How To Get The Spark Back When Your Twin Flame Says The Attraction Is Gone


The key to a man’s heart is knowing how to keep the attraction STRONG.

Society tells us to put a lot of focus on physical attraction, but what matters in the long run are your skills in creating intense “emotional attraction” with a man.

Emotional attraction goes beyond physical attraction.

It’s what gets him yearning for you at a very deep level – to the point where he must have you in his life for good, and he’ll do anything in his power for it to happen.

When the emotional attraction is injured, a relationship goes downhill fast.

That is what happened to Marianne who sent me this email:

“My husband says he loves me but he is no longer attracted to me and doesn’t feel that we have much in common anymore. He says I don’t give him an opportunity to breathe.

Viona, I beg you to make him open up and remember that we are Twins.

He is not in touch with his feelings and doesn’t know what he wants.

When he rejects me, I feel worried and it feels like I’m pushing him. But no matter how hard I try to get us connected again, he keeps pulling away.

I wonder if I’m screwing everything up and handling it the wrong way, but I can’t help it. This anxiety I’m feeling is so terrible. It feels like a dagger through my heart.

What can I do? He will leave me if this continues.

Right now, you need to understand that the distance between you is crucial, much needed, and is your absolute best shot for healing everything that has corroded your relationship.

Your husband can’t remember that you are twins if you are forever pushing him.

A Twin Flame Reunion and Sacred Relationship is based on a healthy balance of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energy.

When the energy is unbalanced, the emotional attraction goes away and he will not be able to feel or hear you. He simply “forgets” you’re his twin.

It doesn’t matter that you are brought together by destiny, that you have been reincarnated for centuries or what divine mission you have in this life path.

You are never “safe” just because you reach reunion with your Twin Flame – even in divine relationships we need to take a stand for Love every single day.

If we keep on doing subconscious damage and killing the attraction, it doesn’t matter if we are married  – the joy and “juice” will fade away.

When a woman is controlling, pushing and telling a man what he thinks or feel or what he should do – he will become a runner. He will shut down, withdraw and take space.

The Divine Feminine is the lighthouse for the man and not the other way around -- which means that the powerful one here is

You can heal every harsh word, all the arguments, fights and drama in your marriage, get the spark back and make him see you as a goddess again.

And it can happen fast.

Just because the attraction isn’t currently being “felt,” doesn’t mean it’s not there.

It is EASY to restore the attraction with a Twin!


Step #1: Take A Big Step Back From Him

He will not leave you if you let go. He will leave you if you don’t.

Letting go is not the same thing as giving up. It’s about releasing “control.”

So, put one foot behind the other and literally take a step back and don’t talk. Don’t ask, don’t start discussions, don’t try to “fix” anything.

You can’t make him feel attracted to you again by talking and trying to solve it because talking is the wounded masculine trying to control.

Don’t talk about the relationship, don’t talk about what you think, and don’t tell him what he should do. Put your hand on your mouth, bite your tongue, or leave the room if you feel the need.

Instead, start listening to him with full attention so healing can take place.

Step #2: Really Feel Your Feelings

Right now, you’re focusing all your energy trying to figure out what he feels or thinks -- and that doesn’t work.

Instead, you need to get inside your soul and focus all your energy on what YOU feel.

When you feel anxious -- go deep within, focus on your stomach, and feel the dagger in your heart.

It won’t kill you to allow yourself this experience. In fact, this is your best shot at healing the relationship and your heart:

Imagine your anxiety as an ice block over a steaming river of your true emotions. Let this ice break and let all feelings flow under it.

If you feel angry – stamp the floor. If tears come up – perfect. Feel everything and accept everything that boils up. Every thought and feeling is important and deserves the same love and compassion inside your open heart.

They’re part of you, and all of you is worthy of love.

Step #3: Express What You Truly Feel

Talking and expressing are two different things.

Expressing vulnerability is the part that can feel very scary: saying out loud what you feel, want and need.

You are programmed with the illusion that man can’t stand feelings, which is not only a lie but also most likely the real reason the attraction is off. He needs you to be brave enough to show him the feelings inside your truest heart.

It doesn’t matter what you say if your words don’t MATCH your true feelings.

If you say what you think he wants to hear, it will kill your self esteem and make you drift away further from each other.

By saying out loud what you truly feel, you will gain more confidence and feel more powerful. This will soften your vibe, and the tension between you will fade away.

Lean your body back, open your heart and say out loud: “I feel…” Finish the sentence by filling in the emotion (sad, mad, glad, afraid…) or sensation (cold, hot, tense, relaxed, heaviness, butterflies…)

Step #4: Leave The Home As Often As You Can

Keep your ego and all thoughts busy by doing things that put your conscious mind in the present moment.

Heal yourself by laughing and smiling. Receive energy from other sources.

Meet friends (be sure to not talk about him),  go to the spa, meditate, do yoga and make room for creativity like painting, writing, singing or dancing. Schedule everything down in your notebook.

This will redirect your thought patterns and help you get out of the rut of obsessing over him. You’ll have something else to focus on than wondering what he is thinking or feeling.

This will make you lean back and feel more relaxed and happy -- and that gets the spark back between you.

I would LOVE to know how these 4 steps are working for you!


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Love, Viona

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