Voodoo: How to Break Free from Curses and Spells Put on You

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Learn how to do the most powerful and effective circle of protection that exist!

This the ultimate defense ritual against black spells, curses, psychic attacks, voodoo, demonic forces, gossip, and negative energy.

You will feel more energized, confident and protected!


Dear Viona, I have for many years contacted my spiritual teacher who I trust completely. He said that the person who I believe is my twin is my twin but we will not get into Union. He said that we are meant to be together, but it isn’t going to happen in this lifetime because he has too much intimacy fear. It hurts so much. My teacher also said that someone has made a voodoo doll of me which is blocking me to receive love, but he can help me get all the negativity removed from my life and end all the black magic spells for a price. Is black magic real? Is it something you help with?”

I will not argue against you if you believe you have dark spell on you. And I will certainly not take money from you to remove it lol.

Here is a powerful ritual to help you remove dark spells yourself (you can also do the ritual if you just want to feel more confident and be better at setting boundaries as it's perfect for people pleasers!).

  • Sit in meditation

  • Close down your chakras (download my free chakra guide here if you don’t know what chakras are). 

  • See the chakras like lotus flowers and how they’re closing. Start from the root chakra and work yourself up.

  • See how the inside of your aura is being filled with golden sparkle light. If you see any grey or black spots that are normal and don't have to mean that it’s a black spell! 

  • Imagine how the gold washes all dark or grey spots away. I like to imagine that the golden water is filling my aura completely. Then the water slowly disappears, and all grey and dark with it out in a drain. After that, my aura is all clean and sparkles in gold. 

  • Imagine how you’re drawing a clear white protection circle around your aura. Say this “everything inside this circle stays. Nothing comes in and nothing comes out”

  • As an extra protection, call in archangel Michael and see how he puts an extra purple layer on the outside of your aura. So, now your aura sparkles in gold and purple.

  • Now for the best and most effective part! I like to imagine sharp objects like glass or knives being thrown at my aura. I notice if the sharp object can penetrate my aura, and if it can I heal it with golden water there.

  • Inspect your whole aura as we usually are weaker at the back. Don’t stop throwing sharp objects on your aura until your aura is super strong. It should be so strong that glass explodes in a million pieces when they are thrown at your aura. So nothing is supposed to come in at any places.

  • Finish the ritual by imagining this power image below. See it clearly in that colour. You can also see it move into your body and heal you on the inside.

  • I recommend you to this ritual 2 times a day - in the morning and the evening



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Love, Viona

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