is a brand that embodies the Hero archetype by inspiring people to be their best selves and their "Just Do It" campaigns.

Leonardo Di Caprio, the actor's brand archetype is the hero as he has helped many people and animals worldwide who suffered from injuries, donating money to help with climate change and global warming.

Marvel Studios, focus on producing a series of superhero films like The X-Men. 



AKA The Outlaw, Maverick, Revolutionary, Pathbreaker 

The rebel questions authority and wants to break the rules. The core emotions to evoke are revolution, independence, and radical freedom. It's usually motivated partly by anger, and partly because of the thrill of anarchy.

Example of brands:

Rebel Circus, a web-based alternative fashion retailer, is dedicated to the rebel lifestyle and spirit.

Diesel (jeans), because as part of a campaign, Diesel created a series of ads that broke stereotypes and encouraged customers to be stupid because being smart is too “mainstream.”

Deadpool, the popular Marvel Comics character, is considered an anti-hero to many because his actions are bad, but they help society become safer.

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AKA The Adventurer, Pioneer, Seeker 

Finds inspiration in travel, risk, discovery, and the thrill of new experiences. The core emotions to evoke are adventure, excitement, curiosity, and independence. 

Example of brands:

Indiana Jones, the iconic character, consistently stands apart from those around him, driven by an insatiable thirst for exploration and travel.

Lonely Planet, the publishing company, is connecting curious minds with new adventures and fresh experiences all over the world.

Starbucks' name, imagery, and retail experience reflect the explorer archetype. Just envision their logo - a vibrant, green representation reminiscent of a sea goddess. 




AKA The Artist, Designer, Inventor, Maker

The creator is driven by the free flow of creativity and imagination and a relentless pursuit of innovation. The core emotions to evoke are beauty, inspiration, depth, meaning, and value. 

Example of brands:

Lego is not just a toy brand - it's all about sparking imagination and promoting creativity in children as well as in adults. 

Canva, focus on design, innovation, and creativity. It gives you everything you need to quickly create social media posts, presentations, posters, videos, logos, etc.

TikTok expresses its own creativity by building and maintaining a platform for self-expression with easy tools to edit and transform videos.

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AKA The Ruler, Boss, Leader, Sovereign, Executive 

Characterized by authority, traditions, control, and ambition, leaving its mark on societies and cultures across the globe. The core emotions to evoke are power, luxury, royalty, and responsibility. 

Example of brands:

Rolls-Royce has created the ultimate expression of wealth and status.

Vera Wang, an American fashion designer, is best known for her elegant, sophisticated, and iconic wedding dress and haute couture collections. As they say in the movie Bride Wars "You don't alter Vera Wang to fit you, you alter yourself to fit Vera" - so royal!

Arnold Schwarzenegger has experienced insane great success in the fields of bodybuilding, acting, business, and politics. Whatever path he takes, you can be sure he will rule, gain and retain power in that industry!



AKA The Transformer, Visionary, Innovator, Alchemist 

The magician wishes to create something special and make dreams a reality by using knowledge of how the world works. The core emotions to evoke are fascination, enchantment, transformation, the "Wow" factor, and something extraordinary.

Example of brands:

Walt Disney has created a sense of making your dreams come true and finding magic in the ordinary.

Red Bull, the brand's slogan is simple but clear: “Red Bull gives you wings!” positions its beverage as the magic potion that will help you to achieve your goals and even make a dream come true.

Mac Cosmetics is one of the businesses that embody the phrase “transformative experience”, creating flexible varieties of make-up lines and trying to show cosmetics in a new magical way.

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AKA The Partner, Heart-Centered, Sensualist  

Lives for love, create intimate moments, and makes decisions from the heart, rather than from the head. The core emotions to evoke are love, passion, sensuality, intensity, romance, and commitment. 

Example of brands:

Victoria's Secret is a lingerie brand and its messaging is loaded with femininity and eroticism, especially in its colors and imagery.

Chanel values elegance and presents itself as a passionate fashion brand that makes women feel appealing and alluring. 

Marlyn Monroe, the actor, took the 'sex symbol' to a whole level. She was skilled in creating strong emotional bonds with her audience by being seductive and heart-centered.



AKA The Joker, Fool, Trickster, Jester, Clown, Comedian

Expressed by living a life with fun, play, humor, lightening up the world, and pointing out the silly parts of life. The core emotions to evoke are joy, celebration, enthusiasm, simplicity, and a magnetic personality.

Example of brands:

Jim Carrey, a well-known American actor, is recognized for his roles in comedy films and his hilarious sense of humor.

M&M’s, playful, animated characters embody this brand's spirit perfectly, always ready to put a smile on your face.

Stephanie Anne Hughson, a multi-millionaire coach, is a perfect example of the joker archetype. She is known to teach "boring" business strategies in a new fun way, and her Instagram feed radiates with vibrant, joyful celebrations.

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AKA The Mother, Servant, Martyr, Healer, Parent, Guardian

Expressed by protecting, helping, serving, and caring for loved ones. The core emotions to evoke are compassion, nurturing, protection, and generosity.

Example of brands:

UNICEF is one of the most well-known social welfare organizations in the world. They never give up on saving children's lives and protecting and defending their rights.

Princess Diana has etched her name in history through her remarkable acts of generosity, courage, and honesty. She fearlessly embraced individuals affected by AIDS, victims of land mines, and even those nearing the end of their lives.

Hagrid, the iconic character in the Harry Potter series, is a perfect example of the caregiver. He's not only a great animal lover, but also loyal, emotional, and willing to do whatever it takes to ensure Harry’s safety. He has a big heart and will fight to the death to protect the ones he loves.




AKA The Expert, Teacher, Thinker, Mentor, Adviser, Researcher

Values knowledge, wisdom, insights, facts, and critical thinking. The core emotions to evoke are objectivity, clarity, trust, and truth.

Example of brands:

Google organizes the world’s information and serves as a trusted guide for its audience to find the answers they require.

CNN is a multinational news-based television company. The Sage archetype is a natural fit for this company because it gives us fact-based information.

Hermione Granger, the fiercely intelligent and studious character from the world of Harry Potter, exemplifies the brilliance of the Sage.

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What are the 12 character archetypes for branding?

A brand archetype is a personification of your company based on 12 fundamental human values and wants. The purpose of developing your brand design archetype is to create a brand identity and build a strong emotional bond with your target audience.

The Innocent, Girl/Boy Next Door, Hero, Rebel, Explorer, Creator, Royal, Magician, Lover, Entertainer, Caregiver, and Sage. 

✅ What is a brand archetype?

A brand archetype is a representation of your brand's desires and values and an essential part of your brand identity.

✅ What are the brand archetypes for business?

Brand archetypes for business provide a framework based on human psychology to help your business build an unforgettable strong presence and relationship. This builds TRUST super fast with your audience. 

✅ Why hire a branding expert?

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