What a Twin Flame Reunion REALLY Is (and How to Manifest It)

Twin Flame Reunion: A healthy exchange of masculine and feminine energy in a romantic, long-term, and committed relationship. This reunion manifests passion, fun, sensuality, connection, and safety.


A hot AF man with an engagement ring is not the solution to your dating woes. Many women are chasing their Twin Flame Reunion like it's the holy MF grail.

If you’re unfamiliar with the term Twin Flame Reunion, I don't recommend you google it. You will be overloaded with a lot of damaging advice encouraging women to chase and please men.

A Twin Flame Reunion is NOT an end station, it’s a level of self-mastery. 

The person in feminine energy sets the tone of the relationship.

If you are happy, your relationship will be happy.

If you are anxious, the whole relationship will be anxious and stressful.

Imagine what a committed relationship or marriage with your twin flame will look like if you don’t heal your fear of abandonment and rejection now:

You will:

  • Constantly fear that he’s about to leave you
  • Freak out when he’s partying with his friends
  • Feel jealous every time he’s having a conversation with another woman
  • Be too afraid to be vulnerable with him
  • Need constant assurance that he still loves you
  • Feel suspicious when he gives you gifts
  • Overthink your future together
  • Worry that he will get angry and dump you if you set any boundaries.

It’s not a pretty picture, right?

You are most likely a woman who has already invested a lot of time and money in therapy, courses, self-help books, seminars, or Yoga Ashram retreats.

I don’t care how much healing work you think you’ve done. If you’re overanalyzing why a man sent you an emoji, there is still a lot more work to be done.

You don’t have to let ANXIETY have its way with you anymore. You are in control of the reality you create.

You have the power to stop feeling shitty emotions over and over again, so you can diminish your anxiety and the problems it is causing with men.




Step 1#: Understand There Is Nothing Wrong With You 

I know this is easier said than done when endless first dates don’t lead anywhere and your relationships are falling apart no matter how much you are trying to save them, but believe me when I say it – there is nothing wrong with you! The problem is that you even think you are the problem!

When we are dealing with awful feelings of rejections in love, we handle it like most every woman on the planet does – we beat ourselves up.

We believe this false story of ourselves that the problem is us. That we are too much or too little, too ugly or too fat, too smart or too stupid for a man to possibly put up with us in the long run.

This damaging thought will not only put you into a lower frequency and make you feel unhappy and not whole, but also slow the time it will take to attract your twin flame or fix the relationship you have. And it doesn’t have to be like that!

The truth is that all confusion, drama and heartbreak are things we could have left behind us for good as teenagers, yet we’re still experiencing them as adults.

This is not your fault because there was never a "love-skills lecture" in school, and we were all taught that when the right man comes along it will magically work out.

Imagine if I said to you, “There’s no need to learn how to fly an airplane. When you find the right one, you’ll automatically know what to do.” You would tell me that I’m crazy, right?

But because of that philosophy you were trained to believe - that we could get enough knowledge of how to keep and attract a quality man by reading romantic books, watching movies and listening to love songs or by imitating others - we all seem to have the same struggles in love.

And we wonder why our relationships crash one by one!

You have never been too broken or damaged for love - you were only trained, like everyone else, to handle men and relationships in ways that work TOTALLY against you.

You grew up with society's limited approach and got completely the wrong tools, but that also means that your love life can be fixed EASILY with the right tools!

Step 2#: Understand What Men REALLY Want

As much as feminism has brought us equality in the world - when it comes to love, we are still old school.

To build and maintain attraction there needs to be a healthy balance between feminine and masculine energy.

That means it’s the man’s job to move a relationship forward, and your job as a woman to do NOTHING!

If you are the one who is calling and texting, giving him presents or thoughtful advice, asking him if you can come over, packing his lunchbox, driving to his place, paying for the dates or trying to figure out what’s going on in your relationship – you are in masculine energy.

When you are in masculine energy, you are chasing him without knowing it.

I know you are thinking you are sweet and nice, but it turns him off!

In short, when you are in masculine energy, you kill all possible attraction he can feel for you.

He can’t help it and he might not understand it himself, but the more you are doing and giving, planning and thinking he will withdraw.

When you are in feminine energy, he will text you, call you, spend more time with you, commit to you, and love you forever.

So, what does it mean to be a woman in feminine energy?

It means that if you are dating it’s his job to call and text you, make plans, take you out for dates and bring up the relationship talk like “Where is this going?” or “Do you want to be my girlfriend?”.

It means that if you are in a committed relationship, it is your man’s job to bring up the topic of marriage and propose to you.

It means that going crazy trying to figure out how to make him want to change his Facebook status from “Single” to “In a relationship” or “Married” has never been your job – it’s his!

Your first steps are to apply The No Contact Rule and Lean Back so you can start to undo all damage between you so far!

Step 3#: Understand That You Are More Powerful Than You Think

When it comes to building and keeping long-lasting attraction and romantic love, you are a man’s target, and not the other way around.

You are the queen he wants to surrender to!

As a Queen, your life is your empire and a man will do everything in his power to make you notice him and impress you because of the way you make him feel.

That means that how you feel about yourself is in direct proportion to how much a man is willing to cross the ocean and fight to win your heart.

The moment you think that a special man is the answer of all your prayers you are putting him on a pedestal and putting your own happiness into his hands.

There’s a big difference between sitting on a throne and standing on a pedestal. And the principle is harsh but simple - as soon as you put him up there he is looking down on you!

He can’t help it!

You value him more greatly than yourself and this icky feeling will make him withdraw from you more and more because it feels clingy and desperate.

No man likes to be on a pedestal (except narcissists) and the higher up you persist in putting him, the harder the fall will be when he breaks loose.

By thinking thoughts like “I don’t deserve him” or “no other man can make me feel the way he made me feel,” you are no longer a Queen - you are a servant.

He has become the center of your world, and believe it or not, no man wants that. He might like all the sweet things you do or say, and he will be fond of you, but you will not inspire him to tear apart the world to claim you to be his forever.

When you feel like you are the lucky one to have him, you don’t have your throne anymore.

A Queen leans back on her throne and lets attendants come and go until she finds the one worthy enough to reign with her, side by side, on her seat of power.

When you feel the urgency to “do something” with a man you like, just STOP and remind yourself that you are the Queen and he is auditioning to be your king, not the other way around.

Become a Queen in his eyes today by stop all people pleasing behaviors and instead improve your self-worth so you can your twin flame back in ultraspeed.


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