Afraid to Be Vulnerable? How Pride Blocks You From Twin Flame Love


Have you heard the saying “Be a Pineapple: stand tall, wear a crown, and be sweet on the inside”?

Well, pineapples happen to be one of my favourite fruits, but I don’t want to be a pineapple.

And if you are a woman who wants to live in a blissful Divine Union with a man who will cross oceans to be with you, I encourage you to not be a pineapple either.

Why? Because a pineapple has a pain-in-the ass prickly fruit shell.

No matter how tropical or exotic a pineapple looks with its crown, it’s sending out the message that it’s “too much work” to get to its sweet insides.

The key to a man’s heart is to let down your defences and make it EASY for him to access your sweetness.

Many women are pineapples without realizing it.

They are smart, successful, badass goddesses when it comes to their careers, but in love they stumble and feel clueless.

If you’ve heard “you are too sensitive” or “big girls don’t cry” since childhood, you most likely received the limiting belief that being feminine means you are a weak doormat. 

So, you learned to hide your feminine juiciness under a big prickly shell of “standing tall and being proud”.

A pineapple woman is so busy showing men how independent and strong she is on the outside that a man can never really see and fall in love with her true insides.

I was a pineapple woman my entire life before I embraced my divine feminine power. If a man was trying to support me by offering me help, I said “Thanks, but I can do it myself”.

I thought that men would feel more attracted to me if I showed how strong, independent, and “cool” I was. 

It didn’t work. Instead men constantly fizzled out after date five saying that I was “intimidating”, and that they only saw me as a friend.

When it comes to romantic relationships, we women need to soften our prickly shell so we can RECEIVE what men are trying to give us. 

The divine masculine is a DOER, and he needs to feel he has a mission. In a relationship his mission is to make your happiness his first priority, because, when you are happy, he is happy. 

Men don’t want pineapples -- they want peaches.

Think about it. A peach is a stone fruit (drupe). The core strength is inside the stone. 

A peach woman is so grounded, safe, and strong in her CORE that she has no problem being vulnerable and soft with men.

She has high standards, doesn’t take shit, and knows what she wants, but she can also express her needs in a delicate, sweet way.

A peach woman is seen as a high value woman and “wife material” by men, and they will do anything in their power to win and claim her.


Step 1#: Trust You Are Safe

When you are together with a man and are all up in your head trying to figure out what clever or funny thing is to say, just stop.

Put your attention on your head: Imagine how all the energy that you have up there right now is shaped like a ball of consciousness.

Imagine how that energy ball is moving down in your body. down through your throat, your chest, into your stomach and finally landing in your vagina. 

Feel how the energy is anchoring you. Feel your core, you’re strong as a rock. The energy connects you to your power centre. 

When you speak, imagine the words coming from your vagina, moving up in the body, and emerging from your lips. This gives you a dark, sensual voice that feels very erotic to a man. 


Step 2#: Be Vulnerable 

The funny thing with vulnerability is that inside ourselves we tend to see it as weakness but in others we see it as bravery.

We love watching Yoga girl express her deepest feelings, but when someone asks us how we are feeling we say “I’m fine!” or start remaking our opinions and thoughts. 

Practice getting in touch with your feelings and your peachness by replacing words such as “I think” with “I feel”.

You do this by saying “I feel…” (and then filling in the emotion). 

For example: I feel hungry, I feel thirsty, I feel sad, I feel angry, I feel overwhelmed, I feel turned on, I feel turned off. 

Use pictures and sensations to express how the feeling moves in your body. For example: “I feel happy. My body feels warm and I want to smile.” 

Practice talking like a poet all the time. Express your feelings with friends, family, or people at the store. Ask yourself “How would a poet describe this day?” 

Step 3#: Let him lead 

Practice not taking your masculine energy from work with you into your love life. Allow a man to take the lead and let go of the control. 

Apply the No Contact Rule, which means that he is always the one contacting you first. Even if he disappears for weeks or months, continue to lean back and create space and silence so he can fill it.

He decides what to do on the dates. Every date is an adventure, so take away all expectations. Let every date be a surprise. 

Don’t travel or drive to his hometown, make sure he is the one doing the work to come to you. 

If you are in the car, don’t be a backseat driver and tell him how to drive, where to park, or what the fastest way to the restaurant is.


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