How to Tell If You've Found Your Twin Flame


A real twin flame relationship (also called twin flame reunion) means that there are a healthy exchange of divine feminine and divine masculine energy.

This means that the relationship will be easy going, very happy filled with a lot of support, loyality, respect and attention.

You never feel insecure, are doubting, or are jealous. All this kind of drama don't exist, or at least it exist only on a very small level in this relationship.

If you are facing a lot of drama, seperation, heartbreak, it means that you're most likley you're dating a false twin flame.

However, if you are not in your divine feminine energy and you're overanalyzing, you're anxious, insecure and needy, then your true Twin flame can BEHAVE like a false twin flame and seperate from you ghosting you, blocking you, and ignoring you.

The only way to know for sure if you are in a true twin flame relationship is to embody the divine feminine energy and work on your triggers.

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