What to Do When a Client Isn't Ready to Buy Your Services

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Are you only attracting clients who are not ready?

You have heard the phrase being "emotionally unavailable" in dating but did you know that your clients can be emotionally unavailable as well?

Being emotionally unavailable means that a client isn’t ready to fully commit to your services. 

In the dating world, emotionally unavailable men can be bad boys, men who only want sex, workaholics, already married men, narcissists, etc.

In the business world, emotionally unavailable clients show up like this:



Money is powerful energy, and it mirrors the extent to which we’re committed to our dreams. $87 = low level commitment, which attracts low level results. $10K packages = high level commitment, which attracts faster and bigger results. 

If you’re constantly facing rejection and hearing that your services are too expensive, if clients are saying they can’t afford them, that they need to talk to their spouses, etc., this means that your clients are emotionally unavailable.



They are committed to downloading your free ebooks and signing up for your low effort programs, but run for the hills when it comes to the program that requires more time and commitment. 

No matter how much free content you’re putting out, no matter how many Facebook lives, articles, or blogs you make, they want more. They will continue to ask for more free sessions, more discounts, etc. You will feel exhausted, like you’re leaking energy because you’re giving more than you’re getting back. 


You are constantly ghosted on calls (the client doesn’t show up or cancels at the last minute), or they message you and then disappear when they hear your prices.  

They are afraid to be seen and heard because of abandonment or rejection issues. They are terrified to trust anyone, and they don’t feel worthy of support in order to manifest their dreams. 

If you’re in a pattern of only attracting emotionally unavailable clients, it means that you’re, on some level, also emotionally unavailable.

Your money mindset is fucked up.

You are not ready to sell high-ticket programs because you fear that they will make you “lose” something.


➡️Maybe you’re scared that you will be EXHAUSTED by a 1:1 coaching series, and that your clients will walk all over you. Maybe it feels safer to offer only self-study programs for $87 dollars because they require zero commitment from you in return. 

➡️Maybe you have some fucked up, limiting beliefs about money, like “money is the root of all evil”, “you have to work hard for money”, “rich people are greedy and selfish”, or “it’s not spiritual to make money”.


If you have these subconscious beliefs programmed in your energy field, you will block 🙅🏻‍♀️ yourself from manifesting money. 

Your body is very smart. It will not allow you to attract anything that you believe is dangerous, whether or not that belief is fucked up. 

It doesn’t matter how many vision boards you make or how many gratitude lists you’re writing. You will manifest what your believe and feel, at your core, is RIGHT.


What you KNOW, right now, is that you have to work hard for money and that you have clients who are saying no, debts, maxed out credit cards, and an empty bank account.

To manifest what you WANT, you need to go outside your comfort zone so far that it makes you really fucking uncomfortable.

You need to download new ideas and try completely new things. 

You have to be willing to let it be fucking easy.

You have to be willing to reclaim your power.

If you want CONSISTENT CASH HIGHS, you have to create a energetic business model that can maintain the consistent highs.



➡️ Make a commitment to show up for yourself

➡️ Start eating better.

➡️ Start drinking more water.

➡️ Start sleeping better.

➡️ Start going to bed earlier.

➡️ Start waking up earlier.

➡️ Start sweating more.

➡️ Start taking a walk outside everyday.

➡️ Start having more orgasms to release tension and stress.

➡️ Start saying no to clients you don’t want to coach.

➡️ Stop ceasing to put out so much free content.

➡️ Stop overgiving, overdelivering, and oversharing.

➡️ Raise your prices to what you deserve even if it's scary.

➡️ Write 10 limiting beliefs your potential clients may have about investing in your services. 

➡️ Write 10 responses that adress your potential clients fears and solve them.

➡️ Create posts, articles and newsletters where you state the benefits of your offers.

➡️ Replace the thoughts "I need money" to "I deserve money"



How can I be better?

How can I create better offers?

How can I give better value?

And how can I have more FUN in the process?

Worry about what YOU are doing. Not what other people are doing.

You so can manifest an exploding inbox of messages from new clients eager to work with you and sell your $10K+ packages with ease while playing with your kids or sunbathing by the pool. 

Start acting, today, like it is easy to manifest money (because it is), and then your vision will become a reality in the future. 


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