How to Know If He’s Thinking about You


The only way to know for sure if someone is thinking about you is to master your mind FIRST and STOP thinking about them.

If you are a woman that is 

  • daydreaming, fantasizing and visualizing
  • painting a lot of catastrophic thoughts

...then you are a lot in your head space and in your masculine energy. This means you will think a lot about a guy that you have a crush on. 

You may be fooled into believing that if you are thinking a lot about the man it means that he's thinking about you because some spiritual leaders are teaching you this belief. 

This is not true. 

The only way to know for sure if a man is thinking about you is when you are totally present in the moment and you don't think about him at all. 

You are just enjoying the present moment, are busy doing things you love, and are feeling joy and pleasure…

...and then he just “pops” up in your head. You feel like "what the heck is this coming from". You didn't plan to think about him, you didn't even want to think about him. Then he is thinking about you.

IMPORTANT: If you are a woman who is suffering from a rejection complex and have an anxious attachment style you'll not feel worthy of just being in the present moment. 

This means that the second you try to relax your good girl avatar will destroy your inner peace by going up to your head and thinking about him. He will suddenly “pop” up in your head every time you try to enjoy the present moment. If this happens it's not a sign that he is thinking about you, it's a sign that you haven't healed your rejection complex.

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