How to Manifest $21,000 in 22 Hours

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Today is extra special because we are celebrating the beautiful Veronica who manifested $21,000 in just 22 hours with the help of the Haven Manifesting Method

I honestly had to hold myself back from not jumping up from the chair and screaming like a maniac when Veronica messaged me sharing this exciting news.

Veronica said she was surprised about how fast and easy she manifested this money.

She had tried to attract this bank check for over a year, thinking positive, doing affirmations, wearing crystals, spiritual healing, and nothing happened. With the Haven tools, she ended up manifesting the money in just 22 hours.

But that’s not even the most amazing part. Veronica not only attracted the money in less than a day, she also received double the amount of money!

“Viona, I thought that I would only get around $10,000 but I received almost $22,000. I’m completely stunned. It felt like I did NOTHING to make this happen.”

When I asked her to recall the 22 hours in her mind to find out what she did differently than other days, she said: 

“Well, I was totally present in the moment. I didn't worry about the money or worry how it would come to me or where it would come from. I just enjoyed my day and trusted that it would happen and then it did!”


It sounds so simple, right? And yet letting go of the “how,” and really just BEING in the present moment doesn't come easy for most of us.

Our minds will instantly race to the dozens of ways the money could come to us with thoughts like:

“How on earth is this extra money magically going to appear when I have a job with a fixed income? Is it even possible to attract more money when I have no clue how to keep the money I currently have? And what's the point? Even if I do attract more money, an unexpected bill will show up… or I will spend all the money and get deeper into debt. What if I never figure out how to manifest money CONSISTENTLY and grow my business and make the impact I know in my heart I’m meant to make?”

Can you relate?

I bet you can because if you’'re struggling with attracting money you might have some kind of control issues.

You hate uncertainty. 

You’re a planner, producer, and an organizer.

You are way more comfortable with giving than receiving.

Your operating in this high achieving masculine energy might have taken you far ahead in your career, but it will not help you manifest money quickly and effortlessly.

The Law of Attraction is simple: if you don’'t believe it will work, it won’'t. Putting hard deadlines on manifestations will really slow them down if you're wobbly with your alignment. 

Your high intelligence is the problem here.

Your constantly trying to “figure stuff out” is sending out a vibration of DISTRUST to the Universe and you will cockblock yourself from manifesting the money you want.

How can you fix this?

Trick your brain.

Shift your thoughts from how the money will come to you to only focusing on how you will SPEND the money. 

If you had 60K in your bank account right now, what would you do with the money? Go to the spa? Take your spouse out to a fancy restaurant? Pay off the debts? Buy that fancy red dress that you thought was too expensive?

When you’re focusing on how the money will come, you will feel anxious.

When you’re focusing on how you will SPEND the money, you will feel happy.

When you feel happy, you will open your receiving container, and therefore attract what you want. 

Remind yourself that the “How” is not your job. It’s the Universe’s job to figure out how the money you want will come to you in the easiest and best possible way.

Your job is to SILENCE your mind by enjoying the present moment.  

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