How to Become a Powerful Manifester of Wealth & Health

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My beautiful client Anna, a nurse from Sweden, has done a lot of work with me and my heart skipped a beat with joy when she sent me this photo today with some really good news!


“Viona, I have lost 33lbs and 18 inches! Your tools are pure magic! I haven’t done ANY diets at all, I have just been focusing on being in feminine energy, resting, putting my needs first, and radically accepting all my feelings.

Also, I have started having regular periods, which I have NEVER had before. I usually had periods once a year and there have been a lot of frustrating visits to the doctors trying to find the root cause. 
I have manifested the world’s best help with my gynecological problems and also joint problems due to Hypermobility Syndrome. 

I have attracted $5000 worth of services out of the blue and a new job with a much better schedule and higher salary. I finally live in a house in the country! Ninety percent of the time I am in my feminine energy, which means that today, I am cohabiting with an absolutely fantastic masculine man. 

I couldn’t stand mirrors before, but now I can look at myself naked in the mirror and feel “Damn, I look good!” Without the help and knowledge you have given me, I would never have been the confident, happy woman I am today. Thank You!”

Anna’s amazing story absolutely MELTED my heart! It’s not the weight loss, the money or even her dream relationship that is important, it’s that she is glowing in her femininity and is listening and treating her body as the divine temple of wisdom that it is. 

Your body is psychic. It’s not just a big pile of meat you walk around with.

Your feelings are the key to manifest what you want; and what are feelings?


You can’t attract money, your dream body, or the relationship you want if you’re scared to feel your emotions.

Powerful manifestation is ALL about feelings!  You don’t even have to feel “good.” You just need to OWN what you are truly feeling no matter what. 

Vulnerability = Connection = Manifestation

Real, lasting connection is built when we own and share the parts of us that we usually hide with one another.

That’s how you break free from shame and guilt and connect with yourself, with other people, and therefore the Universe.

But just like many of my clients, you most likely grew up in a family where you were taught that feelings are dangerous!

—-> You learned that vulnerability makes you weak, that you’re “too sensitive,” that big girls don’t cry, and that you need to be tough and independent.

—-> You were encouraged to stuff your feelings down, to be nice and quiet, and to not overshine your siblings, otherwise people would be “uncomfortable” or upset. 

You can't attract what you want if you're not authentic. Authenticity is the only vibration the law of attraction responds to because it’s the goddamn truth. 

Your parents or some caretaker subconsciously encouraged you to close down and to be FAKE. They were a part of the Old Paradigm where high grades are worshipped, but feelings banished. 

When you were vulnerable and shared your emotions, your parents reacted like this:

  • Your mother: She instantly got super worried or/and critical, said “WHAT IS WRONG?” and tried to “cheer you up” or fix your feelings by giving advice like “don’t think about it.”
  • Your father: He was never really around, he was always busy working or fixing things with the home. He looked confused and uncomfortable when you came to him with all your difficult feelings. 

You were taught that your feelings and troubles weren’t important enough to worry your parents and face possible rejection/abandonment.

God bless your parents. I’m sure that they had the best intentions. But they didn’t know how to hold space for a highly sensitive child who was constantly jumping between emotions.

Most likely, you have felt like a burden and like the black sheep in the family ever since...

How can you fix this?

  • Feel your emotions instead of running away from them. Replace sentences with “I think” to “I feel.” Examples: I feel free, I feel good, I feel excited, I feel sad etc.

  • Listen to your body. If you feel tired, don’t beat yourself up and deny yourself the rest your body needs. You are not a bad person for wanting to take it slow. You’re actually more clever than the average person.

  • Do something you don’t normally do to exercise your vulnerability muscle and start to feel good with expressing your feelings. It can be writing a vulnerable post on social media, sharing something that you’re scared your audience will find out.

  • If someone asks you how you feel, don’t instantly smile and say “I’m fine.” Invite them into your internal world and share a bit about yourself. You don’t have to burst out all your secrets, just add some more magic in the conversation.

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