How to Stop Twin Flame Obsession by Deleting the Text Thread


Deleting your Twin Flame's number is nothing.

But when you are about to finally delete the text thread… that’s where FEAR comes in.

During a separation phase, the text thread feels Iike a safety net.

You feel crazy waiting for him to come back.

You feel you’re starving for attention and affection.

So you find comfort in obsessively rereading the text thread over and over. It’s painful, but it also feels good to open the memory box again and suck out the light and love from the few loving texts he sent.

It feels hard to delete the only visual “proof” you have of the existence of the relationship. You may feel that by deleting the text thread, you are deleting the contact.

If you can relate to this, you are not alone. As with many of the women I coach (and I was there too!), you are clinging to the crumbs he threw you in the past, the way a drowning person clings to a lifebuoy.

If you’ve completely lost your power, forgotten that you are a goddess (and that you deserve the whole buffet and not just crumbs!), you can’t think your way out of this.

The only way you can manifest reunion is by connecting with your TRUE FEELINGS.

If you continue trying to escape the pain of separation, if you continue to be attached and obsessed – you will never get what you want.

This is because your vibe is needy, desperate and “hungry” — and I’m sorry to tell you this, but there is no man on the planet that feels attracted to that kind of vibe.

It’s too heavy, it’s feels suffocating and like he can’t breathe.

Because we are all connected, he will pick up your anxious vibe telepathically, reducing his desire to see you again.

To make your man realize you are his One and Only -- to get him to step up and give you the love and attention you deserve -- you need to change your mindset from LACK to ABUNDANCE.

You need to know how to fill your own energy tank so you will not be attached to him or be addicted to his energy to feel happy.


Step #1: Decide To Be Brave

Your fear comes from the uncertainty of the outcome. If he is your true Twin Flame, he is sure to come back.

But he simply can’t come if you are attached and obsessed.

Just like throwing out candy on a diet, you need to throw him out of your phone… for now.

Remind yourself that there will be plenty more text messages in the future.

Take a deep breath and just do it.

Step #2: Save It Somewhere Out Of Reach

If you just can’t bear to delete the text thread, honor the part of you that feels it’s too hard.

So start in baby steps: for example, screenshot the text messages and save them somewhere you can’t access for a long time, like a friend’s drobox.

When you break your addiction to rereading the text messages, you show yourself that you can do it.

This builds your trust in yourself.

In time, it will be much easier to delete them.

This action helps you lean back and step into the frequency of detachment.

Step #3: Get Busy With Things You Love

Make a list of a hundred things you LOVE to do and start immediately doing things from that list all the time!

Name your favorite music, authors, movies, books, passions and hobbies.

Be specific about what makes your flame spark inside you, and make sure you do things from the list several times a day.

Trick your mind by filling the void in your life with thoughts and activities that help you feel GOOD.

If you become bored, your obsessive thoughts will kick in and make you feel worse.

This step will help you naturally feel happy, peaceful and open -- which is the feminine shift needed for him to come to you!

Let me know how this works for you.


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