How to Stop Thinking about Your Twin Flame


Do you have trouble getting your Twin Flame out of your head?

Do you check your phone hoping for a text message from him?

Deep inside, do you feel that no one can be compared with him or what you had together - even if you've been on dates with other nice, wonderful men?

I know how awful that feels because I’ve been there myself.

My heart pounded faster every time the phone beeped.

While I reached for the phone, I felt both nauseous and hopeful, and then so disappointed when it wasn’t from him.

I felt so stuck and I wanted to move on.

I was so tired of hurting, hoping and longing.

I felt pathetic for waiting and wanted to give other guys a chance but I didn’t felt attracted to them.

Crazy as it may sound, whenever a new man showed interest in me, I felt guilty like I was cheating on him. 

We often say that the best way to get our ex back is to start dating someone else…

But a hidden agenda never works with a man, and if we feel unhappy, it doesn’t matter how much we trying to prove the opposite on social media.

Regardless of your Facebook status, your Twin Flame can FEEL that you haven’t moved on and your mindgames makes him withdraw even more.

Thoughts are energy — that’s why we can feel when someone is thinking of us.

It’s like we’re standing outside his house and knocking on the door.

For every thought you send to him, you tap on his door.

This can add up to quite a few knocks in a day.

When we send him our energetic “knocks,” we feel powerless, clingy and desperate. 

And that’s the energy he picks up from us.

He continues to take you for granted, because why shouldn’t he?

You are still sitting on his porch. 

You haven’t really left. 

You are still waiting and hoping for him to open the door.

Your thoughts are running toward him, but he needs to feel you leaving him energetically.

That’s how you create space for him to miss you and let him figure out what he really wants with your relationship.

The less you think about him the faster it goes. 

When you are so happy and satisfied with your life that you no longer care if he comes back — wonderful things start to happen.

To stop thinking about him is THE KEY to get him back!


Step 1#: Lean Back From Him

To make a running Twin Flame come back to you and to get over someone is the exact same process.

It’s about taking a huge step BACK, seeing your worth, and trusting that the Universe has your back.

When you do that, you are allowing space for the universe to give you what you want.

We can’t change the past and we can’t know what’s going to happen in the future.

People change and men recover quickly (I promise!).

He can come back.

But he can’t come back if you don’t lean back and let go of him for now.

Apply the powerful “No Contact Rule,” which means that he is always the one to reach out first with calls and texts.

When you stop taking responsibility for the contact (which is masculine), you will inspire him to do it instead.

Also, when you feel the urgency to reach out to him, imagine an energy bubble around the two of you.

This energy bubble is your relationship. When you lean forward, he withdraws; when you lean back, he moves towards you.

Focus all your energy on leaning back, let all energy and love that you send out to him come back to yourself.

Step 2#: Get Busy With Things You Love

Now, saying to yourself that you should stop thinking about someone is like saying that you can’t eat candy – then you want it even more!

The human brain works like that: when we forbid ourselves to do something, it feels more tempting to do it.

So instead of forbidding you to do something, I want you to keep you mind so busy with other things that you DON’T HAVE TIME to think about him.

The trick is to lure your mind and keep it busy with things you love all the time so you don’t have time to think about him.

When you do this, you become naturally “hard-to-get” because when we have things in our lives we burn passionately for, we become very attractive to a man. 

It’s the same for us women: the more he appears interested in other things, the more we want him. 

Use this knowledge as a power weapon yourself! 

There is a lot of things you can do like start a new hobby, enroll in an online course, or a yoga or acting class.

Or read a very good book, see a movie that changes you, be with friends, or plan a trip to a country you always dream about.

A powerful tool is to write down 100 things you love to do to get a clearer picture, and do something from that list every day. 

Step 3#: Keep Your Options Open

No one ever believes me when I tell them that Dating increases your odds of getting back together with your Twin Flame (or attracting the man you’re truly meant for).

Here's the thing...

A high value woman keeps her options open until the right man offers the long-term commitment she wants and deserves.

She knows that her Twin Flame is a DOER and wants to be with her.

A Goddess doesn't sit in isolation loving a man who isn't ready to commit.

She knows that mindset is based on the lie of scarcity and that the right mindset is everything.

When you have a laser focus on a special man and decide that he is your Twin Flame before he claims you, your vibe will be needy, desperate and smothering -- which will push him further away.

You need to lean back to create the space for him to step up.

If you’re busy creating a life that’s full of learning, passion, and activities that are important to you -- if you’re taking care of yourself physically -- if you’re in the mode of men looking for you and being interested in you -- your Twin Flame will find you more attractive.

Dating other men is not about creating jealousy or playing games.

It's about taking care of your needs and seeing your worth.

I know how challenging this can be.

It goes against everything you’ve learned about Twin Flames and love before.

I know you are a very nice woman and you don’t want to trick anyone and that is what you feel like you are doing when you go on dates with men when your heart is with someone else.

It feels like you are cheating on your Twin Flame and that you are hurting nice men.

But men don't think like that!

When you’re brave enough to embrace this abundance of men, engage with them, and date them (instead of automatically shutting them out because you’re afraid your Twin Flame will be angry) – you invoke an abundance mindset, which is a must to manifest a Twin Flame Reunion.

Start healing your heart by opening it up to every man. Smile, flirt, and talk with guys at parties, at the gym, in bookstores or when you go for coffee.

Keep your investment level under control by chatting with other men and go on innocent coffee dates and walks.

You don't have to sleep with or even kiss another man.

Just see the dating as a chance to practise being in Feminine Energy and applying the tools like leaning back and receiving love, attention, and gifts -- and practise feeling worthy of them.


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Love, Viona

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