The Truth About The Twin Flame Journey & How to End Suffering


Do you love a man who is ‘emotionally unavailable’?

Is he ghosting, blocking, and ignoring you right now?

Do you experience intense, sexual chemistry with him?

Does your relationship feel like an emotional rollercoaster?

Do you stalk his social media pages?

Are you unable to get him out of your mind?

Are all of your girlfriends telling you to "just get over him"?

Do you keep seeing 111 or 11:11 everywhere?

If so, you might be on a roll of your life called The Twin Flame Journey.

The signs you are experiencing are not proof that you have met your true Twin Flame. Many women experience these signs above with a false Twin flame. But the signs are a proof that your psychic super powers are awakening. 

You can't really know if man is your true twin flame or false twin flame until you have healed your emotional triggers and reconnected with your Empowered Feminine Energy.

So, what is the purpose with The Twin Flame Journey?

The Twin Flame Journey is meant to shake you awake. It’s meant to help you remember where you came from so you can bring back all missing soul pieces. It’s meant to show you how a healthy exchange of empowered feminine and masculine energy is suppose to be played out in a healthy romantic relationship.

But after all the longing, waiting, healing and painful lessons, this journey can feel more like a curse than a blessing.

It can feel like our whole life is a struggle.

So, why do we feel all this suffering?

The answer is that you are in Dimension 7 and caught in the illusion. 7D connects the soul to the subconscious mind and that is the reason we feel life is a struggle. Dimension 7 exists to help you be aware of your shadow, expose the ego, and conquer your fears so you can strengthen your mind and grow to your soul’s fullest potential.

And because humans doesn’t want to feel uncomfortable feelings or pain – we suppress them instead.

That’s how your subconscious can overpower your conscious.

Your subconscious is a very powerful thing. It’s like a huge memory bank – virtually perfect and unlimited.

It permanently stores everything that ever happens to you, in this life (childhood memories), past lives (reincarnations on earth) and also multiple lives (reincarnations in other dimensions).


If you are not aware of your subconscious mind and you’re in 7D, your soul can’t feel the difference between past events vs. the present moment. It will instead make you EXPERIENCE PAST PAIN in the present moment.

When you are not aware you will subconsciously choose situations that mirror the pain from the past.

That is why we talk about “daddy issues.”

Many women who haven’t been loved unconditionally by their parents will subconsciously choose lifepartners that can’t love them either.

If you dad was not around and was closed off emotionally, you will fall in love with men who are not texting or calling you, forget your birthday, aren’t in love with you.

If you have been through traumas where you felt out of control and haven’t healed them, you will not be able to enjoy the present moment. This is called post-traumatic stress disorder (PSTD) which means that your subconscious mind repeats the old memories like a broken record.

Dimension 7 will take over your whole life and turn everything into a struggle.

It can all stop in a second when you become aware.

We suffer when we are not aware, because when we are unaware, we are slaves to our subconscious.

The moment we become aware, we have a choice.

We can choose to not act from our subconscious mind and instead choose to see things differently… which enables us to choose a new path.

We can choose a path that doesn’t lead to more pain and suffering.

We can choose to ask for help.

We can choose to step out from dimension 7 and instead charge ourselves with energy and love by connecting with the other dimensions.

By remembering where we came from and that we have a choice, we will feel free. This is how we can stop the illusion of suffering.


Step #1: Be Aware Of Your Thoughts

Life is not supposed to feel like a struggle, so the moment you think that thought, catch it.

Step back and look at this thought.

Remind yourself that you are caught in a 7D illusion and your subconscious mind is playing tricks on you.

What you are thinking is not true.

Remind yourself that you are not your thoughts and that you don’t have to believe all the nasty thoughts that come up.

By simply being aware of where you are, you are stepping out from this dimension.

Step #2: Be Present In The Moment

Are you reading this article on your phone or computer screen?

Now touch it, slowly move your fingers around on the phone or computer.

How does it feel in your fingers? What body sensations runs through your hands?

Does it feel

cold, hard, smooth, warm etc?

Select one sensation that feels right for you.

Breathe slowly (close your eyes if you want to) and let this present body sensation expand fully.

Being present in stillness in your own body is a very powerful experience.

Step #3: Find Your True Feelings

Now sink deeper into your body.

Put your entire focus on your stomach and ask yourself: “...what am I really feeling?”

See your current emotion as a important messenger. Give it permission to be the way it wants to be. Don’t judge or try to change it, just feel it.

Imagine your emotion as a child. Is this child feeling afraid, playful, sad, happy, angry? See how you can hug, nurture and love it.

When you have validated one feeling, sink in deeper and do the same process with every other feeling that wants to come through.

Step #4: Live Your Soul Purpose

You were not born to be depressed over a man.

You were born to experience love, pleasure and joy.

It’s easier than you think to know what your soul purpose is.

Ask yourself what will light a spark in your eyes.

Make a list of 100 things you love.

Write down your favorite colors, movies, books, songs, what you love to do as a passion.

When you are feeling low, immediately do something from your list. Your list is a safety net that can help you stop all the your nasty thoughts from draining your energy. You can erase the illusion that life is a struggle.

When you’re feeling very present with the emotions that show up in your body moment by moment, you shift your vibe and instantly become very attractive to the right man (your Twin Flame).

Practicing to become body-present will help you connect with your soul and feel life is easy and wonderful.


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