What The Twin Flame Mission Is And How To Succeed


I often hear women claim that they do love themselves.

They have done the "inner work" like invested a lot of energy and money in therapy, training programs, webinars, self-books, and workshops.

But usually, when we dig deeper into their wounds during a session, they realize that they only love some parts.

You have been taught that feelings like happiness, joy, and peace are “OKAY,” and feelings like guilt, anger, frustration, shame and sadness are “NOT OKAY.”

You’ve learned that saying “yes” is OKAY, but saying “no” is NOT OKAY. This is what you need to unlearn.

You have learned that you get attention and love when you smile and are happy. And you’ve learned that being sad and angry makes people uncomfortable… so you hide those parts.

To add more confusion, you have also “learned” that you “attract bad things” with your “bad” feelings and thoughts; that the Universe will punish and test you with challenging situations if you are not a “light positive” person.

These illusions that exist about the law of attraction are not only FALSE, but also DAMAGING for our self esteem and evolution.

I invite you to remember the truth...

You are trained to believe that you should only love some parts of you. You’ve “learned” that emotions and sensations which don’t fit society’s standards must be abandoned, criticized and neglected.

This concept has fueled the idea that there is something wrong with you, and that only HALF of you is worthy of love - which is the true reason you feel incomplete and broken!

Your shadow is worthy of the same attention and love.

Your darkness is just as beautiful as your light.

Your shadow deserves to be seen and heard and witnessed -- by you, and by anyone you feel is in a place to honor and celebrate all parts of you. The Universe only asks you to be conscious and authentic.

Your mission as a Twin Flame has always been, and always will be, to learn how to love yourself UNCONDITIONALLY.

By remembering where you came from, accepting and loving ALL of yourself, you will be able to manifest unlimited abundance - Love, Wealth and Health.

Also, by tapping into the full potential of your life purpose, you will mirror the universe’s light and inspire and motivate others to HEAL and manifest their dreams as well!

As a twin, you have always been meant for MORE

More Pleasure.
More Joy.
More Passion.
More Magic.

The universe doesn't want you to struggle so hard to "figure it out," work endlessly in a job you hate, or feel like men and relationships are the biggest mysteries on the planet, because that is not what living a life with purpose looks like!

When you shift from LACK mode to ABUNDANCE mode you will have everything you want - but the first step is to learn how to love yourself fully.


Step 1#: See “Icky” Feelings As Divine Messages

We usually have no problem accepting and feeling our “light” feelings like joy, happiness and peace.

We resist what we believe are “negative” emotions.

Catch yourself when you try to sugarcoat or suppress your true feelings.

Begin to see all parts of yourself (even the icky ones) as inner children with important messages.

Every emotion and every thought is a part of you that’s been calling out for your attention for a long time to help you heal.

See your feelings as little mini “you”s in different ages.

Make a board with photos of yourself from early ages (0-7 years) and connect with it every day.

This will naturally help you feel more self-compassionate, so you can observe your feelings instead of drowning in or fighting them.

Step 2#: Do Shadow Work

Sit down and really feel the feelings you’re experiencing no matter what.

If you are sad, I invite you to be even more sad.

If you are frustrated and angry, allow yourself to be even MORE frustrated and angry.

Allow ALL parts of you to be seen and heard and loved and not just the ones society labels as “good.”

Let the feelings expand and build in your body, and flow around your body (maybe first you feel sorrow in your chest, then fear in your belly, next anger in your pelvis…)

By fully allowing yourself to feel your true feelings, without changing them or censoring them, you instantly step into the frequency of unconditional love.

Step 3#: Connect To The Source Through Journaling

Go to a store and pick the most beautiful journal that resonates with you.

Start building a relationship with the universe by writing your questions, then keep your pen moving as you record whatever comes to mind next.

This is where you will find the answers, like:

  • Who am I?
  • Who do I want to be?
  • What am I meant to do with my life?
  • What's my unique calling?
  • What is my purpose?

These questions are what all of us must give time and attention to until we are certain.

Also, there is a feeling of coming home when you are journaling and an INCREDIBLE amount of healing is available in the release.

You are letting go of what will come as you let the pen move as it wants on the paper.

You will learn to trust your intuition.

You have everything you need inside. You have all the answers.

There is no need to call a psychic hotline or draw an angel card.

Because you are your own Oracle.


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Love, Viona

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