How to Stop Procrastinating & Start Manifesting Success

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Do you feel stuck in the procrastination hamster wheel?

We have all been there. No matter if you’re an entrepreneur or not, we have all fallen into the perfectionism trap. 

I received this message from one of my 1:1 clients. 

“Viona, I just recorded my first online course. But I feel it’s too messy, like I don’t know what I’m talking about. I’m scared that my clients will not understand me and think it’s too long and confusing. Should I delete everything and start over?”

This kickass woman has delayed recording her self-study program for over 6 months and now she finally took the leap and completed it.

I know it’s going to be fucking amazing and make a huge impact because of one simple thing:


Your fears can smell success far away and their job is to pump you up with as many catastrophic thoughts as possible so you don’t have the energy to take actions and share your gift.

Examples of these catastrophic thoughts can be:

“No one is going to buy it”

“Who am I to think I’m special”

“Why would anyone be interested in what I have to say”

“This is so bad, too messy”

“I need to start over” 

After that you will start self-sabotaging by convincing yourself that it isn’t good enough, that you are not ready, that you need to work on it until it’s “perfect” so you hide, shrink, and don’t share your gift with the world.

Your ego LOVES when you doubt yourself so you stay in your comfort zone. 

Your Comfort Zone:

Money anxiety 

Perfectionism hysteria 

Attracting clients who are not ready 

A life filled with “shoulds” and “musts”

Procrastinating, doubting yourself, deleting content, and not feeling good enough 

Your Outside Comfort Zone: 

Attracting money consistently 

Selling 10K-25K packages with ease 

Waking up with new orders every day

Feeling confident, safe, and full of energy 

Trusting your channeling and creating inspiring content effortlessly  

Having an inbox exploding with messages from clients ready to work with you  

I will reveal a secret about myself...

Many times when I create a masterclass, Facebook live stream, or record a new online course I get the same fearful thoughts. I feel maybe this is too much, too flowy, too badass, too harsh, too deep etc.

I’m very familiar with my inner mental dialogue, but the difference is that I don’t identify with these fears. 

I actually WANT you to hear those voices. It means that you are stepping FAR AWAY from your comfort zone, and are sharing your own unique channeling and not just repeating the same shit as everybody else. 

This is the key to manifesting soulmate clients and a shit ton of money. 

The fear that your tribe will not understand your message and reject you is very natural

It’s ok that you’re scared. 

I still am many times.

But what I have learned by experience is that the more sacred I am and want to procrastinate - THE GREATER THE REWARD.

Every e-course or program I have created that I felt the MOST insecure about to the point where I almost deleted it or didn’t offer it, has given me the most money and the best testimonials. 

Your tribe doesn’t care if you’re perfect. They are only interested in if you can give them results. 

How To Break Out From Your Procrastinating & Perfectionism Hamster Wheel

  • Get to know your mental dialogue. The same doubtful thoughts will awaken EVERY TIME you do something new - no matter if it is selling 10K coaching packages or learning to dance salsa.  Write your thoughts down. What are you telling yourself when you try to do something new and are scared you will not make it?

  • Accept that your fears go hand in hand with your successes. You can’t become the person who’s attracting a shit ton of money consistently by being committed to the old version of you. Shaky legs and a pounding heart mean that you’re doing it RIGHT. 

  • Stop labeling your fears as intuition and “signs” that you aren’t ready and you shouldn’t do it. Do the opposite of what your fears want. Take the fucking scary leap. It’s just like jumping off a cliff. 

The second you JUMP, your fears will transform into adrenaline and you will feel ENERGIZED which creates waves for more inspired ideas.

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