How to Stop Psychic Addiction That Pushes Your Twin Flame Away


Can you relate?

You’re struggling to get over your Twin Flame, but he continues to haunt you like a ghost.

You dream he’ll admit he made the biggest mistake of his life in letting you go, but nothing happens no matter how positively you visualize.

You call a psychic, medium or tarot reader several times a week to confirm that your ex still has feelings and you will get back together — but the next day, you start doubting again.

You feel exhausted from being the only one doing the work in the relationship, and you don’t understand why your man is grumpy, aloof and taking space.

You have heard of the power of Feminine Energy and radical self-love, and how these can dramatically improve your romantic relationships — but you do not seem to be able to apply it in real life and in your love life.

You feel frustrated by how dating or your relationship looks right now, but you also feel so STUCK and do not know how to change it.

If this feels familiar — whether you’re single, dating, engaged or married, hear me when I say:

Do not call a psychic / medium.

Expensive calls to psychics / mediums with discussions about what your Twin Flame knows or thinks, or about what will happen in the future, will never give you what you want in love. 

In fact, these phone calls will push him farther away from you.


Because the focus is on him and not you!

Every time you call a psychic / medium, you are trying to control the future by to make things happen or make sure it’s done the way you want.

This makes you feel distressed, stressed and worried.

And it makes your Twin Flame want to withdraw from you because your energy feels too heavy.

Don’t get me wrong: even psychics (including me) need to call psychics sometimes, for advice and support.

But there’s a big difference in having a session once a year, vs. calling a psychic / medium every day.

Every thought about him is a text, and you’re “spamming” him energetically! A man CAN feel that you talk about him or think of him no matter if you are talking to friends about him or a psychic.

How free and relaxed your Twin Flame feels to be with you is the only thing that is crucial to getting a good man to kneel and see you as his forever woman.

If you feel worried, sad, clingy and desperate — that’s the energy he’s catching off you.

This energy makes him back away FAST.

I know how you feel because for three years, I called psychic mediums almost every night to confirm that I and a special man would be together again.

Although it was so expensive to call mediums, it was worth it not to feel the anxiety and uneasiness of exercising patience.

My friends were tired that of hearing me talk about Him.

Mediums gave me comfort and support, and “understood” me and His telepathic bond.

Calling mediums gave me validation that I was not crazy to wait for Him.

My phone bills became so expensive I couldn’t afford food or rent, and I took out expensive loans.

But one day I found the powerful tools I practice and teach to my clients, and my whole love life changed on a dime.

For three years I had called mediums, prayed, visualized, thought positive, hoped, worked on myself, been patient, waited – and NOTHING happened.

But it took exactly ONE MONTH with the practice of the tools until He came back and said he finally understood what he felt for me and that he really wanted to be with me and no one else.

His transformation — from being unsure, to doing everything in his power to win me — and my continuing to work the tools — made me feel more alive, more creative and more passionate than ever.

As if this was not enough, I raised my psychic powers so strongly that I could stop calling mediums for advice and help.

Instead, I started working as a professional medium myself.


Step 1#: Start journaling or Automatic writing

Go to a store and pick the most beautiful journal and pen that resonates with you. Feel free to post a picture in the group. Now, you are going to start building a relationship with the universe by writing your questions as “love letters”.

Dear Universe, I feel lost and I wonder what I should do with this situation...

I usually write my question in small letters and receive the answer in big letters.

Keep your pen moving as you record whatever comes to mind next. If you start to feel doubts and uncertainty then write faster so you don’t have time to listen to the monkey clutter in your head.

If a thought come up like “I don’t know what to write” write that down! That will neutralize the fear of doing it “wrong” and you will start channeling and writing with a wonderful flow.

Remember, every answer you need is already within and you are going to awaken and unleash the wise feminine voice inside by journaling and automatic writing.

You will become your own Oracle.

Step 2#: Break All Psychic Addictions.

Contact your phone company and make them block you from calling paid psychic hotlines. Stop watching energy readings on YouTube. Delete oracle card apps on your phone. Collect all angel or tarot decks at home and sell them, give them to away or at least leave them at a friends house for a while.

If you really feel ready and 100% determined to transform your life and manifest a divine union with your twin flame, you need to TRUST your intuition. This is a crucial part of the the journey and the most important part!

If you are at a point where you can’t take a simple decision in your daily life without pulling a oracle card that say “yes” or “no” because of fear to choosing the wrong path, I know how that feels.

I was there myself and it’s common for many twins, but it’s a sign that it’s time to tackle your attachments to the outcome. STOP seeking constant validation from what or whom you believe is a more reliable source than yourself.  

Don’t worry. You aren’t eliminating psychic readings forever. You are just taking a step back until your attachments are under control and you feel stronger.

Step 3#: Invest In Real Support

Here's the raw truth: 

  • No amount of confirmation that you are Twin Flames and you will have a second chance from a psychic medium can ever parallel a soul-digging private coaching healing experience that actually creates the change you want.

  • No amount of self-help books, mindfulness workshops, or even years of therapy (which dwells on your past instead of focusing on the present moment) can give you the breakthroughs that come with one-to-one private coaching.

The energy in a private healing session helps you understand and release the deep unconscious patterns and huge fears that hold you back in more ways than you realize. 

There’s something really empowering about experiencing those releases and breakthroughs in the presence of a supportive mentor who deeply understands your struggles, cheers you on and believes in you. 

If you feel ready for support, reach out to me and we will make it happen.

If your budget is tight I recommend you to start with a powerful self-study program to work through your blocks.

Remember, it’s never too late to reconnect with your man’s heart and fire up the attraction he feels for you.

You can still get him back! 


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Love, Viona

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