How to Harness the Manifesting Power of Your Fears

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That headline isn’t something that you usually see from a Law of Attraction expert, right?

And yet, I’m here to tell you that your fears are such an important fuel for manifesting the money and love you desire.


Being “awakened” and on a spiritual journey is not about “killing” your ego and getting rid of all your fears. You actually need your fears.



Fears are the birthplace of desire.
Fears are the path to your soul purpose.
Fears are the gateway to unconditional love.

Hard to believe? But here’s the thing...

To access the gate of vibration of unconditional love, you have to LOVE something that you normally have put conditions on.

You normally put conditions on fear. 

You have learned that you have to suppress fear, deny it, and run away from it, or else you will attract something “bad” if you feel fear.

But the huge shift that will come with the new paradigm is that you are WORTHY - even in fear.

When you bring fears to the surface and truly love those parts, you will instantly shift your vibe and you will enter the frequency of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

And when you have access to this frequency, you will naturally accept the other things that are on the same vibration as well.

It means that you will experience

MORE Joy, Pleasure, Bliss, Love, and Abundance.

The law of attraction is only responding to worthiness. To receive money consistently, you need to feel worthy consistently. 

And there is nothing more powerful than giving attention and love to the parts of you that you find “icky” and “wrong.”

In my experience, fears never really go away. I am scared every time I try something new and go outside my comfort zone. But in time and with practice, your fears will lose the paralyzing grip they have over you. 

You will be able to shake them off right away. 

The second you go after your dreams, even when you’re scared shitless, the fear will transform into adrenalin. 

The adrenalin will transform into motivation, and then you will download the divine steps needed to collapse time and space to attract what you want in ultraspeed. 

You see, a pounding heart and shaky legs are GOOD THINGS!

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