How to Get More Followers On Threads: A No Bullsh*t Guide


Latest update 2023-07-23

In this blog article, we will nail down how to get more followers on Threads🧵 no matter if you're a coach, healer, or any other badass in your field!

"But, Vona, do I really NEED to get on anotherrrrr social media platform?!"

Don't worry - it's me: your fairy f*cking godmother here to save the day and tell you why Threads might actually make your life EASIER.

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've heard about this new badass app and social media platform created by Meta founder Mark Zuckerberg. 

Threads has become the fastest-downloaded app in history. Celebrities and business owners are cutting up on there. 

It’s not like any other social media platform because you don’t technically have to start from 0. So, it's SUPER easy to grow because you can actually import your profile directly from Instagram and follow all your favorite creators and people with the click of a button. 

Here’s what you need to know about Threads:

  • Threads is basically the new Twitter.  Think of it like a big "group chat". 
  • Threads doesn't have hashtags, and no direct messaging, at least for now.
  • Threads offer liking via a heart symbol, commenting, and re-threading, via a sort of recycling symbol.
  • There’s the typical Instagram arrow to send a post to a specific person or group of people, or another social platform.
  • You can't send direct messages unless you move over to Instagram.
  • You can't edit a post on Threads once it has been published.
  • IMPORTANT! Your Threads profile can only be deleted by deleting your Instagram account, at least for now.


Honestly, I love this app! I've created more new relationships in 1 day than I have in 3 months on TikTok. Social media apps like Facebook and TikTok have left me feeling drained in recent years. 

However, I'm obsessed with this easy + quick in-the-moment posting my thoughts method. Threads are like micro-blogging! 😎

For the divas who want to build a business online WITHOUT always being camera-ready, Threads is your new bestie. As always with new apps, Threads is imperfect and truly unhinged the app is right now  People are being their (weirdest hilarious) selves and it's refreshing.

The main reason behind Thread's rapid growth, in my opinion as a business mentor and social media content creator, is the understanding that being one of the first users can completely transform your business!

Just think about TikTok - the people who joined early on gained millions of followers and are still making a lot of money.

We have @kallmekris, a funny Canadian influencer who boasts nearly 50 million followers on TikTok.

Another example is @bonnierzm, my go-to expert for tips on taking professional business photos and enhancing photogenic qualities, who has over 2 million followers!

I was late to the TikTok party, and I joined two years after their launch, but I still managed to grow 10,000 TikTok followers in 7 days and a total following of 80,000k in 6 weeks.

Just imagine the huge impact your business would undergo if you had millions of loyal followers who love your content, empowering you to effortlessly promote your online courses to them! 🤯🤯🤯

So, if you want to explode your sales, grow a following superfast, and make a good income online, it's crucial to be one of the first to join a new social media platform. And that's why you should care about Threads!

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This post might include affiliate links to products I truly recommend (and am obsessed with). This means that at no extra cost to you, I may earn a small percentage, which I will use to feed my hungry 24/7 adorable dog Piggy.





Step #1: Post Daily 

Simple but you'd be surprised how many people don't commit to this. Here's the kickass tip for converting content: SHOW + TELL - not just tell. Give examples. Show proof to back up what you're saying.

But not just any content. Post content that educates, thought provokes, empowers + activates your community.

Make sure the content that is relevant to your industry, shares your values + uses lots of EXAMPLES in your content. SHOW your community how you embody what you are posting about!

Here's the kicker: if you want to get more followers on Threads🧵, you must kill your good girl avatar! Too often I see women playing small and holding back in their content because they are afraid of the attention.

Well, it's really hard to get more followers on Threads (or any other social media app) if you at the same time are scared that what you say is too weird, too bold, or will piss off your mom. So, you need to shift your mindset a little here!

Stop thinking that you "don't belong" that you "can't contribute" or that you "don't have anything to say". Just because you THINK that you're a "smaller fish" doesn't mean that you ARE one! 

Start seeing yourself in your POWER. Decide that you're a badass leader. What you have to say is VALID and there are people on Threads who are WAITING for you. So post and show up daily!

Step #2: Leverage Your Instagram Account

Boring but necessary. 

First, an effective way to promote your Threads🧵 account on Instagram is by posting a thread and sharing it on your Instagram story.

This allows you to reach a wider audience, get more followers on Threads, and spread the word about your Threads presence.

Your existing Instagram followers will discover your account on Threads, prompting them to follow you and engage with your content. This will help you build an audience faster on Threads and you also teach the algorithm of Threads who your ideal target audience is. 

Secondly, you avoid a common problem people on Threads are facing now. Once you log into Threads through Instagram, some users may notice a Threads badge displayed on their Instagram bio. This badge acts as a link to your Threads profile when tapped by others.

If you click on the badge, you'll see a message stating, "This temporary badge lets your followers know you're on Threads and directs them to your profile if they have the app."

From what we know so far, this badge may be temporary, which is why not all users have it. The problem is that if you accidentally remove the badge from your bio, there is currently no option to add it back.

Therefore, it's more convenient to include a link to your Threads profile in your Instagram bio until another option becomes available.

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Step #3: Never Ever Buy Followers

It baffles me how some people still think that buying followers is a smart strategy. Let's be clear: it's a misguided approach that leads to nothing but disappointment and fake numbers.

Forget about buying followers. If you want to get more followers on Threads, then it's all about organic growth, period.

Followers acquired from external sites are unengaged, and relying on them will harm your Threads account in the long run. The risks include potential shadow bans or account deletion, and, most importantly, severe damage to your brand!

I've worked with countless women who boast huge follower counts (like 100K on Instagram) but can't even sell a $20 course. Why? Because it's not about the numbers. It's about having the RIGHT followers who are genuinely interested in what you offer.

I have written a kickass article where I teach you how to generate passive income by selling highly lucrative online courses right here.

Building a genuine following on Threads🧵 requires authenticity and effort, not shortcuts. You should always focus on organic growth, and nurturing a loyal community that genuinely connects with your content.


Step #4: Share Valuable Content 

The great thing with Threads is that you can post whatever is on your mind without having to be on camera! You can repurpose tons of content that you have already posted on other platforms

That means you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Since Threads is short-form sentences you can take bite-sized valuable content from your Reels or Tik Toks (or old blogs + captions!) and post them on Threads! It’s work smarter, not harder, at least for the moment.

The three content categories that help you get more followers on Threads (and have the potential to go viral) are educational, entertaining, and inspirational posts.

Remember when TikTok was all about those catchy dance moves? That's the power of entertaining content!  Depending on your niche and brand archetype, choose the content type that truly resonates with you as a person and your audience.

If you're a coach, healer, or teacher, educational content should be your go-to. Show off your expertise and always deliver top-notch content that's jam-packed with value. Solve people's problems!

On the other hand, if you're a stand-up comedian, your niche is entertaining content. Bring on the laughs and captivate your audience with your hilarious charm.

And if you're a fiction author, inspirational posts will work like magic and leave your audience inspired and motivated.

No matter which category you choose, don't be afraid to unleash your creativity and let your content rock!

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Step #5: Commit to Have Fun

Yup. I'm dead serious. 

If your sole motive for showing up and sharing your message on a new social media app is to make money, let me be blunt: it's a recipe for failure.

People can pick up the underlying energy behind your posts. They can tell if you're just desperately trying to grow a following so you can "make more sales", or if you're authentically having FUN.

And even though we focus on how to get more followers on Threads🧵 in this article - and it's AMAZING to celebrate a lot of new followers - if you're only focused on monthly numbers something needs to shift. You need to start looking at business numbers in a bigger way.

Trust me, an "I-need-money-now" approach will only push people away. They will feel in the vibrations of your posts that your sole purpose is to squeeze every penny out of them. 

I know you LOVE your work and the thought of NOT doing it is absurd. Don’t be shocked when all the results you dream of happen when YOU show your audience that you're living an exciting AF life!


Step #6: Focus on Holy Sh*t Daily Content 

I say it no one else will... The person with the most relatable, niche, emotion-triggering+ consistent content - wins on Threads.

Make sure you're covering all content types, giving more details than your competitors, telling an inspiring story, and blowing their minds with every single post.

If your post doesn't make you say... F*ck this is good, omg I love this, holy sh*t...then tweak and change it before posting.

Each Week you should be sharing education, specific scenarios of "what you would do if", your opinions, your story, how you lead yourself, and are a complete EMBODIMENT of your work.

Double-check so all posts are on brand with your unique brand archetype in colors, logos, voice, expressions, emojis, attributes, values, etc. A kickass brand builds TRUST fast and will help you get more followers on Threads!

Giving value to those entering your world is KEY. What can they get from you that goes a step beyond whatever else is out there? You must give your community a reason to STAY connected with you!

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Step #7: Losen Up Before Posting 

Do something that ACTIVATES you and get that spark back in your eyes.

Call it what you will, but the energy that you exude when you are in your power sets off a different frequency of leadership and " want to work with HER" vibes. People will pick that up in your Thread posts. 

If you desire to get more followers on Threads, you must consistently activate yourself and share badass valuable posts. That's how you explode your visibility and attract like-minded followers.

So, let go of perfectionism - quantity over quality right now.

This is because the algorithm of Threads🧵 operates in a similar way to a baby learning to walk. It craves consistent engagement and content, which helps the app gain traction and visibility.

So, to get more followers on threads, you can afford to test around and throw some spaghetti against the wall and see what sticks.

Play around, and test many different tactics at the same time in order to identify what works (sticks) and what doesn’t work (falls to the floor).



Step #8: Build REAL Connections 

Don't post and ghost! 👻

To get more followers on Threads, prioritize building connections. Don't ignore the comments, likes, and shares you get on your posts!

So many coaches want to just have people to follow and just buy.. and don't want to go the extra mile of connecting, starting conversations, and being of service.

You MUST create connection and trust first... otherwise, why the f*ck would I follow you or buy from you? If you want to work less and create passive income with online courses, you must prioritize nurturing your community.

Social media apps are reciprocal, people like to engage with others. As I mentioned earlier, the algorithm of Threads is like a baby - it is needy and craves attention!

So, if you want to get more followers on Threads, make sure you're an active user not only when you're posting but also BETWEEN the posts. Like and answer ALL comments you get!  

Another cool feature of Threads is that you can actually build a following without having to create original content every.single.day. In other words, you can repost, quote, or comment on OTHER people's threads and be equally as successful at growing a following that way.

So, start conversations, and claim your space as a leader for your community. Be the person on Threads they come to for answers through your content.

Follow users who are in the same niche and have the same target audience. Engage with their posts by leaving thoughtful comments and sharing valuable insights. 

Active participation and support for others will help you create a strong presence and encourage others to follow you back.

Just like any other social media app, if you put in serious effort now, the Threads🧵 algorithm has the potential to "reward" you in the future by boosting your posts and making them go viral. So, go all in NOW and give it your best shot! 

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Step #9: Be Consistent 

It takes consistency to get more followers on Threads! Building a community that trusts you (and later buys from you quickly) takes TIME to build.

Don't be discouraged if your follower count doesn't skyrocket overnight. Stay patient and consistent with your posting and engagement strategies.

Over time, as you consistently deliver valuable content and engage with your audience, your follower count will organically expand.

It's a commitment to all these steps that build a hot audience. A loyal audience on Threads🧵 is not built overnight and comes from multiple different touch points.

If you put SERVICE at the forefront of your values - and you lead with that - and post from that energy every day - you win.


Step #10: No Expectations 

I know, I know... We all have high hopes that Threads will become the next Twitter, and by getting in early, we'll have millions of followers by the end of the year.

However, right now it's better to see Threads as a blazing summer fling rather, because who knows if it'll stick around for the long haul? 

Apps can be fleeting, just like Clubhouse. Remember how it was all the hype and so popular, but now it's DEAD and GONE? 💀

We can't predict the future. So let's make the most of Threads while it's HOT. Don't worry so much about how to get more followers on Threads. Instead, enjoy the ride without getting too attached. 

Honestly, I’ve really had a blast seeing how much fun people are having on Threads🧵. True authenticity is making a comeback, and people are being themselves! 

Not having to do both Instagram carousel slides +a caption +CTA +hashtags feels like freedom. Threads allow me to just express what's going on in my head. It's just post and trust which feels delish AF!

Threads are literally conversation-based and don't have this vibe of throwing unsolicited educational content (like Facebook or Instagram have). This is great in bringing back REAL human-to-human connection. 

I didn’t know how much I was craving a new platform that feels so uplifting. Threads is the crazy fun mad hatter tea party we all needed, so let's keep it that way!

Overall, Threads give us a much-needed break from video content. Do you agree?

Are you on Threads yet?

What's been your favorite thing about Threads so far? Let me know in the comments below! 

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Who is the owner of the Thread app?

Threads is owned and operated by Meta Platforms. Read more in this article.

✅ What are threads?

Threads is an American social media platform. Users can share and engage with text updates similar to Twitter. New users can transfer their Instagram followers with a single click, and reply, repost, and like each other's posts.

✅ What are Instagram Threads? 

Let's be real here, Threads is essentially the Twitter of Instagram. It's a text-based platform that serves as a hub for micro-updates. You can think of it as micro-blogging.

✅ Is Threads the same as Instagram?

The parent company of Facebook and Instagram, have created Threads. But these two apps offer much more than just being categorized as text-based or multimedia-based social media platforms. Threads take short text updates to the next level (that's why it's called the next Twitter killer), while Instagram primarily connects users through photos, videos, slides, reels, and stories.

✅ How to gain followers on threads fast?

  • Follow my 10-step guide
  • Post daily on your feed
  • Connect with your community
  • Follow competitors in the same niche
  • Claim your space as a leader 


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