How to Lean Back & Attract Your Twin Flame


Are you tired of chasing your twin and doing all the work and still not finding yourself in a happy, committed relationship with him?

In this article you will learn the art of Leaning Back which is a special feminine mindset that makes you attract more energy, attention, love, and devotion from your man.

It's the number one secret that makes my clients manifest a twin flame reunion within a couple of weeks or months.

You will naturally put yourself into a receiving space (feminine), which inspires a man to lean forward with his energy (masculine) and give to you.

When you lean back, you let go of all attachments to the outcome and feel a sense of balance—which is the key to inspiring a man to call you, text you, prioritize you, spend more time with you, commit to you, and love you.

Leaning back create space to observe what’s really going on in your body and with your feelings, which forces you to deal with your anxieties, and insecurities. 

This is how you can free yourself from your ego, burn down all the bullshit stories that are running inside, and finally heal your emotional triggers - it makes you more attractive.


  • You haven’t heard from your twin in days, maybe weeks, so you decide to send him a text or email like “I was just thinking about you” or “I just wanted to drop by and say hello” or “what are you doing, I miss you”.

  • You think, daydream, and fantasize about him when you’re not together.

  • You often wonder what’s happening in your relationship, where it is headed, and how you can see him again.

  • You Facebook stalk him and like his posts and pics or comment on social media or send/tag him in twin flame articles

  • You call him to ask when you will see him again or why he hasn’t called you.

  • You offer to do things for him around his house, like cooking, laundry, and dishes.

  • You give him romantic gifts, a back massage, or you cook a fancy dinner for him.

  • You constantly talk about your feelings for him, in person or through sweet and encouraging text messages.

    When he’s silent, you fill the gaps by asking him how he feels, what is he thinking about, and where he thinks the relationship is going.

All the examples above are examples of masculine energy that pushes a man into feminine energy.

Your Twin Flame doesn’t want to be there. It makes him feel emasculated, so he will pull away from you.

If you want to build a relationship with a man who is crazy about you, who would climb walls and cross oceans and be there for you through thick and thin, you must lean back.

You must STOP getting into men-pleasing mode, stop being nice, sweet, and giving, and stop leaning forward in masculine energy. Instead, create space so he can fill in.



As a woman, you have a job in the relationship to create space.

In romantic relationships, when it comes to men and love, less is more.

The less you do, the more you will get.

The less you do, the more space you will create in the relationship, and the more space he will have to come towards you.

Stop doing ANYTHING in the relationship that makes your energy move towards him. Catch yourself when you feel the need to get into old patterns and do something from the list above (masculine).

Stop stalking his social media pages.

Creating space will be challenging in the beginning, because you are programmed to pull the energy desperately towards yourself at every possible sign of distance.

Learn to love the space. Don’t be threatened by it.

He will come back recharged and loving and caring when you let him BE and you allow him to BREATHE a little.


When you walk, move your body, your hands, and your feet slowly.

Masculine energy is fast; feminine energy doesn’t rush.

When you are sitting, lean back on the chair as much as you can and have your feet firmly on the floor. If standing, put one foot back and let your body weight rest on your back foot.

Whatever you are doing, bring you focus back to the present moment.

Practice being here and now, and it will create a soft open energy that is irresistible. In my opinion, meditation is by far the most powerful way to do this.


The only way to make a man miss you is if he feels that you leave him ENERGETICALLY.

When you are daydreaming and fantasizes about a man, he can feel it. Every thought is a knock on his aura, which makes your obsession feel suffocating and clingy to him.

Even if you don’t have any contact, he will pick up your vibe telepathically.

Don’t call psychics, mediums, or tarot readers asking about him, don’t watch energy readings on YouTube to see where he is, and stop pulling out your own oracle deck and asking questions about him.

He can FEEL when someone is reading his aura, which makes him feel he can’t trust you.

It’s like you are snooping in his diary.


In the beginning, when you lean back you will feel afraid that he will think you lost interest and just accept the fact and move on with his life.

This is old 3D programming (fear of loss); so be aware that you will most likely feel very anxious and might want to fall into your old patterns again.

Accept that leaning back will feel very uncomfortable in the beginning as it’s the opposite of how you have been operating in love and with men your entire life.

The truth is that, when you lean back, your twin sees you are not afraid to lose him if he doesn't treat you right; for a high value man (a man in divine masculine), that is super attractive.   

He will STOP taking you for granted, and you will stand out from all the other women he has met -- even his karmic girlfriend.

95% of the women in the world don’t have the knowledge you have now, and they are running around with blinders on desperately trying to prove their worth by pleasing a man.

By leaning back, you make him lift his game and come back and fall in love with you harder than ever before.

Remember, even if you lean back in your body and in your actions, it’s your skill in leaning back in your THOUGHTS that is the most crucial thing to master.

Once you separate from him in your mind and become a skilled observer instead, you will lean back naturally in your body and in your actions.

When that day comes, you will be unstoppable in love AND life.


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