How to Manifest Money by Taking Naps

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Did you know that the quickest way to manifest money is to rest?

Yup. You read that right.

Powerful manifestation doesn’t come from positive thinking, affirmations, or writing gratitude lists until your fingers hurt. 

The most powerful way to collapse time and space and manifest what you want at ultraspeed is to HONOR your body’s needs.

When you activate your body’s receiving mode, you open the Channel that downloads divine solutions and you create the necessary space to receive what you want.

That’s why making the choice to close down the laptop at lunchtime, crawl into your bed, and take a much-needed nap … is the smartest thing you can do. 


To do nothing can actually be the best investment of your time and energy when it comes to attracting the money you want, the clients you want, or the sales you want. 


That’s why I have long naps scheduled into my business model.

It’s actually a very important step in my manifestation process to lie under a thick layer of blankets with earplugs in for least 30 minutes a day even if it’s sunny outside. 

For a long time, I felt guilty about sleeping in, oversleeping, and “missing the day.” 

I thought there was something wrong with me for wanting to sleep, that I was just lazy.

I couldn’t understand why mornings were such a pain in the ass for me.

Why did my sister jump up all energized at 5am while my mum had to nag and shake me ten times before I even opened my eyes?


I love giving my body the rest it needs, and I know that naps are interdimensional travel that supports my business.

I live an introverted empath’s dream. I don’t push myself or hustle. Sometimes, I manifest money without even talking to my clients.

Social media can feel very overwhelming, especially if you're an introvert and sensitive to other people’s energy.

The problem is that, in the Matrix, rest is seen as overrated and not as valuable as productivity. 

As a CEO and entrepreneur, I am used to seeing people who are producing ALL THE TIME … and I know we feel bad if we don’t.

You have a lot of limiting beliefs running in your aura field that make you manifest more struggle and lack of money.


Some of the most common limited beliefs about money:

  • You have to work hard to earn money. Rest is judged and rejected. You believe you’re lazy, irresponsible, and self-sabotaging if you’re not constantly producing, doing, thinking, creating, planning, or giving.

  • You have to sacrifice having a good/fun life to make money. If your journey doesn’t involve sweat, blood, and tears, it doesn’t count. You are only worthy of vacation and enjoyment of the money you’ve made if you have “earned” rest through hard work. 

  • It’s not spiritual to make money. Unfortunately, for many women, being spiritual means that you have to please somebody else (99% of the time it’s your mum) or something else (like society, culture) in order to be good enough. If you are not putting other people’s needs first, making yourself exhausted, you are selfish, greedy, and “bad” therefore not worthy of money. 


You see, we learn to deny our human instincts and sacrifice our own needs, wants, and desires to have the life we want, the money we want, or the relationship we want.

Luckily, all the above statements are only true if you choose to believe them. You can choose to believe that money is unlimited and that taking naps will help you attract high vibe clients ready to pay you in full. What you believe will become reality. 

That’s why this divine feminine movement is happening. 

We are stepping into this new 5D paradigm where we are going to give ourselves what we need regardless of what other people expect from us or what the norms and standards are. 

You can work 20 hours a week, take naps, and still have $18K days. I know that’s true because that’s the reality I live.

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