How Sexual Energy Can Help You Heal & Get Your Twin Flame Back


When you try to manifest love but are not in contact with your sexual energy, your intentions will not be manifested -- no matter how much you desire a reunion to happen.

Sexual energy contains strong manifestation power; and by repressing it, you’re shooting yourself in the foot.

I received this question about sexual energy on my private fb group:

"Hi, Viona. 

Sometime during this manifesting Journey we feel that we are vibrating in sexual energy. What I feel today without any reason, or any relationship, as I am in a separation phase, is that I am vibrating in sexual energy.

I’m feeling sensual and peaceful. It seems that I am complete.

Goddess, I wish to understand what this means and why I am feeling this good?”

Sexual energy is not linked to a man, not even to your Twin Flame. It’s something you can tap into whenever you like and as you please.

Sexual energy is a re-birthing energy and stands for CREATION.

When sexual energy is repressed, it leads to self doubt and an imbalance in the energy of intuition -- for example, you’ll have an overload of ideas that you can’t seem to get off the ground.

When we let sexual energy flow we feel grounded, happy, peaceful, strong, confident, present, sensual, and alive.

So you are right in saying you feel complete when you let sexual energy flow -- because suppressing it leads to a feeling of ABSENCE; and you can only manifest when you come from a place of ABUNDANCE.



Step #1: Unblock Your Feminine Sexual Energy

Sit in meditation and imagine the walls of your vagina expanding sideways.

See a ball of light expand in your vagina.

Then imagine how another small ball of light is birthed out from the first ball and connects with your second chakra (about three inches below the navel).

See how this ball moves in a circle from the second chakra to the ball in your root chakra.

Move forward to imagine that the little ball moves from your root chakra to be connected with the third chakra.

See how it once again moves in a circle.

Repeat the same process for all 7 chakras, and continue imagining your vagina expanding sideways towards the walls.

If you feel unsure where the chakras are located you can find the chakra system on Google.

If you do this meditation every morning and evening for about 10 minutes, you will awaken and be fully connected with your Sexual Energy and your manifestation power.


Step #2: Practice Self Pleasure 

There is a very powerful way to increase the power of your intentions and that’s to infuse affirmations with intentional energy through masturbation.

A powerful technique is to build up sexual energy by self pleasuring and to reach that point in the sexual cycle called plateau phase. 

Essentially, the plateau phase is the body's way of preparing for the upcoming orgasm.

And then don't let yourself orgasm right away.

Instead, in the midst of pleasure, you channel all that sexual energy into the vision of what you want to attract into your life, what you want to embody, and who you want to be. 

And you hold that vision in your mind and you speak those affirmations and intentions out loud as you allow yourself to orgasm and to experience the pleasure and the bliss.

It’s a way of channeling extra creative energy, because sexual energy is creative energy.

It creates human beings; so if it can create the most complex of manifestations, it can definitely support you and pull in everything that you want to attract in your love life.


Step #3: Heal Your Sexual Blocks

Most women have learned that sex is shameful, dirty, and sinful.

This has led them to repress sexual energy and their manifestation power.

Sexual energy is a powerful force with unlimited healing opportunities and you can use it to heal.


When you start to build up and allow sexual energy to flow in your body, a lot of heaviness can boil up together with the sensations, like feelings of sadness, shame, and guilt. If that happens, be extra mindful.


It’s a part of the healing process and it just means that you are on the right track. 

Listen to your soul and feel the heavy emotions, without censoring or changing the feelings.

If a limiting belief comes up, such as “sex is dirty” or “men only want sex,” ask yourself when, where, and from whom you learned these beliefs.

Take care of your inner child by letting her know that she is fully safe, heard, seen and LOVED for who she is.

If you are practising self pleasuring, be sure that you MAKING LOVE TO YOURSELF -- and not just masturbating.

Remember your body is your Goddess temple, and feminine magnetism opens the gate to a deeper connection and bonding.

By making love with yourself in a way that honors your feminine sexuality, you will not only heal old energy blockages but also create the energy wave that makes your Twin Flame cherish and celebrate your body.


Step #4: Transform Anxiety Into Creativity

The key to unleashing the manifestation power in sexual energy is to CREATE something.

Anxiety is just repressed sexual energy.

When we receive tons of intuitive messages and mind blowing ideas but don’t release the energy by taking ACTION and CREATING, we will start overthinking and feeling very anxious.


This is one of the reasons why calling psychics or a friend to talk about your Twin Flame doesn’t work to ease your anxiety for more than a very short while -- you’re not releasing the energy through CREATION.


When you feel frustrated, stressed, or anxious, it’s a sign to shift focus to CREATE something.

We have already identified that self pleasure is a powerful way to channel all that energy into creating your dream life .

But creation comes in endless forms -- in passions and in hobbies like painting, sculpting, drawing, singing, journaling, dancing, scrapbooking, photographing or simply organizing at home.

Explore what you feel especially drawn to; it doesn't matter what you do as long as you create something from that sexual energy.

You can sink into your body and listen to what kind of creativity resonates best with your soul. Then take action and do it.


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Love, Viona

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