How to Stop Self-Sabotaging Your Manifestation Success to Have Everything You Want

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Have you heard about up-leveling disease before?

It’s when you feel super ready and take inspired actions to get what you want... and then get sick. 

So when you finally decide that you are ready to level up to your next version and get EVERYTHING you want by doing scary uncomfortable things like:

  • invest a big amount of money in a coaching program
  • create a dating account on tinder
  • be asked out and go on dates with men
  • write the first chapter in your book 
  • go on a diet 
  • start working out 

...you will suddenly get sick, like a cold, back pain, a stomach flu, or headache. 

This means that you are ON THE RIGHT TRACK and are doing everything right.

The sickness is happening to cleanse out the fears and what isn’t working for you anymore so you can create the powerful mindset that will help you manifest what you want. 


If you stay committed to your dream and don’t let your sickness stop you, you will stop playing small and manifest what you want faster. 

But most likely no one ever told you this before. 

No one ever told you that sickness can be a GOOD THING.

You have been raised in the old paradigm, so you believe that your discomfort is BAD and you need to avoid it as much as possible.

So what happens next is that instead of moving forward toward your dreams...


You quit. 

You will see it as “a sign” that you’re on the wrong path and should back off.

You will fall back into your old routines again... and nothing will change. 

You will convince yourself that you “did the right thing” and you are “simply not ready,” but the truth is that you just let the negative voices win again. That’s why not following through because you are sick is such a good excuse to hide behind. 

No one will question it and you will get a lot of sympathy from others - and the ego loooooves that!

Luckily for you, I’m not your friend or your mother. 

I’m a coach, and an awesome one. 

My job is not to coddle you. 

I’m here to help you break free from your limits so you can get the results you want (even if the truth might piss you off first).


1) Remind yourself that being sick during an uplevel is a GOOD THING because it is helping you to clear out old energy to make room for the things you want to manifest. 

2) The moment you want to give up is the exact moment you are closer than ever to what you want. Do you really want to miss out on the abundance that is on its way to you? Nooo! Keep going!

3) Do something even if you’re sick. I’m not saying that you should push yourself - just don’t stop. Don’t wait to feel motivated; actions create motivation. One tiny baby step forward is so much more empowering than nothing. 

You can:

  • stretch your body instead of running. 
  • listen to inspiring podcasts instead of having a netflix marathon.
  • read a book instead of scrolling on Facebook
  • write one sentence in your book, then nothing 

Remember: Every expansion requires a little discomfort and the bigger the discomfort, the bigger the TRANSFORMATION!

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