You're Not Lazy — You're Scared


The moment you want to give up is the exact moment you are closer than ever to what you want. 

Your fears can smell success far away and their job is to pump you up with as many catastrophic thoughts as possible so you don’t have the energy to take actions and share your gift.

You are not lazy... just paralyzed in fear of other people’s opinions.

“What would my parents think?”

“What would my grandma think?”

“What would my sister think?”

“What would my friends think?”

“What would my coworkers think?”

You are right now single, broke, and sick, and settling for a life, you are not meant to live, because you are worrying about your dad’s opinions about spirituality...or your mom’s about entrepreneurship.

You are so scared to be different. You are terrified to be labeled as “weird.” You don’t want to ruffle any feathers. You can’t stand conflicts.

So you have become a people pleaser who is hiding, playing small, and settling. But you can’t cope with that, so you deny this truth and make excuses that will justify your staying stuck in your comfort zone.

Excuses like:





Did you know that “When I’m ready” or “I will do it later” are the ego’s favorite mantras?

It’s a clever way to fool you into thinking that you are fully committed to your dream, but in fact you aren’t doing shit to make it happen.

You know how it goes...

“I will start on Monday,” becomes next week, and then next month, and then next year...

The truth is that you will never feel ready and there will never be a perfect time to cash in your dreams.

You need to understand that the reason you aren’t living the abundant life you are destined for is because you are scared as fuck.

And that’s ok.

It’s ok to feel scared.

It is scary to receive the vision that you will become a famous writer and your book will touch millions of people.

It is scary to accept that you will be the next Doreen Virtue and will get abundantly paid for being a psychic medium.

It is scary to have divine downloads of you speaking publicly in front of hundreds of people when just the idea makes you want to vomit today...

But these fears shouldn’t ever paralyze you or stop you from moving towards your dreams.

You need to train your fears and push through your limited beliefs so you can reach the other side.

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