How to Make a Cold Twin Flame Hot Again


If you feel like you are on a roller coaster with a Twin Flame who blows hot and cold, who is all over you one moment and then ignores you the next, I know how awful that feels.

I remember that shaky feeling of uncertainty, and how needy and desperate it made me feel.

Some days I was up in the air, dancing on pink clouds of all the sweet things he’d said and done.

Other days I felt devastated because he didn’t show up on our date and barely answered my texts.

One minute he was on, and the next day he was off.

One week we could talk on the phone for hours, texting nonstop, seeing each other almost every day and the next week…


Not even a “good morning” or “good night” message.

It was like he was dead and I sometimes actually felt worried that he was, because it felt so strange. But even more strange was that after some days or weeks he text me again asking how I was doing like no time had passed.

Hot. Cold. Repeat.

That was the cycle and it was so CONFUSING!

Was he into me or not?!

My mind felt like it would explode with thoughts of what I might have done or said to make him ignore me.

I felt angry to be treated like that, but I stuffed it all down because I was in love with him.

When he was “on” and giving me attention and love I felt I had to capture it because I could never really know when he suddenly would be “off” again.

  • I didn’t want to complain in the rare moments he actually called, texted or asked me out.
  • I went for being nice instead because I thought that would make him fall in love with me.
  • I ignored my intuition’s whispering that he wasn’t feeling the same for me as I felt for him.

That was a too tough pill to swallow.

It is so EASY to get hooked in this cycle, and feeling so BAD when he is cold that when he is hot you feel so relieved and GOOD. 

It can really make you settle for crumbs instead for the whole deal, and focusing on the whole deal is THE KEY here!


A hot-and-cold man is in the “maybe zone,” and isn’t ready for a committed relationship (yet).

It can be for different reasons – he’s going through a breakup or a divorce, he wants to focus on his career, family problems or he might ave a deep intimacy problem that needs to be solved.

Whatever it is, he sometimes opens his heart and sometimes he is closing his heart which makes his behavior so confusing for you.

But here’s the beautiful secret…Most men are NOT hot and cold! Their behavior just FEELS hot and cold for us, and that means that it’s not too late and that you can spark his attraction for you.

There is a big difference between a withdrawn man and a hot-and-cold man.

When we understand our love patterns and what behaviors we are doing that are pushing men away, even a very “difficult” Twin Flame can change and be back in no time.


Step #1: Find Your Feelings

Find your true feelings by tuning into the sensations your body is experiencing in the present moment.

When he is “hot”, focus on how you feel when you got a call from him or when you are with him.

When he is “cold”, focus on how this distance and his sudden mood swings make you feel.

Don’t go up into your head by analyze why you are feeling the way you do, or analyzing why this man is turning hot and cold and not giving you what you want.

Remember he is free to do whatever he wants and he has every right to treat you just as poorly he wants to.

But it’s also your god given right to choose to whom you will invest energy and time: a man that treats you like a servant or a man that treats you as a queen.

When you are not swept up in fearful thoughts your intuition will kick in and you will hear the voices from your higher self easier.

You will get sensations in your body, insights and visions that will help you see clearer how you best can handle this situation.

Step #2: Face The Truth 

Here’s the thing: when a Twin Flame wants you, you will know.

He will step up by asking you out, calling you and texting you.

There are no hidden clues, mixed messages or secret codes to uncover with a Twin Flame — his actions will prove what his true feelings are.

It’s simple and easy because men do what they want ALL THE TIME.

If he isn’t calling you or asking you out, it’s probably because he doesn’t want to.

By stepping into your feminine energy and leaning back you will see his true feelings for you by noticing how much work he is willing to do.

Don’t call him, text him or ask him what he is doing or if he can meet you for a drink after work.

Just let go of the need to “make things happen” and see how this man is responding to it.

You don’t have to accuse him of anything, attack, react or dump him.

Just lower your investment in him.

If he disappears for good you will know that he wasn’t worth your time and heart.

You will know that he wasn’t your Twinflame and you saved yourself from a lot of heartbreak.


Step #3: Keep Your Options Open

When a hot and cold Twin Flame turns his back on us, we usually feel sad and frustrated by being taken for granted.

But the reason you feel like this man can come and go as he pleases is because you most likely let him.

You are too available and you take whatever crumbs he is giving you, which will hit hard on your self-esteem.

The answer to feeling worthy again is to stop waiting around for him to make plans or analyzing his feelings, and going on casual dates with several different men.

I know how challenging it is to step back and take care of yourself, but keeping your options open is the best — and most attractive — thing you can do.

To get your focus OFF him and BACK on you will help you discover who is the best, most suitable partner for you.

And the best, most suitable partner for you is your Twin Flame!

No matter how awful your situation look and how far away he is right now, you CAN inspire him to come RUNNING AFTER YOU!

When your Twin Flame sees that you’re honoring your heart, it will inspire him to honor you.

He’ll stop blowing hot-and-cold and give you the attention you deserve.

When he turns hot, answer his calls and texts sweetly and warmly, and go on dates with him when he asks you out.

And when he is cold, keep yourself as busy as you can doing things you love — and receive attention and love from other men.


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