How to Tell If You've Found Your Twin Flame


A real twin flame relationship (also called twin flame reunion) means that there are a healthy exchange of divine feminine and divine masculine energy.

This means that the relationship will be easy going, very happy filled with a lot of support, loyalty, respect and attention.

You will not find yourself in a position of overthinking, doubting, being insecure, or jealous. All this kind of drama don't exist, or at least it exist only on a very small level in this relationship.

If you are facing a lot of drama, separation, heartbreak, it means that you're most likely you're dating a false twin flame.

However, if you haven't healed and are not vibrating in your divine feminine energy, then your true Twin flame can BEHAVE like a false twin flame and separate from you ghosting you, blocking you, and ignoring you. Signs you are not in feminine energy: you're overanalyzing, you're anxious, insecure and needy.

The only way to know for sure if you are in a true twin flame relationship is to embody the divine feminine energy and work on your triggers.

Your true win flame will desire you like you’re the hottest woman on planet Earth. Never settle for any relationship with a man who doesn’t treat you with anything less than love, care, trust, and respect.


Your twin flame will be thriving in empowered masculine energy, and this means that he will possess the following characteristics:

  • Know exactly what he wants.
  • Know how to move a relationship forward.
  • Take pride in overcoming challenges.
  • Listen to what you want and need and act accordingly.
  • Fight for your attention and to make you his.
  • Find solutions to his problems without seeking help from you.
  • Never let anything stop him from going after what he wants in life.
  • Prioritize making you feel protected, safe, and happy.

If his phone breaks, he will borrow his friend’s phone or come to you in person. He will SOLVE problems with communication.

When you embody feminine energy, the man you’re seeing now will either step up into masculine energy or he won’t.

If he can’t step up, it means that he’s incapable of acting, taking the lead, and giving you what you want. He wants to be in feminine energy and always will be.

In this case, you have to make a decision about whether to stay or walk away. If you want to be the doer, the chaser, and the one doing the “heavy lifting” in the relationship, this dynamic might work for you.

But if you want to be prioritized and spoiled in love, you need a partner in masculine energy. You are never going to find out if the man you’re dating is capable of being there for you if you don’t lean back first.

When my clients embody feminine energy, they get turned off by men who aren’t doers and givers, and they choose to find someone better (their true twin flame).



Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How does he treat me?
  • Am I happy with him?
  • Does he have time for me?
  • Do we share the same values?
  • Does he ALWAYS respect my boundaries?
  • Do we want the same thing in a romantic relationship?
  • Does he share chores with me, or does he expect me to do everything and be the responsible one?
  • Does he give me the kind of attention I want?
  • Does he make me a priority in his life?
  • How does he deal with sadness, pain, challenges, hardship, or when things don’t go his way?
  • Does he care about my happiness?
  • If I want to have children, does he also want to have kids?
  • If I am a mom, is he a supportive father figure to my children?
  • If I am a dog mom, is he a supportive dog dad (taking walks, picking up after the dog)?
  • Is his energy flowing towards me consistently?

Observe not only how he treats you, but also how he treats his family. What kind of relationship does he have with the people he’s supposed to love, such as his parents, siblings, pets, or children? How he treats others will show you what kind of love you can expect from him in a relationship.

Don't invest your heart, energy, or time in a man based on how much you like him. You will know if a man is your true twin flame based on how much he invests in YOU.

The most important question to ask yourself is how do you FEEL around him? Do you feel secure, adored, and special when around him, or do you feel insecure, confused, and anxiety-ridden when around him?

Notice how you breathe around him.

With a false twin flame, you’re inhaling (tense).

With a true twin flame, you’re exhaling (calm).

Once you learn how to recognize healthy and unhealthy energies inside you, it will be easy to see if the man in front of you is your true twin flame or a false twin flame.

If he is not the man you are supposed to be with, things between you will stay the same as they currently are.

Once you Lean Back and embody the Divine Feminine Energy, you will reveal who he really is. If he does not step up, you will quickly and easily reject him, because your healed self will not want to waste time with a false twin flame.

Don't worry. A true twin flame will welcome the changes with open arms, step up, and give you the dream relationship you want, and this will happen faster than you can possibly imagine.


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