The Surprising Sign That You're Destined to Be Wealthy

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Did you know that the more struggles and obstacles you have experienced in the past is in direct proportion with how much wealth and happiness you are meant to have?

There isn’t one famous celebrity who hasn’t faced a lot of pain.

The difference for wealthy and successful people is that they didn’t let their fears stop them from having what they want.

The law of attraction is nothing compared to the powerful energies you access when you harness the power of your FEARS.

When you are scared as fuck, but choose to push through your limiting beliefs, you immediately step into the most powerful frequency that exists.

How would it feel to live a life where you get abundantly paid for your unique gifts?

How would it feel to say what you want to say and to do what you want to do, without worrying about criticism?

How would it feel to be understood and heard and to touch people’s hearts just by being YOU?

All of that, and so much more than you can even imagine from your current perspective, could become the life you wake up to every day.

Today I’m my most confident self and making money is just as easy as tying my shoes - but it hasn’t always been like this.

For such a long time I thought abundance wasn’t in my life path.

I felt so ashamed for not having it all together. I was 30 years old when I didn’t have any other choice than to live on welfare and in a camping trailer.

Every month I faced anxiety from hell when I had to call my parents to borrow money to food.

No one knew what was going on behind my doors or how miserable I felt.

When people wanted to visit me, I lied and said I that my apartment was under renovation.

No matter how much I tried to save money and turn my life around, some unexpected bills showed up and destroyed everything.

I couldn’t get it.



I was already tired of all the draining healing work I had been doing.

But one day, I swore that I would never be broke again and that I am going to figure this out. And it changed EVERYTHING!


  • I read every wealth book I could find in the library. (God bless free resources!)
  • I spent hours and nights on the internet googling how to make money fast.
  • I ended the toxic relationship I was in and cleared out draining friends.
  • I faced my biggest fears and decided to invest 30K in high-level support, such as money experts, mentors, and coaches.
  • I unfucked my money mindset and cracked the code to powerful manifestation.
  • I went from broke and broken to goddessy and wealthy.

That's  how I know you can do this too!

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