How to Heal Your Emotional Triggers & Manifest Twin Flame Love


Are you experiencing a lot of painful feelings on your journey to twin flame reunion?

Maybe he is back with his old girlfriend.

Maybe he cancelled your date last minute.

Maybe he makes a joke that brings you down for the rest of the day.

Maybe he forgot to call you – more than once.

Suddenly, you find yourself feeling disconnected and thrust into a tornado of anxiety, depression, guilt or shame. 

You feel angry. Hurt. Betrayed.

But even if it feels like your twin’s actions or lack of action is the reason for your “hurt” feelings, he has nothing to do with it.

The feelings of despair you are experiencing is a sign that you are triggered.


A trigger is an emotional reaction based on past trauma, usually from childhood or past lives. 

For an example: your father forgot to pick you up at school after dance class, and you waited alone for hours before he arrived.

If your feelings of insecurity and abandonment weren’t met as a child, you will be emotionally triggered in future situations that remind you of that past.

You will feel angry and “hurt” when your boyfriend forgets your birthday or anxious if he is late to a planned date.

The reason women can’t manifest what they want is because they aren’t aware of the lost aspects of their souls, and they haven’t healed the core, where the wound started.

This makes them experience the same heavy emotions that existed in the past in the present moment.


Your soul, in its highest state, is made of 100% consciousness. The best way to describe a soul is to picture a bubble bath where every bubble represents one part of your soul.

Some parts of you are aware -- these are your conscious aspects. Other parts are not, these are your unconscious aspects. 

When a traumatic experience happens to us, we experience Soul Loss. A part of our Soul “escapes”, which hinders us from expressing and experiencing our true potential and wholeness as human beings. 

The part of the soul that escapes becomes an unconscious part. It is stuck in the loop of pain from the unhealed trauma, and it will manifest obstacles and struggles until you heal it.

The reason you are running the story in your head that you are not good enough is because part of you is stuck in the memory where it learned it wasn’t good enough. 

Humans are trained to avoid pain and uncomfortable feelings, so we suppress, deny, and abandon parts of ourselves that don’t fit into society’s idea of “acceptable”. 

We are encouraged only to show our bright emotions -- like joy, patience, and gratitude -- but we learn to hide our shadow emotions, such as envy, anger, fear, shame, and guilt.

This is the reason why we are playing small, feeling incomplete or broken or lost, living in scarcity, distracting ourselves, and not overcoming addictions.

When we suppress uncomfortable feelings and desperately try to avoid pain on every level possible, we suffer. What we resist persists. 

Unhealed wounds make us feel that something is missing, and then we seek our happiness on the outside without knowing that the answer lies within.

It’s super important to heal triggers, otherwise you will dump all your unhealed “daddy wounds” on your twin and blame him for your insecurities and anxieties.  


Warning* Be aware that the healing process from Soul Work can be very intense and emotionally heavy. Please don’t try this yourself if you have a “heavy” past and a history of PTSD. Reach out to me instead. I’m happy to support you in your healing.  


Step 1#: Feel The Emotional Trigger

Make some time for this healing process so that you will not get interrupted. Sit in meditation.

Close your eyes and sink into the uncomfortable feeling you have. If you feel numb, go back to the memory you felt triggered by when he didn’t call you.

Ask yourself questions like “what am I really feeling about this?” Try to name the uncomfortable emotion you are experiencing by saying “I feel…” (and then filling in the emotion).

Feel the emotions, let them rise inside you. You will see that the intensity in the trigger will fade and other feelings will come up. Maybe you felt angry first, and now you feel sad. 

Embrace all feelings. Let them flow through you and continue to identify what you are feeling and radically own your emotional state. 

Step 2#: Identify Your Hidden Fears 

Identify your unaware aspects and unconscious manifestations by responding to some or all of these questions:

"If he rejects or abandons me, WHAT would that say about me?"

(For example, it might say “I’m not good enough,” “I’m worthless,” “I’m too stupid to figure this out,” “there’s something wrong with me,” etc.

"If he says he doesn’t have feelings for me, or that he isn’t ready for a relationship, I’m afraid that people will think or discover WHAT about me?"

"If I allow myself to open up my heart and live fully in divine union with my twin flame, I am afraid that he will find out WHAT about me?

Step 3#: Find Your Lost Soul Piece

Now, ask yourself “when was the first time in my life I felt…” (fill in the belief from step 2). 

You can also ask  “when was the first time in my life I felt…” (and then fill in the emotion). If you are feeling scared, sad, lonely, rejected, abandoned, when was the first time you felt this?

These questions will open your childhood / reincarnation box. 

Observe your inner child (your lost soul piece) and let the feelings from the past flow through you, observe them, and feel them.

It’s like watching a movie, so allow the unhealed parts of your soul to tell their story. Be open minded and curious and see your feelings as messengers. 

If it feels too intense, imagine zooming out a little with your camera lens, but continue to BE THERE and radically feel the moment. 

Step 4#: Show Yourself Unconditional Love

It’s easy to tell a child that you love her, but that’s not how you SHOW a child unconditional love.

The sentiment is just words if you don’t act on them. You show your inner child that you love her unconditionally by radically BEING there for her in her pain.

When you are reliving the suppressed memory, let her react, be sad or angry, yell, scream. Embrace her and let her tell her story and give you the message you need. 

Talk calmly to her so she feels safe. You can say:

“I hear you. I see you. I love you. I’m here, you are safe.”

Continue to connect with her in your daily life. You can write love letters to her or have photos of her at home from the time she was born.

Remember: time and space don’t exist, and, by sending love and healing to your past, you are also sending love and healing to yourself in the present moment. 

You don’t heal by being in your head and analyzing your feelings -- you heal by radically FEELING them.


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