10 Signs You’re Suffering from a Poverty Mindset

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Having a ‘poverty mindset’ means that you are subconsciously sabotaging your ability to flow into the energy of abundance.

This self sabotage can look like:

  • Feeling extremely triggered by thoughts of money and not wanting to talk about it
  • Living paycheck to paycheck and/or having maxed out credit cards
  • Not having a savings account because “what's the point?” Thinking money will reject/abandon/leave you anyway, etc.
  • Constantly feeling like the money you have isn’t enough and attracting unexpected bills
  • Being too afraid to ask for a raise and undervaluing your services
  • Saying “I don’t have money” or “I wish I could afford that” 
  • Complaining about money to friends and family and envying people who have money 
  • Labeling coaches, psychics, and light workers as “sell outs” and “only interested in clients’ wallets” 
  • Feeling uncomfortable walking into fancy stores because you don’t believe you belong there 
  • Holding on to limiting beliefs like “it’s not spiritual to earn money” or “you have to work hard to make money”

All the experiences above are signs for a poverty mindset that will manifest more struggles with money.

The Universe only responds to the energy you are sending out based on what you, at your core, believe is true.

You can’t attract abundance if you believe money is the root of all evil. You will subconsciously freak out and close down. You will “protect” yourself from receiving your manifestation if a large part of you doesn’t feel SAFE receiving it.

Powerful manifestation can be defined by the energy and time we spend on our external and internal worlds.

5% of your manifestation comes from concentrating on the external world (for example: clarifying what you want, speaking affirmations, creating vision boards, writing gratitude lists, selling packages, etc.) The other 95% comes from your internal world (your mindset, thoughts, feelings, and intuition).

Most manifestation mentors or business coaches focus heavily on the external world, which is only 5% of your manifestation.

It’s like spending all your time and energy trying to fill a bucket with holes in it. It’s a complete waste of your time and energy, and your energy is what is most crucial when it comes to powerful manifestation! Our subconscious mind records everything, and it's way more powerful than our conscious mind. 

So, to become a powerful manifestor of money, you need to be conscious about what subconscious programs are running in the background. 

Your aura, or energy field, is like a computer, and you need to upgrade your inner soul computer with new programs, new beliefs, new ideas, and new stories so that you can manifest the reality you desire.

The key to abundance is ending the codependent relationship and power struggle you have with money right now. You do this by making crystal clear your inner dialogue and what you are putting out through your aura.

You will heal your poverty mindset by ceasing to look at money as coins and paper. Money is powerful masculine energy. It gives you support and safety.

For example, money can help you afford a car that doesn't break down all the time and is more eco friendly. It can help you live in a safe neighborhood where your kids can play outside in the evening without you freaking out. It can allow you to buy high quality organic food and clothing that doesn't fall apart after one wash.

With money, you can afford to hire someone onto your team so that you can take more vacation time, rest, and enjoy spending more time with you family and friends. 

It’s true that money can't buy happiness, just as marriage to your life partner does not guarantee a happily ever after. Happiness comes from within. But money gives you freedom, and that is a big part of happiness. Not worrying about whether I can afford rent or food makes me feel relaxed, taken care of, protected, and spoiled. 

Money can be the best lover and boyfriend you will ever have when you realize that its purpose is to make your life easier. 


By being aware of how you show up in the relationship you have with money, you will create energetic space to attract more.

The more you are nagging, complaining, and emotionally dumping your fears and insecurities on money by accusing it of causing you misery, the more money will withdraw from your life. 

But the more you appreciate money, thank money, respect money and enjoy the money you already have (instead of focusing on the money you don’t have) the more money you will attract.

When you stop seeing money as “above” you or “out of reach,” you will feel in control and your subconscious mind will relax. This will make you open your mindset to receive this powerful energy of support and thereby attract more money into your reality. 

So, stop and take 100% responsibility for your financial situation today. 

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