How to Manifest $1000 in 3 Hours

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I know how lonely it feels to be the black sheep of the family. For years, I stuffed all my feelings down when I was around my family, friends, and partners. 

I was convinced that vulnerability was a weakness and I had to look like I had my shit together. If I cried, I was scared that people would get worried, tell me I was overreacting, and reject me.

It wasn’t until I started to do this manifestation work that I realized how fucked up the cultural obsession with positive thinking really is, how much it keeps us broke, broken, and unhappy. 

This brings me to why breaking down in tears in front of my family helped me manifest a thousand dollars within three hours (and how you can do the same) ...

It was during a family dinner. We’d had delicious pumpkin pie that my sister had baked. We were laughing and enjoying more dessert, including “bulle” (Swedish word for cinnabon) while my nieces played with barbies; then, suddenly, I was hit with a wave of grief over the loss of my dog, Zoe, who had died a month before.

In the middle of such joy and happiness, I felt sad.

Even though I'm a psychic medium who’s constantly connecting to the spirit world, I felt sad that my dog couldn’t be there in 3D to share the fun. I mourned that Zoe would never again sneak under the table to steal dinner crumbs setting off my brother-in-law and his “Zoe, you are always at my feet!”. 

This is Zoe (new nickname: Ghost Piggy) 

But instead of suppressing my grief this time, I allowed myself to cry.

I chose to do the opposite of what I had been doing my whole life, “toughing it out” and being “strong.” I allowed myself to feel sad, even though it was messy and terribly timed. 

I chose not to give a fuck if I made anyone uncomfortable with my tears because they were my truth. I’m human, and I’m entitled to a good cry if I’m sad. Zero guilt — just 100% owning it. 

The most beautiful part was that my grief made me feel even MORE connected to my family. Because I didn’t run away from my grief, they didn’t either. I was held, heard, and understood. We shared happy memories about Zoe and experiences with the spirit world. 

My mother even told me that she was so happy I allowed myself to be honest and cry when I felt I needed to so she could know what was going on and be there for me.

Three hours later, I got a notification that a woman who had been hesitating to figure out if she was ready for one of my packages had just signed up! A thousand dollars arrived in my bank account just like that — without me showing up on social media or doing positive affirmations. 

Why is this important for you to know?

Because, if you are reading this, you might be a spiritual avoider just like I was.

You might be stuck in the “nice girl” trap and terrified to set boundaries and be fully seen and heard because you fear what other people might think. Experiencing this fear is a sign that you have unaddressed abandonment or/and rejection issues that are blocking you from manifesting money.

Example: you are so scared that you mother will criticize you, judge you, or reject you when you are honest about your experience that you suppress your feelings instead of speaking your power with authenticity. 

When you don’t love yourself unconditionally, you will procrastinate, hide, and shrink. You will unconsciously manifest things like:

  • In dating: men’s interest will fizzle out after 2-5 dates, or, after months of dating, they will say they are not ready or they aren't really feeling it for you.
  • In a marriage/committed relationship: your partner will withdraw from you, become quiet and grumpy, and you will not receive the attention, love, and sex you desire.
  • With money: you will attract unexpected bills and feel like your money is never enough.
  • In business: you will create content that only attracts clients who are not ready to invest in your services or packages (freebie seekers).

You need to build an abundant relationship with yourself before you can manifest money. Self-compassion doesn’t come from loving yourself when you do things “right” — it comes from radical acceptance of ALL your feelings.

How can you fix this?

  • Remember that you’re 100% worthy no matter what you feel, think, or do. Don’t run away from your feelings — embrace them instead. Heavy feelings will not attract something bad.

  • Set the intention that you’re going to see your feelings as important guides and not judge or categorize some as bad or good. Feelings just are. Observe and allow them to flow through you.

  • Let go of all the defensive behavior that makes your relationship with your family so full of conflict. Express yourself in feeling messages (“I feel...” instead of “you are...”). Vulnerability HEALS relationships, while sarcasm, attacking, and judging puts more gasoline on the fire.

  • Cry. When you’re sad, cry. Cry in front of your family, your partner, children, in public. Your tears create a healing wave that breaks apart the old paradigm and helps other people realize that they don’t have to be so perfect all the time. Authenticity is the key to happiness and connection. 

Manifesting money and love can be easy when we have the right knowledge and skills on our side.

The answer is Feminine. Feminine. Feminine. :)

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