How To Awaken Your Twin Flame & Become Who You’re Meant To Be


You might have heard this quote from Mooji before:

“Step into the fire of self-discovery. This fire will not burn you, it will only burn what you are not.”

This EXACTLY what the Twin Flame Journey is all about!

It's not easy to heal old mental blocks, limiting beliefs about yourself, and the world. It is painful because it’s suppose to help you stop identifying with earthly illusions and old stories about who you THINK you are, so you can become who you are truly meant to BE.

The Divine Feminine Energy is the Love Catalyst that creates a Reunion; and if you aren't connected to your core energy and have to learn how to love yourself unconditionally, you can't manifest a Twin Flame Reunion no matter how much you try.

He can’t remember that you’re his one and only and move closer to you if you are not vibrating on the right energy frequency.

By awakening your remembrance and stepping into your feminine power you will create that big energy wave that will awaken HIM!

But this process can be easier said than done because we LOVE to hold on to their old stories about the past.

We believe that our memories, feelings, and thoughts define who we are as a character and a person. So, we will fight to hold on to the stories of our past, because we believe losing our stories is losing our identity.

Without the identification we have through our memories, we believe that we’ll disappear and become a nobody.

Nothing could be further from the truth, but our humans parts doesn’t understand that.

So, every time we take a step outside our comfort zones and invest in a willingness to grow and stop playing small, we will experience a existential crisis.

This means that:

  • You will have a battle between your ego and soul.
  • You will feel like you are going insane.
  • You might even wonder if you are bipolar.

This is the reason why the journey is so fucking painful.

To be able to live your true Soul Purpose and reunite with your Twin Flame you have to FORGET WHO YOU ARE.

The journey requires challenging what you think is true and allowing yourself to shed layer after layer by pushing your limits more than you thought was possible.

Forgetting who you are will be the biggest battle you will face during your Twin Flame journey.

You will question yourself, others will question you, and you will feel like you are thrown naked into a snowstorm, fighting to hold on to your old identity.


1) Understand that who you think you are is just stories about your past. “You” don’t exist. Your “you” is just a suit, an avatar you are playing.

2) Understand that a memory is only a construction of your current reality, which means that you can CHOOSE a new reality.

3) Understand that ego death isn’t an end station, it’s a choice. By choosing to be present, you free yourself from earthly illusions in the moment.

4) Understand that the real question has never been “Who am I?” but “Who can I be?”

5) Understand that transformation, growth, and healing come from breaking patterns, and you can’t stretch your wings if you don’t step out of your comfort zone.

6) Understand that the mind is the source of all delusions. Don't trust your thoughts, especially not the ones that you think when you are feeling low.

7) Understand that failure is a massive part of becoming who you are, because failure helps you to recognize the areas where you need to evolve.

8) Understand that you slay your fears by constantly doing something that you normally wouldn’t do and that scares you.

9) Understand that you can’t grow and be comfortable at the same time. Shaky legs and a pounding heart mean that you are doing everything right.

10) Understand that the answer isn’t in a book; it’s the empty space between the letters. By allowing silence and spaciousness through observation of your feelings, you’ll become your own oracle.

11) Find at least one creative hobby that you LOVE doing and make time for that passion every single day. Write down 100 things you love in order to get a clearer picture of them.

12) Break your routines by doing new things as often as you can - like buying new clothes, cutting your hair, starting a new job, re-decorating at home, throwing away old stuff, listening to different music, moving to a new place, travelling to another country, or signing up for a course.

The more things you do that don’t align with the history of who you are - the better.


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