E-Learning Just Revolutionized: How to Create Passive Income with Online Courses


E-Learning just got profitable! According to Forbes: Research and Markets forecasts the online education market as a $350 billion by 2025.

In this blog post, we'll delve into the strategies and tools you need to create bestselling online courses so you can leverage your expertise and turn it into a sustainable source of revenue!

If you're a woman who is rocking your business as a coach, twin flame teacher, healer (or someone who just wants to quit your 9-5 job) and you want to learn how to:

  • find a best-selling topic for your online course...
  • test profitability before selling...
  • promote your course for free on social media...

... then keep reading!

Truthbomb: I made over $5,000 in 7 days from my first online course as a newbie and even with its crappy course design.

Honestly, I had no f*cking idea what I was doing, but I took the plunge anyway and made great cash as a result!

Since then, I've established a multiple 6-figure business that grants me the freedom of working only five hours per week while generating a daily passive income ranging from $1,000 to $2,000.

Sometimes I imagine how different my life would be if I hadn't stumbled upon the realization that e-learning just became the key to unlocking passive income opportunities.

If I let my fears stop me from creating + selling profitable online courses, I definitely wouldn’t be spending my days traveling, staying in luxury hotels, eating croissants, and going to the spa - that’s for f*cking sure!

I firmly believe that EVERYONE has a kickass online course inside them and guess what? You don't need some fancy certification or to be an "expert" to rake in insane amounts of cash from your course!

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This post might include affiliate links to products I truly recommend (and am obsessed with). This means that at no extra cost to you, I may earn a small percentage, which I will use to feed my hungry 24/7 adorable dog Piggy.




The key to creating profitable online courses is to pick a great niche!

Your niche is a combination of your passions and expertise. Your niche is a specialized category that your content will fall under and what your course topic will be about.

The most profitable niches are:





What is something that you could talk about for hours? A specific topic you are obsessed with?

You could give a 60-minute presentation - no problem and no preparation. This something that you'd been SO f*cking excited to talk about, what is that?

Example: Sarah is very interested in health. She loves fueling her body with the right nutrients and going to the gym. Her niche is HEALTH. 🥦🥕🥗

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The ground rule for profitable online courses is to build the course your audience is actually ASKING for, not the one you THINK they're asking for.

Use polls and question stickers to engage with your audience and figure out what they wanna buy from you.

Look for patterns. What is the common topic they struggle with? How can you solve this problem?

Is there a skill/strategy/ technique within that field that people are trying to learn for whatever reason?

Think about skills that took you years to master, pain-in-the-a$$ hardships you went through, or times you failed...how could you simplify this for someone else? Those could ALL be potential course topics.

Example: Sarah's niche is HEALTH. 🥦🥕🥗

People often ask her often how she can stay so fit and healthy when she is a single mom running a business.

How does she make time for yourself when you are busy? The problem Sarah will be solving in her online course is how to be fit and healthy when you have a tight f*cking schedule. 

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Niching down is the golden secret for profitable online courses! If your online course is too general no one will buy it. Being specific is the key.

Who do you serve? What kind of people would be interested in your expertise? Be specific! (like women 35 years old, single mums, burnt-out women, etc.)

What exact f*cking problem will you solve?

Example: Sarah knows that her niche is HEALTH. 🥦🥕🥗 The problem she will solve is how to be healthy when you’re busy. Now she is niching down to create an online course that is pointed at single CEOs' moms.

Sarah does her research and chooses to focus on food in this course and NOT workouts. So her topic will be how to plan and cook healthy meal prep for 7 days in just one hour. 

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The easiest way to do this is by creating a free download/pdf/checklist (I use Canva) that is related to your course topic. Once you've spent 3 weeks promoting this awesome freebie on your social media, blog, or email list.

You can check how many sign-ups/interest you had (15-30% is a badass average to strive for).

Now, armed with this information, you can re-evaluate and determine whether there was a significant level of interest or none at all.

This will help you figure out if your marketing or your topic needs to be tweaked or if it's f*cking perfect as it is for profitable online courses!


A great way to create profitable online courses is to presell them.

You're going to create your sales page, curriculum, and your marketing plan FIRST, and sell your course BEFORE you actually create it. 

That's right – the BEST way to test the profitability of a course topic is to see if people *actually* are eager to whip out their wallets and pay for it.

(IMPORTANT: be very upfront that lesson 1 will be available on X date in the future so people don't get confused when they don't get access to the content right away). 

And yes - I do recommend the preselling method for first-time course creators!

Some will find it to be a bit risky as they might not be able to finish the whole course in X-the amount of time. People who paid for the course are not willing to wait that long and ask for refunds. 

The key is setting a realistic time frame (based on your unique schedule) and sticking to it no matter what so you don't procrastinate. It’s also good for accountability and building trust with your audience.


Take some time to do market research and see what other creators in your industry are selling and if they have created profitable online courses

Don't worry if you find someone already offering a course on the same topic - that's actually a good f*cking sign! It indicates that there is demand and potential profitability.

All you need to do is add your own teaching style, unique approach, and personal story to make your course stand out.

Remember, it's YOU and your unique BRAND that sets your course apart from the competition!

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Here comes the fun part where you will organize, plan and create your online course. Strategy and clarity is your best friend in creating profitable online courses.

Use bullet points and break down your online course into 4-5 lessons. In each of these lessons, you will answer the questions why, what, and how.

For example; Sarah’s course will be about how to make 7 days of healthy meal prep in one hour. 🥦🥕🥗


Sarah focuses on mindset, fears, or blocks her clients might have that are stopping them from being healthy and she also give 3-5 tools on how to overcome them. 


Sarah will break down what is healthy food and what special nutrients her ideal clients need (magnesium, b6, and zinc are usually what busy CEOs are lacking). As she knows family is important for her clients she also makes sure to cover what nutrients kids need. 


Sarah will create easy recipes and also give a shopping list that the whole family will enjoy. She also covers how to buy for the season and get discounts and save money as many single moms have a tight budget or at least want to save money. 


Sarah will give her best tools and tips on how to make 7 days of meal prep fun in just one hour. She will cover how to make this cooking process easy and fun, what equipment to use, and also how to include the children to create future healthy habits. 


Sarah knows people love bonuses so that’s why she will add extra material like

  • How to get more energy or lose weight with meal prepping
  • 3 healthy easy snacks your kids will love
  • How to make your stubborn kids eat vegetables

Bonuses are f*cking smart because they give value but also give a little appetizer of what Sarah's other future profitable online courses will be about.

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➡️A Secret Facebook Group (BEST FREE OPTION)

Many millionaire coaches are STILL using FB groups as their course platform, so it's a great option for profitable online courses! 

It works like this: you create a Facebook group and make it into a social learning group to access these special features.

You create a free account and share the link to the course folder. This only works if your course is smaller than 2GB. 


With paid options, you will get more features, more tools, and most important - more security. Most of the platforms have a 14-day free trial, so you can try them out before you commit.

They cost between $15 to $199 a month depending on what level you choose. You will pay for the GB space most of the time, so if your course has a shit ton of high-quality material, you will need to choose a higher payment plan. 

1. Simplero (the software I use)

2. Kajabi

3. Teachable

4. Thinkific

5. Mighty Networks

6. Circle.co 

7. Kartra

8. Shopify

9. HeartBeat


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Did you know that you can promote your course on social media for FREE using organic attraction marketing?

You don’t need to invest in expensive advertising to explode your sales and create profitable online courses. At least not if you know how to create good f*cking content that will inspire people to sign up for your programs.

👉Write a freebie like an ebook or video series and offer it for free. Collect people's email addresses and have a call to action to buy your course.

👉Create a free webinar where you sell the course at the end.

👉Write educational blog posts and end them with a call to action for your online course.

👉Post your blog posts in niche-related Facebook groups.

👉Post TikTok videos that solve people's problems and add the link to your course in the bio.

👉Schedule your posts so you are supporting your community automatically and consistently without being physically on social media (this is the key to creating passive income and making money in your sleep).

I believe TikTok is still the best platform to find a lot of ideal followers and clients fast. On my second account, I gained $10,000 followers from just one viral video in 24 hours.

Example: Sarah is creating a TikTok account and is posting consistently 3 times a day. She makes sure that she is posting videos that solve her ideal clients' (busy single moms) problems.  🥦🥕🥗

Titles for her videos could be...

  • 3 healthy recipes for busy moms
  • How to stay healthy even if you’re a busy mom
  • How to get your stubborn kids to eat more fiber
  • 3 signs you’re lacking these nutrients as a busy mom
  • 5 fun activities with your kids to help you lose weight
  • How to lose stubborn baby weight kilos with meal prep

This type of content will attract her ideal clients. She will be the to go girl for busy moms who want to be healthy. They trust her because of her great free content so they will happily sign up for her paid courses and programs in the future.

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✅ What online courses sell well?

Some of the most profitable online course topics (that I predict will EXPLODE next year) are:

  • Twin flame Relationships
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • High-ticket affiliate marketing
  • ADHD: The Entrepreneur's Superpower
  • How to grow an audience on Threads 🧵

Is online education profitable? 

According to Forbes: Research and Markets forecasts the online education market as a $350 billion by 2025. More people are realizing that they don't need a college degree and $50K+ in student loan debt to create a career and make good $$$. 

Can you really make money from online courses? 

YES! I make between $1,000-$2,000 every day from selling profitable online courses. That's 90% of my passive income! By sharing your knowledge with a wide audience, you can generate revenue while you sleep. 

How successful are online courses?

E-Learning just got a major upgrade since the pandemic. We have seen more popularity in online courses because they offer flexibility, allowing learners to study at their own pace, and convenience. Courses and micro offers are also a kickass way to "warm up" your audience for your high-ticket programs later on. 


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