How to Manifest Anything You Want: The Most Powerful Law of Attraction Secret

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Have you ever wondered why people who are living in the “shadow” (exhibiting manipulative or even narcissistic behaviors) can manifest abundance -- but you as a giving, positive and light person have to struggle?

Here you are - doing TONS of inner work, creating vision boards, writing gratitude lists, thinking positively, listening and supporting others -- and you receive NOTHING from the universe in return.

It feels unfair, doesn’t it?

Why does the universe “reward” people who take advantage of others by lying, cheating, manipulating, or abusing?

This was a topic that bugged me for many years.


I just couldn’t understand why some people who, in my opinion, didn’t deserve to have their intentions manifested had no problem manifesting whatever they wanted. But me, who was so giving and nice, had to struggle to pay my rent or even graduate to a second date with men.  

One day, I discovered the truth; and that’s what I’m going to reveal to you now.

The key to powerful manifestation DOESN’T lie in feeling grateful or thinking positively.

Yes, those are parts of it, but not the most important parts.

If that were the case, psychopaths wouldn’t be able to manifest money (which is powerful energy), because psychopaths are incapable of feeling empathy and therefore gratitude.

They have a “darker” mindset, with which they judge and look down on other people and see them as stupid and weak.

...And even so, they manifest very powerfully their intentions day and night without problems.

Do I even have to mention Donald Trump?!

So, what do these people have that you don’t have?


They FEEL 100% worthy.

People with certain psychopathic disorders see themselves as superior, like they are MORE than other people; and they don’t question if they are worthy of what they want. They just KNOW they are.

They might SAY they don’t feel good enough (as a manipulation technique that will soften your boundaries so you will GIVE them what they want) - but deep inside they never question their worth.

Psychopaths don’t care what other people think about them, because in their eyes they have evolved and are ABOVE other people.

They don’t believe in a higher power -- they believe they ARE the higher power.

And this is valuable information that will help you manifest a Twin Flame Reunion.

Many spiritual people are struggling to manifest what they want because they still believe that the solution is on the OUTSIDE.

They still believe that the universe is full of guides and angels or that God is some kind of Gandalf with a long white beard in heaven.

Having a mindset like that is limiting and makes you FEEL powerless because you see the universe as a power that is GIVEN to you instead of something you already POSSESS.

You ARE the universe.
You are a powerful creator.
You are your own oracle.
You are GOD.

Lightworkers are afraid to see this truth, because we have experienced so much pain in the past; we have been taken advantage by others, so we feel they are more powerful.

We have learned to associate power with PAIN.
We have learned that power is a BAD thing.
We have learned that power makes ourselves or other people SUFFER.

We FEAR our own power and choose to stay in our comfort zone, feeling miserable, complaining, nagging, and blaming instead of taking divine actions towards our dreams.

Now, there are ways to unleash strong manifestations without taking a “darker” road, without taking advantage of other people or hurting them.

You can be a loving, beautifully positive, light person and STILL live a life where you manifest all the abundance you want - Wealth, Health and Love.


Step #1: Listen To Your Anger

When you feel angry, DON’T suppress it, sugarcoat it, “jump” over it, or stuff it down by smiling and saying that you are “fine.”

Anger is a powerful feeling that helps you move forward; and if you are scared of your anger, you are scared of your own power.

You have learned that something “bad” will happen when someone is angry, that someone will take your power away from you. You need to heal that wound. 

Your anger deserves to be seen and heard by you. So allow space for it to just BE as it is without changing it.

Decide to have an open and curious mindset, and let anger expand fully in your body when you are experiencing it.

Close your eyes, sink into it, and feel this red energy pumping inside you.

Feel how it moves in your veins, gives life to your organs, and makes your heart beat louder.

Repeat to yourself:

“I hear you anger. You help me see my worth and manifest more powerfully. I am open to receiving the message you want me to have, to experiencing more abundance in my life”

The more you practice feeling your anger when you are experiencing it, the less you will feel so scared of it.

And as a BONUS you will also stop attracting men who are passive-aggressive or abusive.

Their purpose in your life has been to remind you of your own anger and manifestation power. So now that you have received that message - there is no reason for them to come into your life anymore.

Step #2: Remember Your Worth 

As I have already said -- they key to powerful manifestation is strong self worth.

Your anger goes hand in hand with your self-respect.

When we have given too much of ourselves and don’t value our own needs first, we will feel angry and resentful.

Anger guides you to see in what areas you need to make an energetic boundary; then you can find the strength and power to transform your life by taking ACTIONS. 

That’s why anger contains such strong manifestation energy and why we feel more powerful when we are angry.

The universe works like a restaurant, and if you don’t speak up about the burnt food, the hair in your dessert, or the rude service, the kitchen will just keep sending crappy dishes.

That’s why you will attract a lot of “crappy” men in the beginning, when you decide you are ready to meet your Twin Flame and you start to date.

Many women blame themselves when this happens, because they believe it’s their “bad” vibe that is attracting these men.

It’s not.

This is a very important stage of growth, and the Key is to say NO and not settle for less then you want. Own your worth.

Remember, even a high value woman goes on bad dates sometimes, but she chooses to get out of there before she gets emotionally invested.

Bad dates and poor behaviors from men will appear in the beginning of your dating experience, because they’re the perfect training for you to make boundaries and to build strong self worth so you can manifest what you want more quickly.

Remember, you are the trophy and the PRIZE and you have the right to be completely ruthless in your actions and filter out people who don’t deserve to be in your life.

Step #3: Step Out From Your Comfort Zone

There have been a lot of studies on people with psychopathic disorders that have shown that they don’t experience fear in the same way we do.

They don’t feel guilt or shame, which are the most common human FEARS we are experiencing - the fear that we have done something wrong (guilt) or the fear that we are wrong (shame).

To manifest more powerfully, you need to tackle your fears in a way that empowers you instead of paralyzes you.

You have to understand that every time you try something different and go after your dreams, goals, and passions, you will feel scared.

That’s because you are taking a step out of your comfort zone, and that step triggers your fears and the painful memories associated with those fears.

Decide that you will not let fear run you and that you will do what you want to do anyway -- no matter how scary it seems.

Sink into the fear you are experiencing, like you did with the anger, and then repeat to yourself:

“I hear you, fearful part. I know you think that playing small will keep us safe and that you only want to protect me. Thank you for letting me know what you feel. I know this is hard for you. However, I’ve got your back; I’ll take care of you and I will take you with me. I promise you we will fix this.”

And then keep on going toward your dreams.

Step #4: Trust That You Are Your Own Oracle 

I invite you to collect all the pendulums, oracle cards, and tarot cards you have at home and throw them out.

I totally understand if that feels hard for you -- then keep them at a friend’s house.

The second thing I invite you to do is to call your phone company and make sure that you can’t call psychic hotlines anymore.

You need to break this addiction to seeking answers on the OUTSIDE, because everything you need is INSIDE you.

Also, you need to stop seeking constant validation from others who your ego believes are a more “reliable source” than yourself. This is dangerously lowering your self esteem.

Yes, we need people who can mirror back our own power and help us see our blind spots, but we never need someone to tell us what we need to do.

No even me.

And I seriously invite you to stop following me and not apply my tools if you don’t feel a resonance with them.

Trust yourself.
Trust that you have the power.
Trust that you can’t mess up.
Trust that you always know what to do.

Trust that you will have what you want, and that your Twin Flame is out here.

Trust that you are a Love Diva and that you are worthy of abundance on every fucking level possible.


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