Why Your Twin Flame Is Scared Of Commitment & How To Change It

If your Twin Flame has a problem with intimacy, this article is for you.

Let me guess. You are head over heels in love with your twin flame, but he won’t commit to a relationship with you. What makes this confusing as fuck is that he acts like a boyfriend. He spends time with you, texts you, and tells you all the nice things you love to hear. So why the fuck won’t he take that final step and give you that fullhearted commitment you know you deserve? 

If you are like most women on their twin fl…

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How to Harness the Manifesting Power of Your Fears

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That headline isn’t something that you usually see from a Law of Attraction expert, right?

And yet, I’m here to tell you that your fears are such an important fuel for manifesting the money and love you desire.


Being “awakened” and on a spiritual journey is not about “killing” your ego and getting rid of all your fears. You actually need your fears.



Fears are the birthplace of desire.
Fears are the path to your soul purpose.
Fears are the gateway to uncondit…

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The Surprising Sign That You're Destined to Be Wealthy

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Did you know that the more struggles and obstacles you have experienced in the past is in direct proportion with how much wealth and happiness you are meant to have?

There isn’t one famous celebrity who hasn’t faced a lot of pain.

The difference for wealthy and successful people is that they didn’t let their fears stop them from having what they want.

The law of attraction is nothing compared to the powerful energies you access when you harness the power of your FEARS.

When you are scared as…

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How to Stop Self-Sabotaging Your Manifestation Success to Have Everything You Want

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Have you heard about up-leveling disease before?

It’s when you feel super ready and take inspired actions to get what you want... and then get sick. 

So when you finally decide that you are ready to level up to your next version and get EVERYTHING you want by doing scary uncomfortable things like:

  • invest a big amount of money in a coaching program
  • create a dating account on tinder
  • be asked out and go on dates with men
  • write the first chapter in your book 
  • go on a diet 
  • start work…

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How to Manifest $21,000 in 22 Hours

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Today is extra special because we are celebrating the beautiful Veronica who manifested $21,000 in just 22 hours with the help of the Haven Manifesting Method

I honestly had to hold myself back from not jumping up from the chair and screaming like a maniac when Veronica messaged me sharing this exciting news.

Veronica said she was surprised about how fast and easy she manifested this money.

She had tried to attract this bank check for over a year, thinking positive, doing affirmations, we…

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How to Become a Powerful Manifester of Wealth & Health

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My beautiful client Anna, a nurse from Sweden, has done a lot of work with me and my heart skipped a beat with joy when she sent me this photo today with some really good news!


“Viona, I have lost 33lbs and 18 inches! Your tools are pure magic! I haven’t done ANY diets at all, I have just been focusing on being in feminine energy, resting, putting my needs first, and radically accepting all my feelings.

Also, I have started having regular periods, which I have NEVER had before. I usually had …

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How to Manifest $1000 in 3 Hours

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I know how lonely it feels to be the black sheep of the family. For years, I stuffed all my feelings down when I was around my family, friends, and partners. 

I was convinced that vulnerability was a weakness and I had to look like I had my shit together. If I cried, I was scared that people would get worried, tell me I was overreacting, and reject me.

It wasn’t until I started to do this manifestation work that I realized how fucked up the cultural obsession with positive thinking really is, …

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How to Stop Procrastinating & Start Manifesting Success

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Do you feel stuck in the procrastination hamster wheel?

We have all been there. No matter if you’re an entrepreneur or not, we have all fallen into the perfectionism trap. 

I received this message from one of my 1:1 clients. 

“Viona, I just recorded my first online course. But I feel it’s too messy, like I don’t know what I’m talking about. I’m scared that my clients will not understand me and think it’s too long and confusing. Should I delete everything and start over?”

This kickass woman h…

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How to Manifest Anything You Want: The Most Powerful Law of Attraction Secret

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Have you ever wondered why people who are living in the “shadow” (exhibiting manipulative or even narcissistic behaviors) can manifest abundance -- but you as a giving, positive and light person have to struggle?

Here you are - doing TONS of inner work, creating vision boards, writing gratitude lists, thinking positively, listening and supporting others -- and you receive NOTHING from the universe in return.

It feels unfair, doesn’t it?

Why does the universe “reward” people who take advantage of …

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What to Do When a Client Isn't Ready to Buy Your Services

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Are you only attracting clients who are not ready?

You have heard the phrase being "emotionally unavailable" in dating but did you know that your clients can be emotionally unavailable as well?

Being emotionally unavailable means that a client isn’t ready to fully commit to your services. 

In the dating world, emotionally unavailable men can be bad boys, men who only want sex, workaholics, already married men, narcissists, etc.

In the business world, emotionally unavailable clients show up l…

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