Spiritual Bypassing: How It's Sabotaging Your Relationship


Being spiritual has nothing to do with being positive. 

It’s about being AUTHENTIC. 

Authenticity comes from being AWARE and CONSCIOUS. It means that you don’t sugarcoat thoughts or feelings or try to hide them under a big layer of positive affirmation.

Your shadow deserves the same love as your light. The more you allow yourself to have negative thoughts, the less those thoughts will control you. 

In your eagerness to reach union with your Twin, it is very common that you fall into the dangerous trap of “Spiritual bypassing”.

Spiritual bypassing is your ego’s way of PROTECTING you from pain through “escaping” and zooming out when you face an uncomfortable feeling so that you don’t feel it anymore.

It’s about wanting to be seen as a light, positive, enlightened person so much that you choose to stand above “negative” emotions or thoughts.

“Yes, he cheated on me, but I don’t feel angry. I’m the bigger person here, and I forgive him and show him unconditional love”

A statement like that shows him a woman who doesn’t want to face the pain of the cheating, lying, and humiliation, who just jumps over the discomfort and says that she is healed - but in truth she hasn’t healed one bit.

This denying will lead her soul towards manifesting more struggles and obstacles on her journey.

We are subconsciously seeking situations and people that mirror what we aren’t aware of about ourselves. This is how a woman gets trapped in a toxic love pattern and doesn’t understand why she’s always attracting the wrong men. 

As a woman, you are the love catalyst who creates a reunion, and the energy you carry into romantic relationships will repel men or draw them closer to you.

Energy doesn’t lie, and you can never fake energy - but you can CHANGE it. 

In my work as a psychic and healer, I can easily pick up what’s really going on under the surface during a session.

And what I see is a soul that is DESPERATELY trying to be heard and seen so it can heal - but instead it is neglected and abandoned.

That’s why the energy of spiritual bypassing feels “robotic”, cold, and tense to others, and why it will make your Twin Flame pull away from you.


Step #1: Choose to Be Aware 

Inauthentic energy will make a man tell you he isn’t “ready” or doesn’t “feel it” for you, because how could he? 

You are not really “there”. You are only showing some parts of yourself and suppressing other parts. 

If a man is going to change, transform his life, and give up his freedom for a woman, he has to feel SAFE with you.

That safety comes with a woman who isn’t afraid to walk into her shadow and face what’s really going on deep inside -- no matter how “icky” or challenging it may feel.  

Decide that you will be brave in the face of your feelings. No more running, no more escaping, no more hiding.

Step #2: Feel the Emotional Shift Fully 

It’s always the resistance to our feelings that leads to suffering -- not the feelings themselves. 

A high-value woman loves ALL of her feelings and doesn’t categorize or judge some as “good” and “high vibration” and others as “bad” and “low vibration”.

She stands for duality, because she knows that there can’t be light without darkness.

When you feel that hard knot in your stomach, when something doesn’t feel right, and you catch yourself wanting to smile and say “I’m ok” (even when you are not), ask yourself:

What am I REALLY feeling about this right now?
What are my TRUE feelings about this situation or this person?

No matter what feeling comes up -- grief, shame, guilt, anger -- LET IT EXPAND FULLY IN YOUR BODY.

Step #3: Own Your Feelings

After you have embraced the feeling fully in your body, see if you can name it.

Say out loud or in your head:
“I feel … (fill in the true emotion here) and I radically accept this feeling. I own my truth and I have the right to feel (fill in the true emotion here).”

Repeat this feeling statement 10 times.

When you accept your “icky” feelings, without changing or censoring them, you will notice that you feel more peaceful.

That’s because the intensity of the emotion will disappear when you stop resisting it … sometimes it happens so fast it only takes a couple of seconds.

Step #4: Watch the TV Show Enlightened 

To understand how uncomfortable the energy of inauthenticity feels, I invite you to watch the television show Enlightened.

The actor Laura Dern is absolutely STUNNING as Amy, and she shows what spiritual bypassing is.

You will see how this beautiful woman, all dressed in beautiful feminine clothing, is causing herself and the people around her a lot of drama with her “inauthentic” energy.

She is reactive, controlling, and full of herself -- barely listening, always talking, and carrying so much pain inside, pain which is covered up by a “happy” smile.

Watch some episodes and ask yourself:

What does the energy from this character Amy feel like? How does it feel in my body? How do people and men around Amy respond to her energy?

If you feel triggered watching the TV Show, GREAT! It means that the character Amy is mirroring the unaware parts of you that believe they are not good enough or worthy of love.

Feel your feelings fully, see and hear them. All parts of you are beautiful and deserve to be seen and heard by you. 


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