How To Reach Inner Union & Manifest A Twin Flame Reunion


To fully embody your Feminine Energy is the key to inspiring men to step up and opening your Twin Flame’s heart.

But it doesn’t mean that you are going to be in Feminine Energy all the time, every day, every second, for the rest of your life.

A balancing of our masculine and feminine energies is very important to feel WHOLE and COMPLETE so you can manifest more powerfully.

As a Twin Flame, you are destined to experience abundance on every level – Love, Money and Health.

When you are fully balanced in your masculine and feminine you will reach inner union.

You will feel 100% peaceful. And to manifest a reunion with your Twin Flame, you have to first manifest a reunion within yourself.

You see, DM (Divine Masculine) and DF (Divine Feminine) are supposed to be ONE and work as ONE.

You need them both.

According to the Law of Polarity, everything is dual – so things that appear to be opposites are actually two inseparable parts of the same thing.

The feminine energy breathes in deeply to RECEIVE as the masculine energy exhales and GIVES.

When you can stand in the fullness of your masculine power while at the same time embracing the fullness of your feminine power, allowing them both to be powerful at the same time, you will be an UNSTOPPABLE force.

If your inner “boy” and inner “girl” can’t get along, you will feel something MISSING. You will start leaning forward; and you will attract more obstacles and struggles on your Twin Flame journey.

A very firm grounding in the dynamics of masculine and feminine energy is crucial to manifesting unlimited abundance on every level in your life.


It’s the energy that:

  • holds the DOING/IDENTIFYING and is the one that supports, organizes, and structures your dreams
  • solves problems and gives you the courage to step out of your comfort zone
  • leads you forward, to create and to take what’s yours
  • gives you the motivation, the drive, the purpose, and the desire to want MORE
  • reclaims your power over what is yours and what you want to manifest
  • gives you intensified ambition and energy to move forward

If we are too much in masculine in our manifestation it means we are just going to GO GO GO without any direction while not receiving what we want.

That leads to Wounded Masculine Energy, which results in:

Chasing – leaning forward, suffering from attachments and anxieties, overthinking, focusing on problems, over-analyzing, over-giving, clinging, judging, controlling, over-protecting, distrusting, pushing, dominating, blaming and demanding. It brings on thoughts like “I’m going to screw things up” and “I’m a Fraud. ”


It’s the energy that:

  • holds the FEELINGS and that chooses, receives, allows, and accepts.
  • helps you receive whatever it is you want to manifest in your life – love, health & wealth
  • supplies the voice in the back of your mind that says create that soft spot where everything you want can land
  • connects you to the Source and guides you intuitively to the steps that need to be taken to get to what you want
  • inspires you; it’s that strong feeling that bubbles up deep inside and fuels purpose and ambition and motivation
  • cultivates synchronicity to tell you to be in the right place at the right time to receive what you want to manifest, the voice that says to “go here,” “be there,” or “you have to do this if you are going to be able to get what you want.”

 If we are too much in feminine in our manifestation it means that we can receive all of this intuitive information, but we don’t have the energy to act and claim or take the steps to move forward.

That leads to Wounded Feminine Energy, which causes:

Running – insecurity, depression, loneliness, numbness, separation, uncertainty, addiction, rejection, expectation, shame and guilt, and feelings of being drained, closed off, martyred, doubtful, shrunken, hidden, as well as thoughts like “I’m broken” and “there is something wrong with me.”



Step #1: Look At Your Current Relationships

 One of the best ways to find if we are unbalanced is to look at our relationships.

As a woman, your core essence is feminine.

  • Notice if you feel powerful in the presence of someone whose core essence is masculine.
  • Notice if your power leaves space for them to step up in their power and feel powerful in their core energy at the same time.
  • Notice if there is a balance or an imbalance and whether you tap into wounded masculine or wounded feminine in connection with someone’s core energy.

If you find an imbalance, allow yourself to connect more with the energy that needs more support and space in your life.

It’s very common that we jump between wounded masculine and wounded feminine parts. So, don’t beat yourself up to if that’s the case.

 It’s not your fault; it’s a part of the Old Paradigm, and you are up leveling to a higher dimensional frequency right now.

 With awareness, you will heal those parts of yourself. You will love and reunite with yourself, which will inspire your Twin Flame to adjust to your higher frequency as well.

He will step up as your King in Divine Masculine when you surrender in Divine Feminine as the Queen you have always been.

Step #2: Embrace Your Divine Masculine Aspects

Imagine all anxieties, thoughts, and doubts as little balls of energy in your body and feel how they move down to your pelvis.

Expand your vagina sideways.

Let it open.

Imagine the energy balls moving out of your vagina.

Feel the tension go.

This tool will completely shift your vibe, and your Twin Flame will FEEL it, because you will become more Sensual, Grounded, and Confident.

When you TRUST that you are safe, that you are rock solid inside, that you’ve got your own back, he will feel safe with you.

Break your routines by doing new things as often as you can. This will activate your divine masculine drive.

It will help you feel more brave stepping outside your comfort zone and moving forward towards your dreams.

For example – buy new clothes, cut your hair, start a new job, re-decorate at home, throw away old stuff, listen to different music, move to a new place, travel to another country, or sign up for a course.

Write down all your wildest dream and juiciest passions and start planning to make room for them in your life.

Write down 100 things you love in order to get a clearer picture of them.

Step #3: Embrace Your Divine Feminine Aspects

Decide that you will be brave in the face of your feelings. No more running, no more escaping, no more hiding.

If a man is going to change, transform his life, and give up his freedom, he has to feel SAFE with you.

 You are the love catalyst who creates a reunion, but if you can’t open your heart, he can’t open his heart.

The Old Paradigm has trained women to be terrified of their feelings.

When we feel something strong rising up inside of us, we escape the feeling by trying to put a name on it with our mind/ego and, at the same time, trying to hold the feeling back.

It makes us tense, closed off, and disconnected.

So try this instead:

When you feel a strong emotion, imagine your body as an ocean and your feelings as waves; and then decide to dive deep into them.

Close your eyes, sink into the feeling, fully surrender to it by focusing on your pelvis. Let it expand in your body.

It’s the resistance that makes you struggle. What we resist will intensify.

 But when you are embracing your feelings fully – without judging or categorizing them, but just by fully FEELING them – you will feel peaceful in seconds.

When you apply these tools, you reach inner union, manifest more powerfully and speed up the time to your Twin Flame Reunion.


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